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Chapter 688 - Chapter 688: An Ant Like You?

Chapter 688: An Ant Like You?

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However, after Wang Mang thought about it, he hesitated.

This guy actually dared to bet with him on the Sacred Emperor’s mask.

This proved that this fellow definitely had the confidence to win.

Otherwise, she would not have provoked him so many times.

With this thought in mind, Wang Mang immediately became cautious.

Although he had many trump cards, he was not afraid that this guy would play tricks.

But the problem was that Wang Mang had to complete the mission first!

For example.

If Wang Mang was allowed to kill fifteen peerless geniuses first…

Wang Mang was fighting with this fellow, so he would definitely be very happy.

This was because not only would he complete the mission, but he would also not be afraid of this guy’s tricks.

At most, once the wrath of the gods and devils was activated, no matter what schemes you had, they would all be killed!

If he could not win, he could still escape from the Saint Emperor Continent!

Thinking of this, Wang Mang slowly said, “How about this? I’ll fight you later.”

After saying that, Wang Mang immediately turned to look at the geniuses present. In the end, his gaze landed on those peerless geniuses and he chuckled.

“Is there anyone who is willing to have a life-and-death battle with me at the same realm?”

Hearing Wang Mang’s words, the Hidden Dragon Saint frowned slightly.

He didn’t know what Wang Mang was up to.

However, when he thought about how Wang Mang was worried about fighting him, he felt relieved.

Then, he smiled at the peerless geniuses present.

“If any peerless genius thinks that he can defeat the Myriad Demon Saint Son at the same level, don’t hesitate!”

“It’s time for me to make a name for myself. If 1 can defeat the Holy Son of the Myriad Demon Holy Land at the same level, I’m afraid my reputation will spread throughout the Eastern Heaven Realm!”

Although he didn’t know what Wang Mang was up to, since Wang Mang wanted to fight against other supreme geniuses, he could also take a look at Wang Mang’s strength.

Although he was confident that he was invincible within the same cultivation realm, after understanding Wang Mang’s strength and combat abilities, he felt more confident when he fought against Wang Mang at the same cultivation realm.

It was precisely because of this that he came out to help Wang Mang provoke these peerless geniuses.

Because all peerless prodigies were proud.

These peerless geniuses all thought that they could be invincible in the same realm!

As expected, with Wang Mang’s words and the Hidden Dragon Saint’s provocation,

A young man at the second level of the Immortal Emperor Realm slowly walked out under the surprised gazes of the crowd. He said confidently, “I’ll fight you, Gu Family of Hidden Dragon City, Gu Juji!”

With that, the young man jumped onto the battlefield.

Hearing this, Wang Mang was instantly overjoyed.

Then, Wang Mang also jumped onto the battlefield.

Then, the young man shouted from afar, “A life-and-death battle at the same realm! Do you agree?”

With that, the young man looked at Wang Mang.

Hearing this, Wang Mang naturally nodded without showing any weakness. “Agreed!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a huge force instantly enveloped Wang Mang’s entire body.

In the next moment, Wang Mang was shocked to discover that his cultivation level was sealed at the ninth heaven of the Immortal Reverent Stage!

Coupled with the Immortal Emperor mask on his face and the support of the peerless prodigy,

His strength just so happened to be the same as this giant bone base, both of them were fourth level Immortal Emperors!

Upon seeing this scene, Gu Juji instantly revealed killing intent. The greed in his eyes was no longer concealed as he stared fixedly at the Immortal Emperor mask on Wang Mang’s face.

Originally, with his strength, he could not directly interact with Wang Mang.

But the problem was that Wang Mang was actually so arrogant that he wanted to fight against the peerless geniuses present at the same level.

This also created an opportunity for him, a chance to obtain the Immortal Emperor Mask!

Similarly, Wang Mang also saw the killing intent in this fellow’s eyes.

However, Wang Mang sneered in his heart. Since he had chosen to fight at the same cultivation realm,

Naturally, he was confident that he could defeat these ants.

Moreover, not only did Wang Mang want to deal with these ants,

He still had to eat fifteen peerless geniuses in one go!

Thinking of this, Wang Mang’s killing intent soared.

But for the sake of the Saint’s reputation.

Wang Mang pretended to be indifferent and said,

“I’ll let you attack first!”

Hearing this, Gu Juji sneered and attacked without hesitation.

He formed a seal with both hands and shouted angrily, “Void Chains!”

As soon as he finished speaking, thousands of chains appeared out of thin air around Wang Mang and wrapped around him.

This immediately shocked Wang Mang. This guy actually knew a top-notch great divine power!

This made Wang Mang immediately realize a problem.

Peerless prodigies had basically grasped top-notch divine powers!

Similarly, every peerless genius could not be underestimated!

With this thought in mind, Wang Mang’s expression gradually turned grim.

Similarly, Wang Mang didn’t hesitate to use his divine ability.

“Tens of thousands of Buddhas sit in the ancient times!”

As Wang Mang made a hand seal and shouted angrily, *

A Buddha shadow that looked down on all living beings appeared.

This Buddha figure stood behind Wang Mang with an indifferent expression.

Similarly, these tens of thousands of void chains were utterly unable to break through Wang Mang’s Buddha image defense!

Then, Wang Mang formed a seal with both hands and immediately executed the Ten Thousand Buddha Killing Technique!

In the next moment, Buddha shadows that filled the sky condensed. One after another, they covered the sky and attacked the bone giant foundation.

Seeing this scene, Gu Juji’s expression changed drastically. He also formed a seal and used a defensive divine power!

“Divine Turtle Heavenly Armor!”

As he shouted angrily, a huge turtle phantom condensed from vast mana appeared.

Unfortunately, under the attacks of the Buddha shadows that filled the sky, it seemed a little forced.

Moreover, even the HP above his head kept decreasing!

Helpless, *

Gu Juji had no choice but to give up on attacking and defend with all his might.

Seeing this scene, Wang Mang immediately laughed in his heart.

This guy’s defensive divine power was only so-so!

It could not reach the top at all!

This also meant that he was destined to die!

Because defensive divine arts were as important as offensive divine arts!

It was a matter of life and death!

Of course.

Wang Mang wasn’t in a hurry to kill this fellow.

On the contrary, Wang Mang deliberately started acting.

Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders,

Both of them were evenly matched!

This also caused the battle to drag on for a long time.

After delaying for a few hours.

Only then did Wang Mang manage to kill the bone giant foundation with great difficulty!


Accompanied by a loud bang!

The giant bone base was unwillingly blasted into a bloody mist by Wang Mang!

At the same time.

The system’s voice sounded:

[Ding! Congratulations, host! You have successfully killed a peerless prodigy!]

[Ding! Congratulations, host! You have successfully obtained 1 Talent Point!]

After hearing the system’s voice,

Wang Mang nodded in satisfaction.

At this moment, the enchantment on the battlefield automatically dispelled.

Then, Wang Mang looked at the geniuses in the distance and raised his voice.

“Which other peerless genius dares to fight to the death with me at the same realm?”

However, as soon as Wang Mang finished speaking, another young man leaped onto the battlefield.

This peerless genius looked at Wang Mang with disdain.

He crossed his arms in front of him arrogantly and sneered.

“Do you really think you’re that good?”

“In my eyes, you can’t even withstand a single blow!”

“If an ant like you can become a Saint…”

“In that case, 1 can kill as many as 1 want in the same realm!”

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