I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 6 - An Indeclinable Declaration of Battle

Chapter 6: An Indeclinable Declaration of Battle

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The classes in the afternoon still made An Lin feel drowsy. However, after experiencing the events of that morning, he didn’t dare fall asleep in class anymore.

To An Lin, the only interesting event that afternoon was the class captain election.

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao, who was also the coordinator for their year level, oversaw this election. He was refreshingly handsome and instantly attracted numerous fangirls in the class.

The class captain election was based on a democratic voting system, where candidates could make a speech and try to pull votes.

Xuanyuan Cheng’s election speech could be labeled as crude and simple. He had only one thing to say:

“All of you are the cream of the crop amongst our new cohort. Thus, our class captain must also be the strongest person in this cohort, as only they deserve such a position!”

One had to admit that this kind of speech, where Xuanyuan Cheng not only complimented his classmates but also praised himself, was very effective.

Finally, due to the fact that Su Qianyun didn’t contend, in addition to some other competition, Xuanyuan Cheng became the class captain with a clear majority of the votes.

After school, this newly appointed class captain came to An Lin’s side.

He’s going to strike so soon? An Lin startled.

A new broom sweeps clean 1 . Presumably, Xuanyuan Cheng was finally starting to implement changes. Faced with an unusual student such as himself, Xuanyuan Cheng was probably going to target him first.

“This class… doesn’t welcome trash,” Xuanyuan Cheng said flatly.

Just as I expected…

Hearing this, An Lin barely had time to flare up in rage when his anger was extinguished by Xuanyuan Cheng’s next sentence.

“So, Student An Lin, you must study hard!

“If you have any problems regarding cultivation, you can come and talk to me. Being your class captain, I will definitely try my best to help you!”

Before walking away, Xuanyuan Cheng smiled pleasantly at An Lin and patted his shoulder in encouragement.

An Lin could barely recover from his daze as he watched Xuanyuan Cheng’s disappearing figure.

As it turned out, he had met a caring class captain!

That night, An Lin continued to meditate and cultivate.

He could feel that his cultivation base was slowly increasing little by little.

However, since he had no point of reference, An Lin wasn’t sure what to make of his cultivation speed.

Ah… I hope I can quickly break through to the Fourth Stage Dao Body with my own efforts.

An Lin knew that one could not be too impatient when cultivating, as the more impatient one became, the more undesirable the outcomes of ranking up.

The next day, An Lin, who just wanted to cultivate peacefully, was faced with another dilemma.

A student from another class had handed An Lin a letter.

On the envelope, two large words stood out: Battle Declaration!

Seeing these two words, An Lin’s heart jumped.

What kind of joke is this? Who have I offended enough for them to send me a declaration of battle?

An Lin anxiously opened the envelope and read through the letter:

“I have heard that fellow cultivator An Lin has received a True God’s letter of recommendation and has an exceptional cultivation base.”

“I am Class One-hundred’s class captain Liu Dabao and am hereby boldly challenging fellow cultivator An Lin to a battle after school. The location is in front of the flower bed at the teaching block…”

The top half of the letter still appeared normal, yet the tone suddenly changed in the latter half:

“Whoever fails to turn up to this battle is a coward without a weenie!”

“I have already informed my entire class of this battle and numerous students will turn up to spectate. I suppose you won’t fail to keep our appointment, right?”

“After school, be there or be square!”

“Preposterous!” An Lin almost started swearing when he read to the end.

How could An Lin not know of Liu Dabao’s plans? If he could defeat a student of Class One right after becoming class captain of Class One-hundred, how impressive would that be!

Apart from An Lin, any other person in Class One could savage Liu Dabao with a single finger.

An Lin was different. His cultivation base was weak, yet he was a focal point amongst the new students.

Thus, Liu Dabao wittingly picked An Lin as his opponent.

