I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 7 - Weakest of Class One VS Strongest of Class One-Hundred

Chapter 7: Weakest of Class One VS Strongest of Class One-Hundred

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Both An Lin and Liu Dabao started to attack at the same time.

They moved like the wind and quickly collided together.

The battle instantly reached its climax, as the two of them used all their strength right from the beginning.

Thump thump thump… bang bang bang… clatter clatter clatter… puff puff puff…

After a burst of intense fighting, the two of them panted heavily as they separated, and they eyed each other off tensely.

“Not bad!”

“Heh… you’re not too bad yourself!”

“Then let us continue!”


And thus, the two of them collided together again and started tussling with each other…

Thump thump thump… bang bang bang… clatter clatter clatter… puff puff puff…

Hundreds of prodigies from all over the Kingdom of the Nine States were dumbstruck as they looked on at the fist-fight between the two people. For a long time, they couldn’t recover from their shock.

“My god! What crime have I committed? Why am I made to watch this?” some of the new students wailed in despair.

“Is this really up to par with the standards of Class One?”

“So, all the rumors regarding An Lin really were true. He really is the most networked backdoor entrant…”

Tears brimmed in the eyes of a cute girl as she witnessed the handsome An Lin perform such vulgar actions. She felt as if her dreams had been shattered.

Xu Xiaolan was overcome with regret. Looking at the battling An Lin, she felt as if both of her eyes had been blinded. She couldn’t help but mutter, “I must’ve gone mad agreeing to come here to cheer for you.”

The reactions of the surrounding spectators were also becoming more and more intense and Xu Xiaolan was glad that she didn’t shout out that comment.

She wiped away the cold sweat which had formed on her forehead and glanced at An Lin, who had now descended into a difficult battle. “I’m sorry, I really don’t have the courage to shout ‘Go An Lin!’ in front of everyone,” Xu Xiaolan muttered quietly.

Just as An Lin and Liu Dabao were engaged in an intense exchange, Xu Xiaolan caught a glimpse of her Prince Charming.

Xuanyuan Cheng! Who would have thought that even he would come to spectate this battle? Xu Xiaolan was overjoyed.

Just as she thought about going over to greet him, she saw Xuanyuan Cheng pinching his eyebrows and walking away.

Xuanyuan Cheng’s expression was as if his eyes had been tarnished. Seeing this, Xu Xiaolan stopped in her tracks and looked sympathetically at Xuanyuan Cheng. Whatever. Let him calm himself down first.

An Lin and Liu Dabao separated from each other once again, with both now carrying injuries.

An Lin’s handsome face had already been bruised and Liu Dabao was sporting two black eyes.

“Your strength has exceeded my expectations. No wonder you’re worthy of being one of the three focal points in our new cohort.

“You should be proud of the fact that you’re able to press me so hard. Now, I’m going to use my most frightening move!”

Liu Dabao had an angry look on his face after being pushed to such extent and he howled at An Lin.

For some reason, the discussion amongst the spectators gradually died down when they heard this. Clearly, they had an inkling of expectation towards Liu Dabao’s so-called most frightening move.

A feeling of apprehension rose from the bottom of An Lin’s heart. He didn’t expect for Liu Dabao to have a move up his sleeves and was thus extremely cautious.

“Immortal Spell—Suction Palm!” Liu Dabao cried as a white light burst forth from both of his hands.

An Lin suddenly felt a suction force and immediately started flying towards Liu Dabao involuntarily.

“It’s an immortal spell!” An Lin exclaimed as he turned pale with fright.

This was the first time he had experienced the might of an immortal spell first-hand and a feeling of pride welled up in his heart.

This is what a battle between cultivators should be like!

Taking advantage of the fact that Liu Dabao couldn’t use his hands, once An Lin flew close to Liu Dabao, he threw a punch towards Liu Dabao’s face with all his might.


Liu Dabao was completely unprepared, and a tooth flew towards the sky as An Lin’s fist connected with his face.

