I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 8 - The Three Musketeers and a Dog

Chapter 8: The Three Musketeers and a Dog

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An Lin and Liu Dabao were detained in the university’s detention facility which was dim and oppressive. The room was damp and completely bare—that’s correct, there weren’t even any beds!

An Lin was bewildered. Why are the conditions of the detention facility worse than those of prisons?

Whenever he recalled the fact that he would have to sleep on such a stiff floor for three days, tears involuntarily trickled down his cheeks.

The only thing one could see in the detention room was walls. On these walls, there was a large black word—Repent!

An Lin and Liu Dabao were locked in the same detention room.

Inside, they also found another male along with a white dog.

Like An Lin and Liu Dabao, the male was also badly battered.

Ah! Even the dog had injuries all over and appeared as if it had been badly beaten.

“Brother, did you get into a fight with this dog?” An Lin asked in surprise as he looked at the male.

“You jest. Da Bai and I were wounded while chasing a lofty ambition,” the male who appeared more severely wounded than An Lin and Liu Dabao replied disdainfully.

The male glanced at An Lin and Liu Dabao and came to a realization. “You two were locked up here for fighting?”

Liu Dabao and An Lin nodded then glanced at each other. Seeing the pitiful appearance of one another, a content expression appeared on both their faces.

“Good-for-nothings,” the male chuckled.

The white dog next to him also barked, as if in agreement.

Hearing this, Liu Dabao instantly became unhappy and retorted, “You say you got injured chasing a lofty ambition. So why are you also locked up here?”

“It’s a long story…” The male had a look of reminiscence.

An Lin shuffled towards the male and spoke with a face of curiosity, “No worries, no worries. We have heaps of time. You can take your time and tell us exactly how you got injured. Tell your tale so we can all enjoy ourselves.”

The male glanced at An Lin and continued, “Do you guys know of the Moon Pond at our university?”

Moon Pond? An Lin had only been at the university for a short time and was very unfamiliar with the place.

“I know! The Moon Pond is a large scale natural hot spring at our university. The vital energy of the spring water is extremely rich and has the effects of nourishing one’s skin and cultivating the mind!

“It’s a shame that the university rules only appear to allow females there though. Why are you bringing this up?” Liu Dabao was puzzled.

An Lin’s eyes sparkled as he grinned. “Don’t tell me you…”

The male student was smiling faintly as he nodded. He recalled with emotion, “Before the bright moon beads of water leapt, atop the water the vast sky was mirrored; Washed with tranquility were those naked in the water, damp with moisture their brilliant hair became 1 .”

Realization finally dawned upon Liu Dabao at this moment. “Stop reciting poems and talk sensibly! Give us the details!” he exclaimed excitedly.

“No problem! No problem! Please listen to me carefully explain it,” the male said unhurriedly.

“As they say, the scenery is most beautiful when females are soaking in the bath. When there is a group of females soaking in the bath, the scenery becomes so dazzling that one cannot take it all in.

“Think about it. Inside the Moon Pond where the white vapor lingers about; that jade-like skin, that silvery laugh as they play boisterously, those little kittens which undulate with the spring water…”

An Lin and Liu Dabao both gulped and started to let their imaginations run wild. The atmosphere started to become delicate.

“But I’ve heard that there are patrols all around the Moon Pond. If one wants to catch a glimpse of such paradise, it really is as difficult as ascending the heavens,” Liu Dabao said regretfully.

“Although the university enforcement team’s patrol is very able, they can’t stop me,” the male snorted coldly.

“Oh? What clever trick does Your Excellency have?” An Lin asked modestly.

The male looked proudly at the white dog next to him and grinned. “That would have to be my capable helper—Da Bai 2 .”

Da Bai ‘woofed’ once and raised his head proudly as he wagged his tail.

“There is a type of gem called the Ice Water Mirror Stone. It acts like a mirror and can store what it sees in a dynamic manner! I made a necklace from this gem and placed it around Da Bai’s neck. Then, I let him wander into the Moon Pond!”

