I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 41 - It Pained Her How Much It Would Cost

Chapter 41: It Pained Her How Much It Would Cost

“We’re friends, I only did what I had to do. But Jiayi, you got to stop being so soft. You don’t bully others, but if others bully you and you keep avoiding them, they’d think you’re easy to pick on and will keep on bullying you.”

Gu Yan spoke from experience.

In her past life, she was so modest and gave everything to Gu Moli, all because she thought she was her biological younger sister, or else she wouldn’t give her the spot to enroll in the army.

But what happened eventually?

Did Gu Moli ever thank her?

After all the hardships she went through and entered the city, Gu Moli still bullied her all the time.

Shen Jiayi was still gloomy and didn’t say anything. Gu Yan wasn’t worried about that, people’s personalities couldn’t be changed in a snap of a finger.

Gu Yan didn’t expect Shen Jiayi to become an Amazonian warrior right away and fight whoever crossed her, but nonetheless, she was already on the right track to slowly become a better version of herself.

But Shen Jiayi’s change later on was beyond Gu Yan’s expectation. Of course, that would come later.

Right now, Gu Yan pondered, how come she had the symptoms of anemia and fatigue this time?

Ginseng… wild ginseng.

Reishi mushroom…

An idea popped in Gu Yan’s head and she asked, “Jiayi, was the Reishi mushroom that Shen Nana got grown in the wild or cultivated?”

“I have no idea, but she said grandpa paid a special order at the Chen Family’s Herbal Medicine Shop, and it seemed to be really precious, so I’d say probably grown in the wild.”

Herbs that were grown in the wild were much more expensive than cultivated, despite the fact that there weren’t many cultivated herbal medicine at this era either.

Paid a special order…

Gu Yan had an assumption in her heart. Could it be the ginseng the jade pendant ate before was grown in the wild, so she didn’t have any symptoms for anemia or fatigue.

But this time, even though Shen Nana was quite despicable, the Reishi mushroom was something her grandpa paid and bought, which meant it had an owner, so Gu Yan got backfired?

Right now, her symptoms looked like she got backfired. Once Gu Yan thought about the healing powers of the little seedling in the jade pendant, it validated her assumption even more.

It made total sense if she thought of it like that. After all, thou shalt not steal, or else thou art a thief.

That would be wrong.

So, it appeared she had to find another chance to test it out… but when she remembered that she needed to use ginseng or Reishi mushroom and other precious herbs like these to conduct the experiment, it pained Gu Yan how much it would cost.

Because for the time being, the only way to acquire would be to purchase.

She was really broke right now. With the three hundred that she got from Gu Moli, all she had was three hundred and fifty-eight, and she spent more than ten to buy books today.

It seemed that making money was a big issue as well.

How about, going to an herbal shop to take a look and see if she could buy some cheaper herbal medicine?

Gu Yan remembered, last time, after curing Lu Ye, the green light from the green jade could not be summoned anymore.

What about this time?

Gu Yan looked at the perky little green seedling and decided to try again. Later, when Shen Jiayi went out to get food for her, Gu Yan used the same method and summoned the jade pendant.

Sure enough, the familiar green light came out again!

The green light surrounded Gu Yan friskily and didn’t find any wounds on her body, then went back inside the jade pendant.

As for her symptoms of anemia and fatigue, they were a lot better now, she’d probably be back to normal after a good night’s sleep.

Gu Yan was suddenly enlightened.

“So the green light was exhausted after curing Lu Ye. This time it ate a Reishi mushroom and recovered its healing superpower!”

It troubled Gu Yan for a long time how come the superpower couldn’t be used anymore, now she finally understood that it needed replenishment as well.

Despite how much it pained Gu Yan to purchase a ginseng or a Reishi mushroom, the healing power was a priceless treasure!

If it weren’t for the fact that her body was so weak, Gu Yan would’ve jumped up in ecstasy!

“Don’t some people have pretty good physical health before, how come she went s

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