Liu Dabao collapsed onto the floor. He spat out a mouthful of blood and there was a startled look on his face.

“What frightening reaction! As expected, you’re a formidable opponent!

“However, the stronger you are, the more excited I become, because that is the only way this can be called a true battle!”

After making these proud remarks, Liu Dabao once again started grappling with An Lin.

Thump thump thump… bang bang bang… clatter clatter clatter… puff puff puff…

The spectators were dumbstruck and fell into an eerie silence.

“I want to rush up and beat them both up,” a new student said expressionlessly.

“Count me in, I can’t contain myself either,” another student echoed this sentiment and drew a sword from their waist.

“I’ve really gone crazy. In order to watch their battle, I actually relinquished the chance of getting the first come first serve strawberry dessert from the school canteen! If you guys go, then I’ll also follow,” a girl said fiercely with her daggers drawn.

“Plus one.”

“Plus one.”

“Plus one…”

Just like this, hundreds of new students were seething with murderous intent as they drew their weapons.

Xu Xiaolan smiled wryly as she stepped backwards quietly. She silently prayed for An Lin in her mind. An Lin, please don’t be beaten to death, it’s probably enough for them to beat you until you become a teeny bit crippled…

An Lin and Liu Dabao were still engaged in intense battle and completely unaware that their lives were already in danger…

“Calm down everyone, I’ve already reported them!” said a male student who was filled with anger and disgust.

The others all thought he was joking. They ignored him and prepared to make their move.

Soon after though, three males standing atop flying swords and dressed in blue robes descended from the sky. They landed in the battlefield of An Lin and Liu Dabao.

A celestial sword landed near the two tussling figures and immediately released a burst of wind which possessed frightening pressure, directly blowing the grappling An Lin and Liu Dabao away from each other.

The two figures who were engaged in an intense battle stopped in surprise at this sudden interference.

At this moment, the male in charge flashed a blue badge and addressed An Lin and Liu Dabao. “We are members of the university enforcement team. The two of you engaged in a private scuffle without permission and such circumstances are extremely abominable.

“According to relevant rules listed in the regulations of The United University of Cultivation, you two are now under arrest and will be detained in the university detention facility for three days!”

An Lin’s expression faltered, and he looked at Liu Dabao with uncertainty.

What’s going on? The battle between the two of us was against university rules?

Liu Dabao ignored An Lin and instead put on an expression as if he were about to die a martyr’s death. “I have no regret fighting for the glory of Class One-hundred,” he laughed loudly. “It’s a pity the two of us weren’t able to determine the victor.” Liu Dabao glanced at An Lin regretfully.

Sh*t, I’ve been played! An Lin howled in his mind as for the first time, he learnt that the university had such a policy.

He had only been at the university for a few days and had already received a three-day detention.

Why? Why did it end like this?

An Lin and Liu Dabao put up no resistance as they were handcuffed and taken away by the three members of the enforcement team.

When they left, the applause of hundreds of students sounded behind them.

The applause was extremely warm and didn’t subside for a long time. Some people even had tears in their eyes.

“Do you hear their applause? We’ve proven ourselves through this duel,” Liu Dabao said to An Lin.

The battle intent had already left Liu Dabao’s eyes and he looked at An Lin with a soft gaze. On his face, there was an expression of appreciation towards a fellow hero.

A faint smile grew on An Lin’s face as he finally came to this realization. “You’re right, being detained for three days in exchange for receiving their recognition is indeed a cheap price to pay.”

Hundreds of students sighed deeply with emotion. They had witnessed a battle with no parallel, one that would leave a thick and colorful imprint on their lives.

“Thank god the enforcement team came, or else I really would have lashed out.”

“They successfully stopped a frightening battle.”

“The efficiency of the university enforcement team is very high, I approve!”

The two poor individuals… they had no idea that the warm applause from the hundreds of students was for the enforcement team which had arrived in a timely manner…

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