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Chapter 498 - Chapter 498: Tier 4 Breakthrough

Chapter 498: Tier 4 Breakthrough

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However, this time, he did not fully lose consciousness. He felt like his soul was ascending somewhere to and beyond the nine heavensj yet he did not stop ascending.

Finally, after an unknown period of time, Wang Mang saw two boundless rivers, which were not flowing with water, but some ethereal that was blue and endless. It shone and transformed from time to time.

The other river was the same, and its color would change from time to time like a mirage, making it impossible to completely fully capture its existence.

At the same time, a voice in Wang Mang’s heart seemed to tell him to quickly cast his true soul into the two rivers.

With that thought, Wang Mang no longer hesitated. He immediately extracted two slivers of his true soul. After that, he discovered that there were two other things beside him, which were the spatial stone and world fragment.

Therefore, Wang Mang poured his true soul into them, and then cast the two items in the direction of the two rivers.

The spatial stone and the world fragment fell into the two rivers like small stones. Wang Mang heaved a sigh of relief. The spatial stone and world fragment that contained two strands of his true soul had landed in the two rivers without any ripples.

Then, he suddenly felt as if his body was constantly falling, and then he completely lost consciousness.

When Wang Mang woke up again, it was already a month later.

Opening his eyes, he realized that his body had undergone a tremendous change, and that the amount of immortal qi in his body was tenfold what it was before.

How, he truly understood the gap between the Immortal King realm and the Heaven Immortal realm. He could also sense that his body had undergone other changes, so he muttered, “System, display my status information!”

[Wang Mang: Mountain God of the Five Peaks (Special Member of the Sovereign Space]

[Species: Starry Sky Python King (Limit: 550 meters)!

[Cultivation: 20,000 years (First-level Immortal King Realm)]

[Physique: HP: 3,100, Energy: 3,100, 510 meters long, 25 meters wide, 2,100,000 tons]

[Divine Powers: God Control Seal, Regeneration, Death Gaze, Black Hole, Star of Destruction, Heaven and Earth, Bone Spur, Lightning Spell, World Walk, Myriad Transformations. ]

[Special: Storage Space, Information Detection, Top-grade World Multicolored Stone xi, Tier 5 Spatial Teleportation Talisman X3, Advanced-grade World Card, Top-grade World Card xi, 110,000 immortal stones, Immortal Treasure Chest xi, Top-grade Gacha xl.]

(T/N: Author seems to have forgotten that the Tier 5 Spatial Teleportation talismans were exchanged for the Spatial Stone, and included them in here anyway.)

[Luck value: 299 (Great Luck)]

[Energy Points: 0/150,000]

[Current Ranking: 3rd on the global ranking list of experts. ]

This evolution had only increased his cultivation from 19,900 years to 20,000 years, but everything seemed to feel so different. It seemed that the final 100 years was some sort of watershed.

Furthermore, Wang Mang was surprised to find that his multicolored teleportation stone was already fully charged!

In other words, he could go back to Earth at any time now. Thinking this, Wang Mang’s mood became even better, and he quickly exited the cave and rushed toward the Sacred Emperor Academy.

Before he did anything, he wanted to register his advancement and move to Level 4. This would allow him to complete his mission, after which he could return to Earth.

Soon, Wang Mang arrived at the entrance to the academy grounds, but just before he was about to step in, a voice called out to him.

“Wait! Junior, why don’t you play a few more times!”

Wang Mang turned around and saw Smiling Buddha waving at him happily.

Wang Mang felt helpless when he saw the Smiling Buddha. He did not know if he was lucky or not.

He had earned quite a lot of immortal stones from Smiling Buddha and had even bought a random Immortal Stone at the end that contained an item worth 300,000 immortal stones.

Should he try his luck again?

In the end, Wang Mang bought another immortal source stone for around a thousand immortal stones. He opened it on the spot, and was stunned to see that he had lucked out again, though not to the extent of the last one.

Smiling Buddha was dumbfounded.

This was because ever since Wang Mang had earned a lot from him last time, he had become popular, but the people who bought immortal source stones from him had basically all lost money.

Thus, he had never expected Wang Mang to succeed in earning a profit from a random stone.

“I’ll give you this 11,000 immortal stones for this Three Fire Copper,” Smiling Buddha said with a forced smile.

Wang Mang asked the system about the value of the stone, and then nodded happily. He then took the immortal stones happily and left without looking back.

It was his lucky day!

As he left, he could hear Smiling Buddha begin to call for customers the moment he left. He glanced back and saw that many students had lined up to try their luck.

Wang Mang sighed. This fellow was really quite good at doing business.

When he arrived at the academy, Wang Mang went straight to the supervisor.

“Speak… What is it?”

The beautiful supervisor looked at Wang Mang expressionlessly.

“Umm… It’s like this… I reached the Immortal King realm,” Wang Mang hurriedly explained.

Hearing this, the supervisor was a little taken aback, but then she nodded and said,” “Alright, got it. A promotion to Level 4, right? Follow me!”

Two hours later, Wang Mang successfully changed classes.

He used to be in Class 10 Level 3, but was now in Class 88 Level 4.

At this moment, the supervisor waved her hand impatiently and said, “Alright! In the future, your new supervisor will be that woman you saw just now.”

With that said, his old supervisor left.

At this moment, the system”s voice suddenly rang out in Wang Mang’s mind.

[Ding! Congratulations! Mission completed!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained 50,000 energy points! ]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained Immortal-grade Gacha xi! I

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