An Lin was startled. Weren’t the attributes of this Ice Water Mirror Stone just like a camera?

“Excellent! That’s truly ingenious! Presumably, the girls wouldn’t feel the need to keep their guards up around a dog. As a result, one can be at ease when recording.” An Lin was full of praise.

Liu Dabao was now also looking at the male with an expression of worship. “Dare I ask older brother, do the ‘resources’ still exist?” he asked respectfully and excitedly.

The male sighed and there was a look of regret on his face. “I was just about to succeed but did not expect to be detected by the supremely talented Su Qianyun of our cohort.”

“Su Qianyun? That girl who was labeled as the number one goddess of The United University of Cultivation right after she enrolled?” Liu Dabao exclaimed.

“Yes, it was her. At the time, she was also in the hot spring,” the male smiled bitterly. “Hell knows how she was able to realize that there was an issue with Da Bai. Not only did she discover the Ice Water Mirror Stone on Da Bai’s neck, she was even able to track my location through the presence on the gemstone…”

“So, you and Da Bai became like this afterwards?” An Lin looked sympathetically at the male in front of him who had been beaten beyond human figure, as well as at the dog in front of him which had been beaten beyond dog figure.

Liu Dabao didn’t have much sympathy, rather expressing enviously, “Dying by the hands of a peony, one should be merry even as a ghost. Being beaten by a goddess is pretty good too, no?”

The male rolled his eyes at Liu Dabao. “It would have been fine if I was only beaten by Su Qianyun. However, you go try what it feels like to be beaten by dozens of vixens. I’m sure that you wouldn’t feel any joy at all…

“To tell you the truth, I was beaten to the point where I started wondering if I still had the ability to reproduce…


“I don’t regret it. I still haven’t achieved my lofty ambition. I’ll definitely be back!” the male said firmly.

Hearing this, both An Lin and Liu Dabao’s bodies trembled and they were filled with a deep sense of respect.

What more, An Lin held his hands in salute and asked, “Your Excellency’s courage and intelligence has filled me with admiration. Dare I ask for Your Excellency’s name?”

“Class Twenty-five, Zhao Huaiyin,” the male replied earnestly.

“Class One, An Lin.” An Lin also introduced himself.

“Class One-hundred, Liu Dabao!” Liu Dabao said excitedly.

“Woof! Woof!” Da Bai barked.

After the three people and one dog introduced themselves, they all glanced at each other and smiled, feeling as if they were sworn brothers.

“So, you’re our university’s ‘most networked backdoor entrant’ An Lin. I’ve heard about you for a long time!” Zhao Huaiyin exclaimed in surprise. He then looked towards Liu Dabao. “So, you’re Liu Dabao, the son of Celestial Immortal Yu Ding. I’ve also heard about you since a long time ago, pleased to meet you!”

“No, Big Brother Yin, it is my honor to meet you. Please kindly give me your advice in the future!” Liu Dabao saluted Zhao Huaiyin, a look of worship in his eyes.

This time it was An Lin’s turn to feel shocked, as he learnt that Liu Dabao was in fact the son of a Celestial Immortal. An Lin now already had a basic understanding regarding the cultivation ranks.

Those in the Spirit Nurturing Stage were deemed as Young Immortals and were considered a member of the Heavenly Court’s Immortal Ranks.

Those one stage above them were in the Soul Formation Stage and deemed as Earth Immortals.

Only after that could one reach the Return to Void Stage and be deemed a Celestial Immortal.

In the Heavenly Court, Celestial Immortals had a lofty status.

It could be said that apart from the True Gods, the strongest members of the Heavenly Court were the Celestial Immortals.

What astonished An Lin the most was the fact that Celestial Immortal Yu Ding had a son like Liu Dabao, someone who was almost defeated by him.

This caused An Lin to fall silent. Was Liu Dabao really the biological child of Celestial Immortal Yu Ding?

Just like this, the three people and one dog introduced themselves and started conversing without any barriers between them.

Laughter occasionally arose in the detention room and there was a joyous and harmonious atmosphere.

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