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Chapter 43 - If Beating Her Up Once Is Not Enough, Twice Is

Chapter 43: If Beating Her Up Once Is Not Enough, Twice Is

Zhang Cuihua realized this thing wasn’t affecting Gu Yan that much so she spilled the tea to some people that she just met, she told them about how Gu Yan was arranged to marry an old man.

A few days later, no matter if Gu Yan went to the cafeteria or other places, people pointed their fingers at her and gossiped.

But once Gu Yan turned around to look at them, they’d turn around and act like nothing was going on.

Shen Jiayi was worried that Gu Yan would think too much, “Gu Yan, they’re just gossiping, don’t let them get to you.”

Even though Shen Jiayi was a lot more optimistic, but, it would take a long time for her to change her habit of overthinking.

Not only was she unable to change herself, Shen Jiayi also worried that her friends may overthink as well.

But that proved Shen Jiayi was indeed happier than before, and accepted Gu Yan as a friend, right?

Gu Yan gave a genuine smile, “don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”

Shen Jiayi was worried even more, because she felt that her friend was forcing the smile.

At this time, Guo Rou swaggered inside and sat on the bed. Her bed wasn’t too far from Gu Yan’s, so she asked curiously, “Gu Yan, things went viral outside, were you really arranged to be married to an old man?”

They were on break time right now and Gu Yan was reading her study materials. She said, “Guo Rou, do you think I’m ugly?”

Guo Rou was shocked, then she carefully studied Gu Yan’s looks.

To be honest, Gu Yan was indeed a beauty, but because she was malnourished for so many years and had to work every single day, she was scrawny and deeply tanned.

After staying in the military for around two months now, she had good food and good mood, and exercised every day.

She gained some muscles and looked much healthier, her skin became fairer and more tender.

So her pretty features, especially those starry eyes, became even more eye-catching.

Guo Rou admitted, “you’re very pretty, even prettier than the female soldiers in the art troupe.”

“Besides, I’m preparing for the military academy. Do you really think I’d marry an old man in his fifties in my hometown?”

Even idiots wouldn’t do such thing.

Despite the fact that Guo Rou looked like a careless tomboy, but she was very smart, “so someone is spreading rumors outside?”

“Yup,” Gu Yan nodded. Right now, it just so happened that Zhang Cuihua and Xu Miaomiao came back. Gu Yan chuckled and said, “some people just like to spread rumors. But too bad, we can’t send her to the police just because of this. I was wondering, perhaps I should put her in a gunny bag and beat her up.”

Guo Rou’s eyes beamed the instant she heard about fighting, “even though beating up someone is bad and would be recorded, and Platoon Leader Han would get upset, but we could take her outside and find a secluded alley to beat her up!”

Clang, the rectangular lunch box dropped to the ground, the steaming noodle soup spilled out.

Guo Rou was the class president, she frowned as she saw that scene, “what’s wrong with you, Zhang Cuihua, you’re a grown person, how come you can’t even hold your things right, clean up this mess!”

Zhang Cuihua always obeyed Guo Rou, now, she was a total scaredy cat, “okay, okay, okay, I, I’ll clean up right now.”

Gu Yan smiled as she watched Zhang Cuihua cleaning up and said, “but I’m just worried, perhaps beating her up once is not enough. Now that many people are gossiping about it, we can’t find a way to keep her from talking.”

Guo Rou asked involuntarily, “then what?”

Gu Yan grinned slyly, “if beating her up once is not enough, then twice is. If we beat her up twice and gossip is still going around, we’ll keep beating her up! We won’t leave any evidence and won’t put her life in danger anyway, I don’t believe she’d dare to spread more rumors!”

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