In such a way, not only would he be able to grow his reputation, he would also be able to easily handle the battle at the same time…

By profusely praising how strong and impressive An Lin was in his letter, it would make him appear all the more powerful when he defeated An Lin.

The most detestable thing was that he had spread news of this battle to all the classes.

Once a big crowd had gathered, it would be a disgrace if An Lin didn’t show his face.

However, if An Lin went and was defeated in front of everyone, that would also be a disgraceful thing.

This is so infuriating! In order to become famous, people really do go to all sorts of lengths.

Although he hadn’t met Liu Dabao before, An Lin had already cursed all of his ancestors.

“What’s wrong? Why are you suddenly so infuriated?” Xu Xiaolan asked curiously upon seeing the anger on An Lin’s face.

“Let me ask you, are you familiar with Liu Dabao, Class One-hundred’s class captain?” An Lin asked seriously.

“Oh, the class captain of the gilt-seeking 2 class? How would I know that kind of trash.” Xu Xiaolan didn’t realize that her words had already hurt An Lin profoundly.

An Lin held in his grief and puzzled, “Why is Class One-hundred called the gilt-seeking class?”

“It’s as the name suggests. The students of that class come to The United University of Cultivation looking to acquire gilt.

“Although this university houses most of the prodigies of the Kingdom of the Nine States, there are still some trash who enter through the back door.

“Their aim of coming here is simply to receive a graduation certificate and use it to brag in front of others about being a brilliant student,” Xu Xiaolan said dismissively.

Hearing this, a feeling of hope ignited in An Lin’s heart. “Then what stage cultivation base does their class captain usually have?”

“That’s hard to say. The class captain of the gilt-seeking class probably isn’t elected based on their cultivation base. Most likely it’s elected according to who has the more powerful backstage support.

“I guess his cultivation base should be around Second to Fourth Stage Dao Body. Our university probably doesn’t accept people who can’t cultivate at all,” Xu Xiaolan answered.

An Lin winced. So, this was a battle between the most networked backdoor entrant of The United University of Cultivation and the most networked backdoor entrant of Class One-hundred?

“Anyhow, why are you asking about this?” Xu Xiaolan asked curiously.

After gaining a vague idea about Liu Dabao’s cultivation base, a raging battle intent burned from the bottom of An Lin’s heart.

“Xu Xiaolan, don’t leave after school finishes. Watch how I trample upon Class One-hundred’s class captain!”

Time flew by quickly and it was finally time for An Lin to prove himself.

Two people stood in the empty space next to the flower bed located in front of the school building.

Hundreds of students were gathered in the surroundings. They had all come from different classes and were here to spectate the battle out of curiosity after receiving a notice from Liu Dabao.

There were even some students from Class One gathered here, although they were not here to cheer for An Lin. They were simply bored out of their minds and came here to join the fun.

The protagonists of this battle consisted of the ‘most networked backdoor entrant’ An Lin, one of the three most famous students in the new cohort, and Class One-hundred’s class captain Liu Dabao.

An Lin stood with his hands behind his back as he faced Liu Dabao.

An Lin’s handsome features, accompanied with his white robe, made him appear graceful and brilliant.

“He’s An Lin? Ah! He doesn’t look as weak as the rumors say,” a girl remarked quietly.

Seeing An Lin’s appearance, her face had already blushed red.

A male nodded in agreement. “From his temperament, he indeed doesn’t look like a weakling.”

In comparison to An Lin, Liu Dabao appeared much more average. However, he still had the demeanor of a powerful individual at this moment, and a solemn expression was etched on his slightly plump face.

“So, you came,” Liu Dabao said coldly.

“Uh-huh, I’ve come,” An Lin nodded. His white robe fluttered even though there was no wind.

“Then let us begin this great battle which has captured the attention of countless people,” Liu Dabao said calmly.

“Sure,” An Lin smiled indifferently.

Just like that, the great battle erupted.

Everyone who attended witnessed a battle which was forever etched in their memories…

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