I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 261 - Chapter 261: The Chase Is On!

Chapter 261: The Chase Is On!

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The Brown Bear Emperor was already dead?

However, Wang Mang had no time to dwell on this matter, as the corpse of the Brown Bear Emperor was about to fall into the lake.

He hurriedly flapped his wings and intercepted the falling corpse.

Then, he fished out two demon emperor-level heavenly treasures from its stomach before letting the corpse fall into the lake.


The Brown Bear Emperor’s huge body fell into the lake, creating large waves that rippled out.


At the same time, its blood dyed the lake red.

Seeing this, all of the demon emperors who were fighting stopped and looked at Wang Mang in astonishment.

What was going on?

The battle was already over?

Only ten minutes had passed, and the other demon emperors had just warmed up and were ready to go at it for real.

However, it had all been cut short by Wang Mang’s domineering performance.

To be honest, this was the first time Wang Mang had displayed his strength in public, and it intimidated everyone else.

Was that a one-shot kill?

What divine power was that?


Even the Stone Emperor and Gorilla Emperor would not be able to kill one of them so quickly!

The Grizzly Bear Emperor was shivering in his booties. After all, he was the one with a front-row seat to the Brown Bear Emperor’s death.

All he had seen was a vague black shadow flashing past, and then the Brown Bear Emperor died.

At the same time, it was thanking its lucky stars that it had not been the one to take the lead just now.

The Gorilla Emperor and the Stone Emperor had also both seen what had happened, and felt pressured. It seemed that this Python Emperor was capable of at least injuring them, and had clearly surpassed the strength of ordinary 6,ooo-year-old demon emperors.

In any case, since the Brown Bear Emperor was dead, there was no need for the fight to continue.

The requirement for a demon emperor sacrifice had been fulfilled.

After recovering from their shock, everyone turned their gazes to the lake.

While this was happening, Wang Mang had regrown the two horns.

At this moment, the surface of the lake began to boil again, and the Brown Bear Emperor’s corpse, which was floating on the surface of the water, was quickly sucked into the depths of the lake.

Then, the half-step land immortal-level white flower also left the confines of the lake and shot into the air. However, compared to the earlier heavenly treasures, it flew way faster.

Its speed was so fast that it stunned all the demon emperors present.

Wang Mang was the first to flap his wings and chase after it.

Following that, the Stone Emperor and the Gorilla Emperor quickly gave chase.

Then, the rest of the demon emperors also displayed their abilities and burst forth with astonishing speed.

Wang Mang, who was at the forefront, was desperately flapping his wings in an attempt to snatch the treasure.

However, moments later, Wang Mang felt a storm-like torrent of air churning behind him.

Could it be that the Stone Emperor and the Gorilla Emperor had caught up?

Thinking this, Wang Mang hurriedly glanced backward, only to be greeted by a blurry shadow that flew past him.

Then, Wang Mang hurriedly looked back ahead and realized that it was the Dog Emperor!

Wang Mang was utterly shocked. How the f*ck was a dog this fast?

He anxiously flapped his wings and tried to keep up.

Even so, he could not catch up, and the Dog Emperor, as well as the half-step land immortal-level treasure, was getting away.

Just as Wang Mang was chasing after him, the Dog Emperor’s voice suddenly resounded in his mind.

“Brother Python Emperor, let’s use the same rules. 50-50. Think of a way to stall them.”

“When the time comes, we’ll gather at the usual place!”

After hearing the Dog Emperor’s voice transmission, Wang Mang was stunned.

However, he did not trust the Dog Emperor, especially given their near falling out earlier.

Therefore, Wang Mang hurriedly replied, “Brother Dog Emperor, hand over the treasure to me. I’m not slow either!”

“If you stall for time, I’ll bring the heavenly treasure over to West Guang Province.”

After hearing Wang Mang’s voice transmission, the Dog Emperor’s exasperated voice rang out again, “Only I am fast enough to catch this heavenly treasure!”

“Even if I did let you go on ahead, you won’t be able to catch up!”

“Brother! Do you not trust me?”

“I swear to the heavens! Help me stall them, and 1’11 give you half!”

“If I lie to you, then 1 will die a horrible death, and I’ll no longer be a dog!”

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