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Chapter 259 - Chapter 259: Heavenly Treasures Galore (Part 2)

Chapter 259: Heavenly Treasures Galore (Part 2)

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There were approximately 15 demon emperor-level heavenly treasures, and three of them were clearly better than the rest!


As soon as these heavenly treasures appeared, they shot off and escaped in different directions, and the demon emperors quickly gave chase.

Among them, the Stone Emperor and the Gorilla Emperor each pursued a 7,000-year-old demon emperor-level heavenly treasure respectively, while the others quickly chose a target and charged forward.

Of course, some picked the same targets, resulting in conflict breaking out.

“Get lost! You would dare fight me for this treasure?”

“B*stard! You would dare to snatch my treasure? You’re courting death!”

“Get lost!”


At the same time, Wang Mang charged toward the remaining 7,000-year-old heavenly treasure. However, he was not the only one with his eyes on this prize.

The Siluo Kingdom’s Brown Bear Emperor as well as the Black Bear Emperor were also rushing over.

Obviously, the Stone Emperor and the Gorilla Emperor were the strongest, so no one wanted to compete with them. However, they did not want to give up on the third 7,000-year-old heavenly treasure.

Originally, the Dog Emperor and the Tiger Emperor had also wanted to fight for it, but after seeing that there were already so many people going after it, they had no choice but to give up.

At this moment, Wang Mang was already very close to this precious heavenly treasure.

The Siluo Kingdom’s Brown Bear Emperor was enraged as it shouted out in rage, “Get lost!”

At the same time, it raised its paw and conjured a rock shard that hurtled toward Wang Mang.

“You’re the one who should get lost!”

Wang Mang was furious. He opened his mouth and spat out lava behind him, melting the rock shard and continuing on toward the Brown Bear Emperor.

The Brown Bear Emperor’s face darkened when it saw the incoming lava, and quickly dodged the attack. However, due to this, it fell behind the pack of demon emperors that was chasing the 7,000-year-old demon emperor-level heavenly treasure.

As such, it immediately chose to give up and turned to pursue other heavenly treasures. Within a few minutes, Wang Mang managed to secure the heavenly treasure, and soon after, the rest of the heavenly treasures found a demon emperor owner.

Most of the demon emperors were in a good mood, while some, like the Brown Bear Emperor, were dissatisfied as they had been forced to abandon their initial target and satisfy themselves with a heavenly treasure with a lower cultivation level.

The Brown Bear Emperor had only obtained a 6,200-year-old demon emperor-level heavenly treasure, and glared at Wang Mang unhappily.

Wang Mang simply ignored it. Other than the Stone Emperor and the Gorilla Emperor, Wang Mang was not afraid of any of them.

He believed that he was capable of killing any demon emperor who had not reached the 7,000-year mark!

Seeing Wang Mang ignore him, the Brown Bear Emperor became even more furious.

However, this was not the time for this, as this was only the start of what was to come. Therefore, the Brown Bear Emperor suppressed his anger and turned its gaze back to the lake, which was still boiling.

Wang Mang too was observing the lake closely, and although it seemed very deep, it could not compare to the depths of the sea, right?

He was curious about what lay down there, but chose to restrain himself. Since the other demon emperors had not chosen to dive in, it meant that the lake itself contained dangers.

Suddenly, more than ten heavenly treasures shot out from the depths of the lake again. This time, all of the heavenly treasures were 7,000-year-old heavenly treasures!

Wang Mang was shocked.

F*ck! Just how many heavenly treasures were there in this lake!

Furthermore, the heavenly treasures that were appearing were gradually getting better. If this continued, what level of heavenly treasure would he obtain in the end?

Thinking this, Wang Mang became excited and rushed forward with the rest of the demon emperors, quickly grabbing a 7,000-year-old heavenly treasure.

After that, he turned his attention to the other heavenly treasures. However, they had all been claimed. If he wanted to obtain more, he would have to take them off the hands of another demon emperor.

Knowing that this was not the right time for this, Wang Mang put that thought aside. Perhaps an opportunity would present itself after the lake was done spewing out heavenly treasures.

Right at this moment, a shocking explosion erupted from within the lake.

All the demon emperors, including Wang Mang, turned to look at what was going on.

Moments later, Wang Mang saw a scene that left him utterly gobsmacked.

A two-meter-wide white flower had appeared on the surface of the lake. It looked very similar to a lotus flower. The medicinal fragrance it exuded was utterly terrifying, and even caused the density of spiritual energy in the surroundings to multiply several times.

Clearly, this white flower eclipsed the previous heavenly treasures by a large margin!

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