I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 5 - Don't Cultivate in Your Dreams

Chapter 5: Don’t Cultivate in Your Dreams

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The first lesson was a spell class taught by Earth Immortal Cang Qing.

On the lectern, Earth Immortal Cang Qing appeared exuberant as he lectured. Whenever he felt content, he would demonstrate a few advanced and exquisite spells.

Below the stage, the students benefited greatly as they listened with keen interest.

Of course, this was except for An Lin…

Listening to Earth Immortal Cang Qing lecture earnestly, An Lin felt as if he were listening to a heavenly book 1 .

It wasn’t that he didn’t listen earnestly, it was just that he couldn’t understand at all!

Taking an example from Earth, what An Lin felt now was something like this: he was sent to the most prestigious university in the country, Hua Qing University, and was listening to a lecturer delightfully talking about advanced mathematics—right after graduating from primary school.

An Lin could understand every single word that Earth Immortal Cang Qing uttered. However, after stringing them into sentences, he had absolutely no idea what they meant!

“As everyone knows, the Dazzling Sunlight Artery connects to the Green Ivy Channel. Performing the Nine Revolution Qi Condensation Spell and drawing vital energy will allow one to attain Heavenly Essence. Not only this, but one can still use the Tranquil Ring Technique and work in harmony according to the concentration of vital energy in the air. Completing this through the Tian Hua Formula will allow us to reduce the spell runtime of the Flame spell…” Earth Immortal Cang Qing spoke in an unhurried manner.

A sense of realization dawned upon the students and they nodded vigorously in agreement.

An Lin: “???”

Being a weakling, An Lin planned on studying madly then using his astonishing intelligence to crush the prodigies. He dreamed of becoming a weakling who could completely turn the tables.

However, reality was cruel. Being an individual with zero foundation knowledge regarding cultivation, he could only sit in class stupefied.

This was despite the fact that the explanations given by Earth Immortal Cang Qing were lively and vivid, and that he explained complicated matters in such simple terms.

In fact, such explanations were only beneficial towards the other students of Class One who already had solid foundation knowledge regarding spells.

For idiots like An Lin who had zero foundation knowledge, Earth Immortal Cang Qing was simply reciting the heavenly books.

Under the strong effects of the ‘Cang Qing brand sleeping pill’, An Lin, being the underachiever that he was, started to feel increasingly drowsy.

Finally, he fell asleep…

Just like that, An Lin started dreaming.

He dreamed of himself becoming an invincible God of War who was adored by countless female celestials.

Xuanyuan Cheng became his underling and addressed him as ‘Big Brother An’.

Furthermore, he had captured the heart of Su Qianyun, who expressed her love for him by gifting him ninety-nine roses every time they met.

However, An Lin was unable to accept her feelings, as he shouldered the heavy responsibility of protecting the world. Thus, he could only cast personal relationships aside.

Would you look at that, aren’t the demonic forces starting to intrude the Kingdom of the Nine States again?

The Lord of the demonic realm was extremely powerful, and all the Gods and Immortals of the Heavenly Court were filled with dread the instant they saw him. None of them had the courage to become his opponent.

At this time An Lin, the God of War, stood up.

“Bahahaha, you’re the invincible God of War An Lin who they call the fiercest general in the Heavenly Court?” The Demon Lord’s voice reverberated like a large temple bell and resonated throughout the heavens.

“Correct, that’s me! Accept your death, Demon Lord!” An Lin roared and collided with the Demon Lord. The battle rocked heaven and earth.

“Oh, you’re very strong, but why on earth are you sleep talking in my class?” the Demon Lord wailed in grief.

“What are you talking about? I’m protecting this world!” An Lin roared. He didn’t know why the Demon Lord was spouting such nonsense.

The Demon Lord was furious and shouted out, “Wake up! Believe me when I say I’ll throw you out of the classroom!”

An Lin also became furious. “Stop talking nonsense and eat my fist!”

An Lin threw out a punch yet did not expect for the Demon Lord’s fist to be larger and stronger.

