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Chapter 260 - Chapter 260: Sacrifice

Chapter 260: Sacrifice

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“Yo, what is this?”


Wang Mang was stunned at the sight, but he was not the only one.

Alongside the strong medicinal fragrance, everyone felt a strong sense of danger from the white flower.

This was also the reason why none of the demon emperors had made a move yet.

At this moment, Wang Mang quietly used his information detection skill.

[Target: World Cleansing White Lotus]

[Cultivation: 8,900 years I


[ Level: Half-step Land Immortal]


An 8,900-year-old heavenly treasure!

At this moment, Wang Mang discovered that the demon emperors on rhe other side of the lake were all in a daze, while the demon emperors on Wang Mang’s side were staring coldly, their eyes filled with killing intent.

Seeing this scene, the Black Bear Emperor said in a low voice, “Everyone, be careful.”

“1 forgot to tell everyone that this should be the last heavenly treasure.”

“However, in order to obtain this heavenly treasure, a demon emperor must be buried in this lake forever.”

After hearing the Black Bear Emperor’s words, Wang Mang was shocked.

This lake was indeed a strange existence. It seemed that the saying that there was no free lunch in this world rang true here.

They needed to sacrifice a demon emperor…

At this moment, the Black Bear Emperor slowly opened his mouth and said, “If I’m not wrong, this heavenly treasure has probably reached the half-immortal level.”

“This is not something any of us can resist getting our hands on. Therefore, the sacrifice is necessary.”

At this moment, the Dog Emperor and he asked anxiously, “What if we don’t?”

Hearing this, the Black Bear Emperor replied, “If anyone dares to snatch it without offering the sacrifice, a monster will emerge from the lake. The monster’s level will correspond to the heavenly treasure’s level.”

“In other words, we ll be forced to fight a monster that is as strong as a half-step Land Immortal. When that happens, everyone here will die!”

“This rule has existed in the history of the Siluo Kingdom for countless years.”

At this moment, the Gorilla Emperor flew over and arrived in front of the Stone Emperor. He said indifferently, “Let the others decide their own life and death! You and 1 won’t interfere.”

Upon hearing this, the Stone Emperor glanced indifferently at Wang Mang and the other demon emperors and nodded slightly.

Seeing this scene, the Black Bear Emperor nodded. This was to be expected. In any case, without the Gorilla Emperor and Stone Emperor interfering, the fight would be easier.

The gap between the demon emperors who had reached the 6,000-year-level and those that had reached the 7,000-year-level was immense.

Therefore, this was the easiest way to determine a fair battle.

Of course, all the demon emperors present knew that one, or some, of them would definitely die.

However, none of the demon emperors chose to withdraw because this heavenly treasure was too tempting.

No one was willing to give up.

“Kill them!”

At this moment, the six demon emperors of the Siluo Kingdom roared angrily and charged into the sky.

Seeing this scene, the Black Bear Emperor and Tiger Emperor were not to be outdone, and similarly charged over to meet them.

Although the Dog Emperor did not really want to fight, he wanted the half-immortal-level heavenly treasure. Thus, it joined the fight as well. As did Wang Mang.

Moments later

But in the next moment, Wang Mang was shocked and furious to discover that the Brown Bear Emperor had joined forces with the Grizzly Bear Emperor to attack him.

These two bear demon emperors of the Siluo Kingdom clearly had a close relationship. Otherwise, they would not have attacked together.

“You damned snake, you actually dared to attack me just now. Now, you’re gonna die without a burial place!”

The Broun Bear Emperor laughed sinisterly as it rushed toward Wang Mang, trying to envelop him in a bear hug. The plan was to immobilize Wang Mang so that the Grizzly Bear Emperor could deal with him.

However, Wang Mang sneered, and lightning energy arced between his two horns for a moment before flashing toward the Brown Bear Emperor.

Seeing this, the Brown Bear Emperor hurriedly dodged and roared, “Earth’s Wrath!”

A giant palm condensed from the ground in the distance and tried to grab Wang Mang.

Lava Eruption!”

Wang Mang spewed out scorching crimson lava that melted the giant palm.

Suddenly, the Grizzly Bear Emperor opened its mouth and roared, “Bear Roar!”

Then, Wang Mang felt a splitting headache.

This was obviously a mental-type divine power!

Fortunately, Wang Mang had a mental-type divine power as well. Therefore, he only needed a moment to recover.

However, when he came back to his senses, Wang Mang saw that the Brown Bear Emperor was already very close.

The latter’s bear paws tried to swipe his head off.

“Go to hell!”

Seeing this, Wang Mang’s heart hardened and he roared, “King’s Enslavement!”

“Soul Control Seal!”

After Wang Mang used these two divine powers, the Brown Bear Emperor clutched its head in pain.

“Ah -! What did you do to me?”

At the same time, Wang Mang seized the opportunity and shouted angrily,

“F*cking Brown Bear Emperor, die!”

“Bone Spur!”

Above his head, a pair of eight-meter-long sharp horns flew out of his body and fused into a crescent horn that was more than ten meters long.

Then, it tore through the air as it shot toward the Brown Bear Emperor!


The crescent horn pierced the Brown Bear Emperor’s huge body!


[Ding! Congratulations! Mission completed!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained 2.5 billion evolution value!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained a Specified Wheel of Fortune xi!]

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