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Chapter 501 - Chapter 501: Dou Qi Continent

Chapter 501: Dou Qi Continent

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At this moment, In a small city at the edge of a mountain range.

People came and went, and it was very lively.

Wang Mang and his two subordinates were currently staring blankly at this unfamiliar world, as they tried to figure out just what kind of world this was.

They were clueless, but Wang Mang could sense that the density of the immortal qi in this high-grade world was lower than that in the Sage Emperor Continent.

Of course, it was still much denser than on Earth.

Wang Mang’s gaze was focused on the city gate, on which three big words were written: Wu Tan City.

What kind of city was this? Why did it feel somewhat familiar?

At this moment, the system’s voice rang out.

[Ding! Host’s current status detected! The host is given the following mission options!]

[Mission 1: Host, please gain a basic grasp of alchemy!]

[Mission Time: Until completion.]

[Mission Reward: 50,000 energy points!]

[Mission 2: Host, please master Tier 1 alchemy skills!]

[Mission Time: Until completion.]

[Mission Reward: 100,000 energy points, high-grade Tier 1 alchemy furnace!]

[Mission 3: Host, please master Tier 2 alchemy skills!]

[Mission Time: Until completion.]

[Mission Reward: 200,000 energy points, Tier 2 high-grade alchemy furnace!]

[Mission No. 4: Host, please master Tier 4 alchemy skills!]

[Mission Time: Until completion.]

[Mission Reward: 500,000 energy points, Tier 4 high-grade alchemy furnace!]

Wang Mang was completely stunned.

There was a chance here to learn alchemy?

Wang Mang seemed to recall something. Before he died, he had read a fantasy novel, in which Wu Tan City was also mentioned.

In that case, had he transmigrated into the world of novels?

However, Wang Mang could not remember the specific contents of the novel, just the general plotline.

Thinking this, Wang Mang hurriedly asked, “System, how strong is the strongest person in this world?”

[Ding! The strongest person in this world is a Tier 4 expert!]

[In this world, the highest level of alchemy has reached the peak of Tier 4! ]

[Warm reminder: The host’s current world is the Dou Qi Continent!]

[The host’s current strength is equivalent to a first-level Immortal King (Dou Zun)! The Immortal Emperor realm is equivalent to a Dou Sheng, and the Immortal Prime realm is equivalent to a Dou Di! ]

[Remarks: Although the power of this world is powerful, it is far inferior to those in the same realm in the other worlds. Even if the experts in this world become peak-level Dou Dis, they are far inferior to actual peak-level Tier 4 experts in many aspects!]

After hearing the system’s notification, Wang Mang finally understood how strange this world was. The power system in this world could indeed reach Tier 4, but it seemed to be a weaker version. Perhaps this was related to the fact that this Dou Qi Continent was only a high-grade world.

Moreover, Wang Mang had also learned that high-grade worlds were actually divided into subdivisions, and some of the more powerful top-grade worlds had very powerful cultivation systems that were not really inferior to actual Tier 5 cultivation realms.

Thinking this, Wang Mang pondered for a moment before coming to a decision.

“System, 1 choose Mission 4!”

[Ding! Congratulations! The host has successfully selected a mission option! Please complete the mission as soon as possible to get your reward!]

Wang Mang heaved a sigh of relief. If the Tier 4 experts here were weaker than regular Tier 4 experts, then there would not be much danger, and he would be able to do whatever he wanted.

With that thought in mind, Wang Mang called out to his two subordinates, and then the group headed toward Wu Tan City. He had the tiger demon king transform into his true form, and rode the tiger into the city, looking majestic and domineering.

He had already decided that if he wanted to find a way to learn alchemy, he would have to find the main character of this novel, who would definitely have learnt them.

It was worth mentioning that medicinal pills in this world were indeed very widespread. There were stalls selling them everywhere in the streets. Unfortunately, the currency of this system was gold coins, which meant that his immortal stones held no value.

It seemed that this world lagged behind the Sage Emperor Continent in more ways than one.

The immortal stones could be used for cultivation and were of great benefit to cultivators. However, what was the use of having more gold coins? They were like modern banknotes, completely useless.

Moreover, to be honest, Wang Mang could turn iron into gold. He could have as many as he wanted. As he looked around his surroundings and asked around, it seemed that the fighting techniques here were very similar to the traditional martial arts novels he had read, which meant that his divine powers would be quite unique and special here.

Wang Mang walked around pompously, and the citizens of Wu Tan City all made way for him when they sensed his terrifying aura. It seemed that this was the perfect place for him to show off.

They could not help but start a discussion.

“Heavens! Since when did Wu Tan City have such an expert?”

“That’s right! In front of him, I feel like I’m even smaller than an ant!”

“His aura is too terrifying! The creature he was riding was at least as strong as a Dou Shi!”

“That’s right! Too tyrannical! We should keep our distance. He’s definitely a big shot!”

“I was fortunate enough to have made a trip to the Jia Ma Empire, but even then I have not seen anyone whose aura could be compared to this expert!”

Hearing the discussions of the commoners, Wang Mang nodded in satisfaction. He felt as if he had just entered a novice village as a max-level character.

In high spirits, Wang Mang pointed at a terrified citizen and gestured with his finger. “Come here!”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man said in fear, “Sir, is there anything 1 can help you with?”

“Do you know where the Xiao family is?” Wang Mang asked lazily. “Bring me there!”

The middle-aged man hurriedly nodded and said, “Senior, I know. I’ll bring you there now!”

After saying that, the middle-aged man hurriedly led the way.

It did not take long for Wang Mang to arrive at the Xiao family’s estate.

“Senior, this is the Xiao family’s estate,” the middle-aged man said with a fawning smile.

Wang Mang nodded slightly and waved his hand. “Very well. You may leave now.”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man hurriedly left with a smile.

Then, Wang Mang looked at the two trembling servants guarding the Xiao family’s estate and said indifferently, “Why aren’t you opening the gate for me?”

The two trembling servants did not hesitate at all and immediately opened the gate. However, as Wang Mang rode the tiger through the Xiao family’s gates, he heard an angry voice,”

“The future is uncertain, and who knows what lies ahead.. As such, don’t bully the young and poor!”

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