The punch left An Lin feeling severe dizziness and harsh pain in his head, also causing him to cry out in pain.

“Ow! It hurts!” An Lin screamed loudly as he awoke.

So, it was just a dream… An Lin was drenched in cold sweat.

He opened his eyes with great difficulty and discovered that all of the other students were looking at him strangely, with a few of them unable to suppress their laughter.

He rubbed the massive bruise on his head and instantly felt anxious.

An Lin raised his head and found a gorgeous lady standing next to him. She held a teaching plan in her hand and glared at him angrily.

“Huh? Wasn’t the teacher supposed to be a middle-aged man? Why is it suddenly a beautiful big sister?” An Lin was still giddy and accidentally blurted out his thoughts.

Once these words left his mouth, the class erupted into laughter again.

Next to An Lin, Xu Xiaolan clutched her head and turned her face away. She didn’t want the others to think that she was acquainted with him.

“Oh, this little brother is a pretty sweet talker.” The lady looked at him with a spurious smile.

An Lin was startled. He only came to his senses at this moment and realized that his tongue had slipped.

An Lin didn’t have time to open his mouth and apologize before he once again felt a great force strike his head.

An Lin saw stars while a wave of dizziness washed over him once more. A second lump began to form on his head.

“Remember, if you sleep talk in my class again, I’ll throw you out of the classroom straight away!” the gorgeous lady threatened.

A frightening power suddenly appeared around her and enveloped An Lin, causing his body to tremble.

“Teacher, I swear I’ll never do that again!” An Lin nodded his head furiously.

This brief disruption quickly died down and the female teacher continued to deliver her lesson. The students also regained their composure quickly and started to listen attentively once more.

“Hey… Hey, Xu Xiaolan, what on earth just happened?” An Lin turned to ask Xu Xiaolan.

If she had the choice at this moment, Xu Xiaolan would try to ignore An Lin.

However, An Lin stared at her with his big, pitiable eyes and she had no alternative but to reply. “Do you know how many lessons you’ve slept through?”

“Two?” An Lin was unsure.

The lecturer had changed from a middle-aged man to the beautiful lady currently standing on the lectern. Presumably, he had only slept through two lessons.

“No… You’ve slept for almost four lessons, this is already the last lesson!” Xu Xiaolan scolded.

“Oh my God!” An Lin gasped.

I actually slept through the entire morning? How am I able to sleep so much?

An Lin suspected that this was because he was too tired from meditating and performing expiration last night.

“If you slept quietly, it would have been fine and the teacher would have simply ignored you,” Xu Xiaolan whispered, “however, you started to sleep talk unexpectedly in class and in a fairly loud voice at that. Anyhow, most of the students heard your delightful speech.” Xu Xiaolan looked at An Lin pitifully.

An Lin had a bad feeling. “What exactly did I say?”

Xu Xiaolan held her cheeks in her hands and chuckled as if recalling something.

After chuckling for a moment, she started to imitate An Lin and the teacher’s tone.

“Demon Lord, accept your death!”

“Who is this student? He actually has the guts to sleep talk during class.”

“What are you talking about? I’m protecting this world!”

“Wake up! If you don’t wake up soon, I’m going to throw you out of this classroom!”

“Stop talking nonsense! Eat my fist!”

“That’s how everything unfolded. After this classic encounter, you were hit.”

Xu Xiaolan squinted her eyes and creased her brows as she looked at the two big lumps on An Lin’s head. She forcefully suppressed her laughter in order to not hurt his feelings too much.

An Lin finally realized just how pitiable he was. He sat dazed on his chair and felt like crying.

He felt that describing himself as ‘having lost all standing and reputation’ was extremely appropriate.

How awkward of a situation was sleep talking in front of the entire class?

Forget about sleep talking, the most critical point was that he had spouted such delusional comments!

Ah… He had embarrassed himself immensely…

An Lin was extremely shaken. He covered his face and wished that he could find a hole to bury himself in.

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