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Chapter 687 - Chapter 687: Asking for a Fight

Chapter 687: Asking for a Fight

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From Tong Nian’s point of view,

There were too many prodigies present.

There were dozens of peerless geniuses.

But what about Wang Mang?

Among the dozens of peerless geniuses,

He was still the few peerless geniuses standing at the front.

This also meant that Wang Mang was one of the top Heaven’s Favorites amongst all the Heaven’s Favorites.

If Wang Mang could not be recognized, the other geniuses would not buy it at all.

In the end, even among the tens of thousands of geniuses, strength was still respected.

The stronger one was, the higher one’s status would be!

This was an unchanging truth!

However, at this moment, Wang Mang and the other geniuses saw ten young masters in luxurious clothes with mixed strength.

These ten youngsters all looked like silkpants.

They were surrounded by a group of servants.

Wherever the street passed, everyone avoided it.

Seeing these ten arrogant youngsters, Wang Mang couldn’t help but furrow his brows slightly.

He was not a fool. Of course, he could feel that these young people were not to be trifled with.


It was because Wang Mang was among these ten youngsters.

He also saw the son of the Myriad Demon City Lord, Fang Tianhu!

Not only that, but they also had several Saint Emperor-level powerhouses under them.

If it was an ordinary person, would they be able to bring a Saint Emperor-level powerhouse under them?

This was obviously impossible!

“Yo, yo, yo, isn’t this the genius prodigy of the Eastern Heaven Realm? How ostentatious!”

At this moment, an incomparably ear-piercing sneer sounded.

Hearing this, the geniuses present frowned.

In fact, many geniuses could not help but discuss.

“These guys really bumped into each other!”

“How can an ignorant and incompetent thing compare to us?”

“They’re just a bunch of good-for-nothings. They’re nothing!”

“Hehe, forget it. What’s the point of arguing with a bunch of popinjays?”

“Ignore this trash. He’s just relying on his father’s silkpants.”

“That may be the case, but there are ten Emperor Gods behind them. We can’t underestimate them.”

“So what if there are ten Emperor Gods? Could it be that the power behind us is smaller than them?”

After hearing the discussions of the geniuses, Wang Mang was instantly shocked.

He did not expect that these ten arrogant and despotic youths in front of him were actually the sons of the ten great city lords!

What did the Ten Great City Lords mean?

There were only ten cities in the Eastern Heaven Realm!

The other cities were not the top ten cities.

However, the son of the City Lord of these ten large cities…

Then, one could imagine the status of these guys.

Clearly, even many of the geniuses present were unwilling to provoke these silkpants.

Furthermore, he had encountered the son of one of the ten great city lords.

As for the person who mocked him, it was the young man standing at the front.

This person’s strength was extremely powerful as well. He had actually reached the Saint Emperor Realm.

Of course, he was only at the First Heaven Saint Emperor Realm.

As for the other nine sons of the city lords, they did not have the strength of the Sacred Emperor at all.

Of course, his arrogance was much greater than Wang Mang and the other geniuses.

Fortunately, at this moment, the Hidden Dragon Saint, who was in the lead, chuckled and said, “Everyone, make way for the sons of the city lords!”

Hearing this, the Hidden Dragon Saint took the lead to make way.

Similarly, Nangong Wentian, Fang Tianlong, the Devil Sword Immortal, and Zhou Botong also made way for him.

Seeing this, Wang Mang naturally followed the crowd.

After all, Wang Mang did not want to provoke these disgusting things.

The pursuit of an Emperor God-level powerhouse and a Saint Emperor-level powerhouse could not be compared at all.

As for the reason?

Could a Sacred Emperor be compared to an Emperor God?

These two realms were two completely different concepts!

Seeing that the geniuses took the initiative to make way, the sons of the city lords revealed mocking smiles.

“Hehe, a prodigy? So what if he’s a prodigy? Didn’t he still obediently give way?”

“Don’t say that. We’re all silkpants. We can’t beat these prodigies! Ahaha!”

After hearing the words of these popinjays, the paragons were furious, but they did not attack.

This was because the price to pay for killing these profligate sons was too high.

Moreover, it was not that simple to kill these profligate sons.

Didn’t they see that these guys had brought so many Saint Emperor-level subordinates?

After sending these silkpants away, Wang Mang and the other geniuses arrived at the so-called arena.

The arena was shaped like a pot. The lower the center, the higher the edge. The arena was vast.

Moreover, there were many people surrounding the center of the arena, shouting loudly.

At this moment, there were five arenas in the huge arena, and two of them had experts fighting.

At this moment, the Hidden Dragon Saint turned to look at the Demonic Sword Immortal and Zhang Tianyou and smiled.

“Please! As for whether it’s a life-and-death battle, it’s still up to the two of you!”

Hearing this, the Demon Sword Immortal looked at Zhang Tianyou expressionlessly and jumped onto the battlefield.

Similarly, Zhang Tianyou did not show any weakness and jumped onto the battlefield.

Then, a barrier condensed in the sky above the battlefield!

In the next moment, on the battlefield, the two of them instantly fought.

What surprised Wang Mang even more was that this Zhang Tianyou was using the method of getting close to a scoundrel again.

The World-Destroying Demonic Plate soared through the sky. Its top clone divine power split into three. No matter how fierce the Demon Sword Immortal was, he was still unable to do anything to Zhang Tianyou!

What made Wang Mang feel even more incredulous was that…

Zhang Tianyou’s strength had increased again!

It seemed that he would be able to obtain decent cultivation resources if he became a candidate for the Chosen!

Otherwise, the Bloodthirsty Force would give Zhang Tianyou a lot of benefits.

Otherwise, Zhang Tianyou’s combat strength would not have reached the peak of the Second Heaven of the Saint Emperor Realm.

For a moment, Wang Mang did not know if Zhang Tianyou could withstand the suppression of the Demon Sword Immortal.

At this moment, a chuckle came from beside Wang Mang.

“Fellow Daoist Myriad Demon Saint, how about the two of us fight?”

“As for the bet, let’s take your Immortal Emperor mask and my Sacred Emperor mask!”

Hearing this, Wang Mang suddenly turned to look at the Hidden Dragon Saint.

She saw the Hidden Dragon Saint looking at her with a smile.

Wang Mang slowly narrowed his eyes.

It seemed like this guy was also thinking about his Immortal Emperor mask!

Then, he thought of the grudge he had with her.

Wang Mang did not have a good impression of the Hidden Dragon Saint.

Of course.

In the end, Wang Mang refused without hesitation.

“Forget it. My strength is not comparable to the Hidden Dragon Saint.”

He wasn’t a fool. How could he agree to this guy’s challenge?

After all, this guy’s strength was a small realm higher than his!

It was precisely because of this that no matter what Wang Mang said, it was impossible for him to agree to this fellow’s request.

This was because Wang Mang had no confidence in defeating the Hidden Dragon Saint!

The Hidden Dragon Saint Child wasn’t surprised by Wang Mang’s refusal and chuckled.

“How about this? 1’11 suppress my strength to the same realm as you.”

“Moreover, we don’t even need masks. How about we fight at the same cultivation level?”

Hearing this, Wang Mang’s eyes lit up, and he was immediately tempted.

It was because in the same realm, Wang Mang had never been afraid of anyone!

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