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Chapter 42 - Dumbass Teammate

Chapter 42: Dumbass Teammate

Zhang Cuihua was the one talking.

She went to the post office today, not only did she write a letter home, she also got the letters that were written to her.

One of those letters Zhang Cuihua received was from Gu Moli.

In her letter, Gu Moli expressed how she was bullied by her possessed older sister, and she also said that slot was originally hers, but was taken away by the shameless Gu Yan.

And, Gu Moli said she felt sorry because she wanted to be comrade-in-arms with Zhang Cuihua, so they could take care of each other in the army.

Zhang Cuihua kept on reminding herself about this thing, she got her ass chewed by Gu Yan before and got a demerit, so she was always very upset about it.

So after she read Gu Moli’s letter, she came back and used this as a weapon.

Gu Yan lied there with her eyes closed.

Only people in her village knew about her pretending to be possessed.

Did that mean Gu Moli wrote a letter to Zhang Cuihua?

Gu Yan sneered, “comrade Zhang Cuihua, how dare you to spread feudalistic superstition in the army, are you not afraid that I would report you to the Platoon Leader?”

“You, you’re the one spreading feudalistic superstitions!” Zhang Cuihua became frightened immediately and gave Gu Yan a dirty look, but she no longer dared to continue this topic. Zhang Cuihua rolled her eyes and said smugly, “I heard you’re getting married, Gu Yan, so congratulations! The man is almost fifty, haha, I really didn’t expect you to have a thing for men who are much older than you!”

Gu Yan’s heart skipped a beat.

Now that Gu Yan shot up from the bed, Zhang Cuihua remembered what Gu Moli wrote in her letter and gloated even more.

She said with glee, “I heard Moli said your man is coming to visit you next month, so it is true that older men are more considerate.”

These words were very inappropriate coming from a girl.

Shen Jiayi helped Gu Yan to get food and heard Zhang Cuihua saying those things when she got back. Her face turned red, then white, but she still protected Gu Yan, “what the hell are you talking about, Zhang Cuihua! Gu Yan is still sick!”

“Hmph, who knows if she’s really sick or just pretending, and she really did have an arranged marriage with an old man back home, so why can’t I talk about it?” Then, Zhang Cuihua grabbed her thermos bottle and strutted her butt out of the door.

Shen Jiayi turned around and saw Gu Yan’s frown. Her face was still pale from not feeling well earlier.

She said worriedly, “are you all right, Gu Yan?”

“I’m all right. You helped me to get food? I’m hungry now, you’re so sweet, Jiayi.”

Now that Gu Yan looked much better and was able to get out of bed to eat, Shen Jiayi finally relaxed.

But food was her least concern, she was still worried and asked, “Gu Yan, the thing that Zhang Cuihua just said…”

“I’m not entirely sure about the specifics, but it should be my younger sister who always hated me and said some crap in her letter to Zhang Cuihua.” Gu Yan lowered her eyes, she knew far too well that Zhang Cuihua was talking about Ironsmith Wang.

Actually, Gu Yan wasn’t scared of the arranged marriage that Zhang Lan forced upon her. She was in the army, and she would attend military academy later on, Zhang Lan could not force marriage for a military personnel in active service.

However, if Ironsmith Wang comes to the military… then things would get a little troublesome…

Visiting next month…

But luckily, thanks to Zhang Cuihua’s warning, this way, Gu Yan could prepare aforehand. If Ironsmith Wang ever comes, then she would not go out, he wouldn’t dare to force his way in either, besides, Gu Yan never planned on using all the home leaves she gets for holidays.

Once the time gets too long and Ironsmith Wang gets antsy, he’d definitely ask Zhang Lan for trouble.

How shall one put it, Gu Yan had to thank Zhang Cuihua for this.

If Gu Moli was a dumbass teammate, then Zhang Cuihua was dumbass teammate’s dumbass teammate.

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