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Chapter 689 - Chapter 689: Another Peerless Genius?

Chapter 689: Another Peerless Genius?

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After hearing this,

Wang Mang was so angry that he laughed.

He didn’t expect this guy to be so arrogant.

However, Wang Mang was also very happy!

This meant that his acting skills were quite good!

In fact, that was indeed the case.

In Liu Bei s opinion, Wang Mang’s victory was too lucky.

Moreover, Wang Mang had been fighting for so long.

In his opinion, Wang Mang’s strength was only so-so!

Yes, it was very ordinary!

Similarly, the Giant Bone Foundation’s strength was even more ordinary.

It was precisely because of this that he could not wait to jump our.

After all, once he killed Wang Mang, the benefits would be too great!

Not only could he become famous, but the Immortal Emperor Mask also moved his heart!

Thinking of this, Liu Bei said coldly with an indifferent expression, ’Til fight you at the same realm! Do you agree?”

Hearing this, Wang Mang immediately looked extremely angry and roared without hesitation, “Agreed!”

This also made outsiders think that Wang Mang had simply lost his mind from anger.

Similarly, many people in the crowd of geniuses had doubts about Wang Mang.

This was because the combat strength that Wang Mang displayed was completely not the strength that the Holy Son of the Myriad Demon Holy Land should have!

On the other side, Zhang Tianyou, who was on par with the Demon Sword Immortal, had extraordinary combat strength!

If Wang Mang was only at this level, it was impossible for Zhang Tianyou to lose to him, right?

At this moment, many people had doubts in their hearts.

At this moment, a prodigy from Myriad Demon City explained with a smile,

“I know that.”

“Back then, Zhang Tianyou and this guy fought for the position of the Saint.”

“Coincidentally, Zhang Tianyou’s sister was captured at that time.”

“That’s why Zhang Tianyou gave up on the competition for the Son of Saint. In the end, this guy benefited for nothing.”

After hearing the words of this prodigy of the Myriad Demon City, all the prodigies present finally came to a realization.

Then, they looked at Wang Mang with contempt.

Originally, they thought that Wang Mang was hiding his strength.

In the end, it turned out that he was lucky enough to become the Holy Son of the Myriad Demon Holy Land.

All of a sudden, the way they looked at Wang Mang changed, filled with contempt.

Even though Wang Mang himself was extremely powerful, they were still extremely disdainful.

That was because Wang Mang did not rely on his own strength to successfully obtain the position of Saint.

In their eyes, Wang Mang’s so-called Chosen was naturally full of exaggeration.

This also made rhe originally doubtful and even cautious peerless geniuses eager to give it a try and feel that it was a pity.

On the contrary, they hoped that Wang Mang could get rid of Liu Bei. Then, it would be best if Wang Mang survived so that they could get rid of him completely!

After all, who wouldn’t be tempted to step on a Holy Son of the Myriad Demon Holy Land to become famous and obtain the Immortal Emperor’s mask?

A few hours later.

Under the nervous and expectant gazes of the peerless geniuses,

Liu Bei had finally fallen!

“Good! He’s finally dead!”

“That’s right! You gave me a fright. Fortunately, this Myriad Demon Saint Son managed to hold on!”

“Don’t fight with me. I’m from the Jiang Family of Myriad Demon City!”

“Dream on! The Holy Son of the Myriad Demon Holy Land will definitely become my stepping stone!”

“Get lost. I should be the one to lull this Holy Son of the Myriad Demon Holy Land!”

All of a sudden, the peerless geniuses became excited.

In order to make the first move, they even argued until their faces turned red.

At the same time.

Wang Mang in battle.

Naturally, he also saw this scene.

Wang Mang was overjoyed.

In the next moment, another peerless young prodigy jumped onto the stage.

Just like that, the cycle repeated!

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

At this moment, Wang Mang, who was fighting bitterly on the battlefield, had an extremely solemn expression.

He had already killed 13 peerless geniuses one after another.

However, this time, he encountered a ruthless person.

This guy was too strong.

He had been fighting Wang Mang for an entire day!

Among the peerless geniuses of the same realm,

This fellow’s strength was definitely qualified to contend against Wang Mang.

This was because this guy’s defensive divine power was top-notch.

His combat divine power was also top-notch

Even his spatial capturing divine ability was top-notch.

Bai Zhitian basically had all the top-notch divine powers that Wang Mang had.

This was also the reason why Wang Mang was unable to take down the other party even after fighting for so long!

“Damn it! This Bai Zhitian is really impressive. I have to think of a way!”

At this moment, Wang Mang was extremely anxious.

That was because he only needed to kill this fellow now.

Then, he was very close to completing the mission!

He had already killed thirteen peerless geniuses in front of him!

Just as Wang Mang was thinking about how to kill Bai Zhitian…

A voice transmission sounded, “Fellow Daoist, how about we call it a draw?”

Hearing this, Wang Mang instantly knew what this fellow was thinking.

Obviously, this fellow was utterly unable to defeat him, and that was why he wanted to end the battle in a draw.

In fact, a life-and-death battle in the arena did not necessarily have to be a life-and-death battle.

As long as both sides agreed to a draw, the barrier of the battlefield would open!

Hearing this, Wang Mang hesitated for a moment and wanted to refuse.

This was because he had already killed more than ten peerless geniuses.

The remaining peerless geniuses were either stronger or more cautious. They would definitely not accept the challenge easily.

That was because it had been so many days. Even a fool could tell that he had been deliberately hiding his strength!

But what gave Wang Mang a headache was how to take down this fellow?

This fellow’s defensive divine ability was simply on par with Wang Mang’s Ten Thousand Buddhas Seated Ancient.

His offensive divine abilities were also extremely powerful. Wang Mang really didn’t gain any advantage against this fellow.

At this moment, seeing that Wang Mang did not respond, he did not continue to attack crazily.

Bai Zhitian did not continue to attack.

He knew that Wang Mang was still considering it.

He could afford the time.

Similarly, even though he couldn’t loll Wang Mang.

However, it was impossible for Wang Mang to kill him.

The two of them had been fighting for a day and had basically used all the methods they could.

In fact, that was indeed the case.

Other than Wang Mang s Wrath of the Fiendgod,

He had used all the methods he could.

Helpless, Wang Mang could only ask the system for help.

Then, Wang Mang asked in his mind,

“System, is there any way to Loll this guy?”

The next moment, the system’s voice sounded.

[Ding! Warm reminder, Host! I suggest that Host upgrade rhe God Controlling Seal Technique to a top-notch great divine power! ]

[Ding! Warm reminder to the host! The other party does not have a top Primordial Spirit- type divine power! You can defeat the other party after upgrading the God Controlling Seal! ]

After hearing the systern’s voice, Wang Mang’s eyes lit up.

That’s right! This guy didn’t have a top Primordial Spirit-type great divine power!

Once he used a top Primordial Spirit-type great divine power,

This guy could not withstand it at all. When the time came, he would definitely die!

Thinking of this, Wang Mang became even more excited. Then, he hurriedly asked,

“System! How many energy points do I need to upgrade the Divine Controlling Seal Art to a top-notch great divine power?”

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