I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Hubby, Have a Drink Too

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During the evening, Song Ci and Lu Gan began getting ready for a party. Song Ci was worried that Lu Suo would turn into a devil the moment she and Lu Gan left. So, she reminded Song Yujin, “If anything happens, call me immediately. Make sure you’re not bullied.”

Song Yujin was speechless for a moment. Lu Suo? How could he bully him? The little boy is soft and cute.

He looked at Song Ci and said, “Why aren’t you worried that I’ll bully him?”

“You won’t. You’re so obedient!”

Song Ci trusted him very much.

“He’s also very obedient,” said Song Yujin in a serious tone.

Song Ci had no way to explain further. She could only advise him, “Anyway, just make sure nothing happens to you.”

Song Yujin watched as Song Ci left. Then, he continued reading. He felt that she was making a fuss over nothing. Women were really troublesome.

The two adults went out. At eight o’clock, the two of them arrived at their destination. Song Ci pushed Lu Gan into the hotel and followed his instructions to the reserved room.

Lu Gan’s friends, Mi Qilu and Huang Hao had arrived early. They were eating some fruit as they talked about Lu Gan’s fiancée.

“He suddenly said that he has a fiancée. Where did she come from?”

“Who knows?” Huang Hao poured a cup of tea and continued calmly, “So, he’s planning to get married…”

Mi Qilu was confused.

“He actually wants to get married now?”

“Well, he already has a fiancée. Isn’t it clear that he’s ready?”

Huang Hao took a sip of his tea.

Mi Qilu lit a cigarette.

“Do you think he’s going to complain to us today?”

“Then he wouldn’t have brought his fiancée along! With your IQ, I hope that your parents give birth to another child and groom a new heir!”

After saying that, Huang Hao glanced at Mi Qilu.

“Put out the cigarette. Lu Gan’s fiancée is still young. This is not appropriate.”

Mi Qilu rolled his eyes, but he still complied.

At this moment, Song Ci entered and saw what happened. She wondered if there was something wrong with his eyes.

Just as she was thinking, Mi Qilu stood up and gave her an awkward but polite smile.

Song Ci smiled back.

Lu Gan briefly introduced them to each other.

“Hello,” said Huang Hao. He also stood up and greeted them politely.

“Nice to meet you.”

Song Ci said with a smile.

As they were talking, the door opened. A man in a white suit walked in.

Song Ci looked in the direction of the door. The person who had just shown up was stunned for a moment after seeing her. Then, he frowned. His expressions were not obvious, but Song Ci noticed them.

“Why are you late?”

Mi Qilu grumbled.

“There was a bit of traffic on the road.”

Su Youcheng sat down beside Huang Hao. He raised his eyes and casually glanced at Song Ci. His small movements confused her. Had they met before? The book did not mention that “Song Ci” was acquainted with Lu Gan’s friend. Song Ci felt even more puzzled when Su Youcheng acted as if he did not know her.

Lu Gan introduced her to him.

“This is Song Ci. She’s my fiancée.”

Su Youcheng did not look at Song Ci. Instead, he asked Lu Gan, “You’re getting married?”

Lu Gan nodded.

“Of course.”

Su Youcheng pursed his lips. Since everyone was present, he did not want to make a scene and simply said, “Congratulations.”

Just as he finished speaking, the door opened again. Su Ru Ling walked in and her heels made loud noises. Everyone was astonished by how angry she looked.

Song Ci’s eyelids twitched. She was really stalking Lu Gan!

The moment Su Youcheng saw Su Ru Ling, he immediately stood up.

“Can you stop fooling around? What are you trying to do?”

Su Ru Ling did not even look at him. She was focused on Lu Gan.

“Are the two of you really together?”

Lu Gan had an indifferent expression on his face.

“Why else would I treat your brother to a meal today?”

Upon hearing that, Su Ru Ling’s eyes instantly turned red.

“What’s so great about her? I’ve liked you for so many years. How could you treat me like this! Do you even have a heart?”

Song Ci silently picked up the glass of orange juice on the table. It was really delicious.

Lu Gan looked at her and smiled.

“Is it good?”

Song Ci’s entire body trembled. She hurriedly placed the glass near Lu Gan’s mouth.

“You should drink some too.”

After saying that, she deliberately added, “Hubby…”

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