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Chapter 499 - Chapter 499: Back On Earth

Chapter 499: Back On Earth

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Mission accomplished!

He was now a Level 4 student of the Sacred Emperor Academy, and would not be able to return to Earth temporarily.

In any case, he had no way of increasing his strength for the time being, which in this world, meant earning more immortal stones.

If he could figure out how to earn immortal stones quickly, his strength would likely increase by leaps and bounds. Methods like scamming others would only work a few times.

If he wanted to get a lot of immortal stones, he would have to master the four professions..

Formations, alchemy, artifact refinement, or talismans. Each of these were the key to wealth in that world.

The problem was that Wang Mang had no idea where to start with them.

Forget it! He would deal with this matter later.

Wang Mang stopped thinking about it, and decided to look for the Dog Emperor and the Black Bear Emperor to ask them if they wanted to go back together.

Thinking this, he made his way to the academy area for Level 3 students, but soon realized that these two were nowhere to be found!

Had they already gone back to Earth without him?

After some thought, Wang Mang decided to head to the mountain range behind the academy and leave from there. Once there, he located his usual cave, and then activated the multicolored stone.

Moments later, his figure disappeared from the cave, and when he opened his eyes again, he realized that he had returned to the Black Bear Emperor’s lair.

Furthermore, there were also many experts standing around him, who were obviously Ao Changkong, Yu Shen, the Dog Emperor, the Black Bear Emperor, and the Lord of Hell.

When they saw Wang Mang, they all turned to look at him.

“Brother Wang Mang, you’re finally here!”

Upon seeing Wang Mang, the Black Bear Emperor immediately smiled.

Hearing this, Wang Mang cast a glance at them and asked doubtfully, “What are you all doing here?”

The Dog Emperor replied with a tinge of emotion, “We’re discussing what we’ve learned after entering this top-grade world.”

“There’s no need to discuss anything. We’ve been reduced to miners, and we already know about your experiences.”

Ao Changkong’s face darkened. He became furious every time he recalled his experience in this top-grade world. Similarly, Yu Shen’s expression was not great either.

He, Ao Changkong, and the Lord of Hell had all become miners. There was indeed nothing worth discussing. It would be too embarrassing to discuss “You guys have been reduced to miners? What happened?” Wang Mang asked curiously.

After that, Ao Changkong recounted their experience with an ugly expression.

After learning what had happened, Wang Mang could barely keep himself from laughing out loud. These guys were indeed too unlucky, even more unlucky than he had imagined.

Originally, Wang Mang thought that his own trio were already unlucky enough, but he did not expect these three fellows to be even more miserable.

Now that they were still among the miners, they did not dare to return to this world. On the other hand, Demon Lord Chong Lou had found an opportunity to kill his way out. He had offended the Chen family, but he had at least escaped. However, he had not returned to Earth yet.

“Sigh, I deeply sympathize with you,” Wang Mang shook his head and said.

At this moment, the Dog Emperor suddenly said, “Wait! Are you miners of the immortal mine?”

The Lord of Heli nodded slightly.

“That’s right. We’re there collecting immortal ores. The Chen family is a powerful family.”

“The amount of immortal ores mined every day is huge.”

“And I also heard that the Chen family not only has immortal mines, but also other mines.”

Wang Mang’s eyes lit up.

If it was possible, Wang Mang wanted to pay a visit to the Chen family. After all, Wang Mang had dealt with immortal source stones before and knew that most of them came from mines!

Wang Mang suddenly had an idea, but when he thought of the powerful Chen family, he eventually suppressed such thoughts.

Then, recalling why he had returned, he hurriedly asked, “Right! Have you figured out the difference in time flow between this world and this top-grade world?”

“1:3! This is the ratio of the time between that world and ours.”

“Staying in that world for a day is equivalent to staying in our world for three days. In other words, more than three months have passed in our world.”

Wang Mang was shocked when he heard this. The time flow ration was so high!

At this moment, Yu Shen slowly stood up and said with a gloomy expression, “I’m leaving! If nothing unexpected happens, 1 won’t be taking the risk to enter this world again.”

The Lord of Hell and Ao Changkong looked at each other, nodded, and left as well.

Seeing this, Wang Mang, the Black Bear Emperor, and the Dog Emperor looked at each other.

“What about you two?” Wang Mang asked.

The Dog Emperor nodded as if it was a matter of course.

“Of course I’ll enter again, but I’ll wait until the multicolored stone is charged up again. Compared to this world, that world is much more exciting.”

“Me too!”

The Black Bear Emperor nodded. Only by staying there can 1 become stronger faster!”

After hearing their words, Wang Mang nodded.

“Good! I’ll see you at the Sacred Emperor Academy then!”

With that, Wang Mang left impatiently. He planned to go home and visit his father. If everything was fine there, he would enter his own world!

After all, he had two World Cards…

An advanced-grade World Card, and a top-grade World Card!

With these two in hand, in addition to the Black Bear Emperor’s top-grade World, he would gain an enormous advantage over other people if he could use them well.

The gap between him and everyone else would only grow bigger and bigger as time passed..

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