I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 30 - Breakthrough!

Chapter 30: Breakthrough!

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Zhang Chen didn’t have a shield to block the second golden fist. What should I do?

The golden fist contained a terrifying power and it was insanely fast, reaching him in an instant.

Zhang Chen drew a sword from his waist and used his Mountain of Flames Sword Technique. Flames of extremely high temperatures danced about his sword as it slashed furiously towards the golden fist.


A massive explosion erupted as the flaming sword collided with the gigantic golden fist.

Fifty feet of earth was engulfed by the flames and was instantly scorched black. Furthermore, the gigantic golden fist tore apart the earth and caused large sections to cave in.

With great difficulty, Zhang Chen, who was at the center of the explosion, managed to block this Mountain Quaking Fist.

The shockwaves from the explosion smashed into his body and sent him reeling back.

At this instant, his wounds tore open, and blood started flowing out relentlessly.

Zhang Chen had never imagined that An Lin would push him to such an extent.

From his aura, he is undoubtedly only a cultivator of the Eighth Stage Dao Body. So, what on earth is with his terrifying immortal spell?!

Just as Zhang Chen was frozen in astonishment, another golden fist appeared in his vision.

“Mountain Quaking Fist!”

An Lin roared and a golden fist of ten feet surged out…

“F*ck the Immortals! Don’t you need to rest after using your spell?!” Zhang Chen cursed loudly.

He felt as though he had been trampled over by ten thousand alpacas. This was a feeling of helplessness and despair!

An Lin also wanted to have a rest…

In fact, using the Mountain Quaking Fist two times in a row had practically consumed all his energy.

However, he knew that he couldn’t stop at this critical moment. He couldn’t give his opponent any respite.

Thus, he drew on every last inkling of his energy and used the Mountain Quaking Fist for the third time!

The third golden fist made Zhang Chen feel a sense of despair.

He put all his strength behind his sword parry, yet the massive power of the fist penetrated through the sword and erupted over his body.


Zhang Chen felt a heart-wrenching pain rip through his body. He felt as if his entire body had been pulverized by the fist, and there wasn’t a single place that wasn’t hurting and shuddering.


His body collapsed to the ground and his vision became blurry. A golden defensive barrier emerged around his body.

This all felt absurd for Zhang Chen. Being a prodigy of the Mountain of Flames Sect and boasting unsurpassed natural talent, he simultaneously practiced numerous first-rate cultivation methods of the sect. It was only ever he who would pummel those ranked above him. Since when had he ever been beaten by those ranked below him?

Today, however, he really was beaten by someone ranked lower than him. Furthermore, it was a student of the Eighth Stage Dao Body who had beaten him. There was a ranking gap of two full stages…

After using his Mountain Quaking Fist for the third time, An Lin fell to his knees in exhaustion.

Upon seeing the golden defensive barrier around Zhang Chen’s body, he breathed a sigh of relief and a triumphant smile emerged on his face.

“Da Bai, I’ve taken revenge for you!” An Lin exclaimed as he ran towards Da Bai.

Laying atop the cracked boulders, Da Bai whimpered softly as he glanced at An Lin with his large black eyes.

An Lin sensed that there was something abnormal about Da Bai’s state. It appeared as if his condition had worsened, with blood seeping from his mouth.

“Da Bai, are you alright?” An Lin immediately picked Da Bai up and carefully sensed his injuries.

For some reason though, An Lin was unable to cast his senses into Da Bai’s body. It was as if Da Bai’s body had been covered up by something.

What can I do? What can I do?

Da Bai’s presence became weaker and weaker. If this continued, he would certainly die!

An Lin was extremely anxious. He didn’t know how to use healing spells, thus, he could only dress Da Bai’s wounds with some strips of cloth.

However, Da Bai’s injuries were mainly internal. What An Lin had done would have little effect in alleviating Da Bai’s injuries.

“Teacher! This dog is on the verge of death, can you please save him? Or send him back to receive treatment?”

An Lin yelled towards the barrier above him. He knew that there was a teacher over there observing the battlegrounds. Thus, he could only place his hopes on the teacher.

Unfortunately though, there was no reply from above the barrier in the sky.

An Lin was greatly disappointed. He carried Da Bai around and had no idea what to do.

“Da Bai, do you have any last words?” An Lin asked in concern.

He looked towards the injury-riddled Da Bai in his arms.

Da Bai: “… Woof!”

An Lin: “…”

An Lin caught another groundhog and handed it over to Da Bai.

“Da Bai, eat this groundhog to nourish your body!”

Da Bai: “…”

Da Bai grimaced and turned his head away. Before he died, he didn’t want to see An Lin anymore.

Only cats eat rodents. By throwing him a rodent, aren’t you humiliating dogs?!

The immortal teacher in the sky was a sword immortal. A sword hung from his waist and his white clothes fluttered.

He was called Destiny Sword Immortal and he believed that all things had their own destiny. He believed that one could not forcefully insist upon something, nor could they forcefully change something.

Destiny Sword Immortal naturally heard An Lin’s calls for help. However, since this dog had mysteriously arrived at the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks, this was his destiny. He would not attempt to forcefully change this kind of preordained fate.

“This is all fate!” Destiny Sword Immortal nodded earnestly.

An Lin’s data was beside him, and he had already updated it.

An Lin—Combat Capability: 205; Achievement Score: 380

Afterward, An Lin once again came across a student of the Ninth Stage Dao Body.

He had made his way here by following the tremors of a battle. An Lin clashed fiercely with this student, and after using his Mountain Quaking Fist twice, finally defeated him.


A crisp sound reverberated in his mind. This was the sound which signified the successful completion of a mission.

After a short while, An Lin felt his bones crackle and he was overcome by extreme pain.

The pain felt as if it were going to tear his body apart and An Lin truly couldn’t bear it. He laid down on the ground and hugged his body tightly.

Vital energy frenziedly rushed into him and tempered his body.

It’s so painful! How can it be this painful?!

An Lin was a bit flustered. When he ranked up from the seventh stage to the eighth stage, it clearly wasn’t this painful.

Right at this moment, a gigantic cyclone of vital energy suddenly appeared in the sky. Enveloping an area of one-hundred feet, it looked much like a funnel and contained an enormous amount of power.

Up in the sky, Destiny Sword Immortal had an expression of surprise as he gazed at this massive cyclone of vital energy.

“Such intense fluctuation of vital energy. The presence of the spirit of nature can be felt no less. This is the fluctuation caused by when one ranks up from the Dao Body Stage into the Spirit Nurturing Stage!

“It can’t be… Don’t tell me that Student An Lin is about to rank up?”

Destiny Sword Immortal cast his eyes downwards and stared at the youth who was rolling about in pain.

The eye of the vital energy cyclone was undoubtedly above the area that An Lin was in.

“Hang on! Although An Lin is ranking up, he’s ranking up from the Eighth Stage Dao Body to the Ninth Stage Dao Body. How is it possible for him to attract the phenomenon which only appears when a cultivator ranks up to the Spirit Nurturing Stage?”

Destiny Sword Immortal was perplexed. This vital energy cyclone is incomprehensible…

Don’t tell me that there really are freaks who can rank up twice in succession?

The gigantic cyclone of vital energy, as well as spiritual energy, started to converge towards An Lin’s location.

This burst of energy was especially turbulent and vast. Without a doubt, this was the phenomenon unique to when a cultivator broke through to the Spirit Nurturing rank.

Destiny Sword Immortal suddenly fixed his attention on a sight below. “I-It can’t be…” he stammered.

This burst of energy was converging towards a space next to An Lin, the space where Da Bai was similarly rolling about in pain…

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