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Chapter 500 - Chapter 500: A Whole New World

Chapter 500: A Whole New World

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After parting ways with the Dog Emperor and the Black Bear Emperor, Wang Mang happily rushed towards his father’s location, and arrived there in no time.

Now, this place was starting to look like a city again, and the streets were bustling with activity.

Although it could not be compared to the time period before the Apocalypse, it was far better than what it had been. Wang Mang speculated that there were only a handful of people in the country who could restore a city to this level.

“Not bad, not bad! It finally looks civilized again.”

After checking out the city, Wang Mang flew over to his father’s new military base.

The military base seemed to have become a proper one, with strict guards and patrols at every layer.

Nodding to himself, Wang Mang silently entered the military fortress, and soon found his parents sitting in front of the television.

He then transformed into his human form, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Dad! Mom!”

Father and Mother Wang turned around and saw their son smiling at them.

However, Wang Mang’s white robe and long black hair surprised his parents.

“You brat, why did you come back?”

Although they said that, he could see through their facade, and the smile on his face deepened. He could tell that they still missed him, but did not want him to feel obligated to return.

“I haven’t been back for a long time, so I came to visit you both.”

“Oh right, dad, did anything happen recently?”

Wang Mang smiled as he sat on the sofa, looking at his father and mother. His mood became even better.

Now that his father and mother were cultivating, their physical bodies were getting better and stronger. There were even signs of them regaining their youth.

“Nothing much has happened. However, the Red Empire has gradually begun to stabilize.”

“Now, there are nine refuge cities in the Red Empire. Our Guardian Beast City is one of them.”

“Moreover, among the nine refuge cities, only two cities can compete with ours, which are the City of Light and the City of Darkness!”

“However, in terms of resources and stability, our Guardian Beast City is still very powerful.”

Father Wang slowly told him everything that had happened in the Red Empire during this period of time, and Wang Mang listened quietly.

What made Wang Mang happy was that no one had come to provoke his father.

After getting a rough understanding of the situation, Wang Mang accompanied his father for another two days before leaving the military base.

After leaving, Wang Mang went to the other cities to observe the situation, and nodded in satisfaction when he saw that there were no experts in the other cities.

After the apocalypse, although many people on Earth had gradually become stronger, the speed of their growth was still relatively slow.

After all, it was not so easy to break through and become land immortals. It would take quite a long time for the inhabitants of Earth to reach that level.

Wang Mang heaved a sigh of relief. This way, he could go to the other worlds to develop and become stronger without worry. Now, there was not much left of Earth that could tempt Wang Mang anymore.

This was because after Demon Lord Chong Lou left Earth, there were basically no experts on Earth who could compete with Wang Mang. If he wanted to, he could become the King of Earth!

After gloating about it for a while, he flew back to Huanshan Reservoir, and arrived ten minutes later.

Seeing the reservoir that had barely changed, Wang Mang felt quite nostalgic. He could still remember the days when he had grown up here and ate pigs every day.

Those were the days!

However, ever since his strength increased, he had to run around, and now even cross worlds in order to become stronger. If he relaxed, he might be surpassed.

Thus, when he thought about it, the time he spent cultivating every day was indeed quite tiring, but Wang Mang was unwilling to slack off. The feeling of constantly becoming stronger, and being able to decide his own fate was something that could not be described with words.

After arriving at the cave, Wang Mang saw that the tiger and water buffalo demons were still guarding the cave. He could not help but feel a little sentimental at this point.

When they saw Wang Mang, they respectfully called out, “My lord!”

Clearly, their strength had increased by quite a bit, but even though he was no longer here, these two fellows still guarded his cave day after day.

Thinking this, Wang Mang was somewhat moved. These two were really loyal.

Wang Mang nodded slightly and walked into the cave. Once inside, he began to ponder the matter of entering another world. Should he use the advanced-grade World Card to enter a high-grade world, or the top-grade World Card to enter a top-grade world.

If it was the latter, he was worried that he would encounter some sort of terrifying danger, as he did just recently.

Although a top-grade world no doubt contained countless opportunities, it was also full of dangers. Thus, Wang Mang was hesitant. Although the high-grade world would have less opportunities, it would also be less dangerous, right?

Furthermore, he was going solo this time around, so it was better to be safe than sorry.

With that, he made his decision, and he took out the World Card, activated it, and a three three-colored teleportation stone appeared in his hand.

After thinking for a moment, Wang Mang shouted, “Tiger, Water Buffalo, come inside!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the tiger and water buffalo demon kings outside the cave respectfully walked into the cave.

“Later, use these three-colored teleportation stones with me later. This is the key to entering the new world.”

“This time, I’ll bring you in to take a look. I hope you’ll be able to gain something there,” Wang Mang said.

As he spoke, he threw two of the teleportation stones to them.

After receiving the three-colored teleportation stones, the two of them looked at Wang Mang, not knowing what to do.

Seeing this, Wang Mang smiled.

“Use your own power to activate the teleportation stone!”

Hearing this, the two guys quickly nodded and activated the teleportation stones according to their master’s instructions, and then…


They disappeared!

Seeing this, Wang Mang smiled and activated his teleportation stone without hesitation and also disappeared..

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