I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 31 - Let's go, PipiDog!

Chapter 31: Let’s go, PipiDog!

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Just as An Lin was breaking through to the Ninth Stage Dao Body, a mysterious power aroused the energy in Da Bai’s body.

Then, Da Bai felt a heart-wrenching pain come from within his body.

Holy f*ck An Lin! What have you done to me!

Da Bai roared in his mind. It was a pity that he couldn’t speak though, and he could only bark madly.

The gigantic cyclone of vital energy converged in the sky and it funneled violently into Da Bai’s body.

Tears welled up in Da Bai’s eyes. He had never experienced such pain before.

Under such pain, even Zhang Chen’s kick from before seemed to be gentle and soft.

Huge amounts of vital energy gathered in Da Bai’s body, and it fused together with the spiritual energy which was also pouring inside him.

Slowly, the two streams of energy started to fuse together and condense. In the end, they formed into a dazzling golden Beast Core.

In that instant, Da Bai started to become aware of the boundless power and vitality flowing through his body.

The pain gradually disappeared. He stood up and his eyes gleamed.

An Lin was also drenched in sweat as he stood up. He stretched his body and exclaimed softly, “Ranking up this time was truly challenging!”

“I know right! It hurt like hell!” a voice concurred.

Hearing this, An Lin nodded in agreement. “I know right! It hurt like hell!”

Immediately afterward though, he felt that something was off…

“Holy f*ck! Who’s speaking to me?!”

An Lin’s hair bristled. How was someone able to silently approach him? Was it a powerful cultivator of the Spirit Nurturing Stage?

“Here! I’m over here!” the voice once again sounded from beside him.

An Lin looked around nervously yet couldn’t find anyone. “Damn, is it a ghost?”

“I, Lord Dog, am here! Are you trying to be snobbish, woof!”

An Lin’s expression faltered and he looked down. He found that Da Bai was beaming at him with his tongue out and his tail wagging.

“Da Bai?” An Lin asked uncertainly.

“It was indeed this Lord, woof!” Da Bai’s mouth curled into a sinister smile.

Heaven knows how An Lin could sense that Da Bai’s smile was a sinister one. In any case, it was a very vivid kind of sinister.

“Da Bai, you can speak in the human tongue? You’ve become a dog spirit!” An Lin finally lost his composure and started screaming loudly.

“Bah! What’s with all that spirit and demon nonsense. I’ve broken through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage!” Da Bai said disdainfully.

An Lin was dumbfounded. This news was even more shocking than if Da Bai had admitted to becoming a spirit.

Are you kidding?!

This weakling, Da Bai, has suddenly become a powerful cultivator of the Spirit Nurturing Stage?

Seeing the surprise and confusion on An Lin’s face, Da Bai opened his mouth to speak. “The beast tribes’ way of ranking up is different from that of your human tribes. Anyhow, it was probably thanks to you that some shackle in my body was broken and I was able to form my Beast Core and reach the Spirit Nurturing Stage.

“After forming the Beast Core, I’ve become a Spirit Beast and am able to speak in an intelligible tongue.”

Seeing how pleased Da Bai was with himself, An Lin accepted this explanation, and a load was taken off his mind.

Although, he had absolutely no idea how he had assisted Da Bai in breaking through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage.

However, An Lin was already particularly pleased with the fact that Da Bai was now looking as good as new after previously being on the verge of death.

Da Bai suddenly emitted an astonishingly powerful aura.

Immediately afterward, his body started swelling rapidly. Eventually, he transformed into a large dog ten feet in size.

“Good Heavens! You’re so mighty, Da Bai!” Seeing Da Bai’s transformation, An Lin’s eyes lit up.

At this moment, Da Bai’s fur was dazzling white and appeared especially soft and smooth. His large eyes were bright and piercing. Coupled with his sharp teeth, this gave people the feeling that he was both powerful and adorable.

“Hmph! Of course!” Da Bai wagged his tail and smiled complacently. “You’ve helped me out a fair bit. I’ll bring you along with me to slay other students,” he continued.

An Lin was overjoyed upon hearing this yet he became hesitant soon after. “I think there’s a rule which states that ganging up on others is forbidden, right? If we act together, we’ll break the rules!”

“An Lin, you need to build up your IQ…

“The rules of this event state that people must act individually. However, I’m a dog! Woof!”

Da Bai wagged his tongue as he spoke.

An Lin didn’t feel a shred of displeasure at having his IQ questioned by a dog. Rather, a look of joy appeared on his face.

It was as though he had discovered a completely new world as he looked towards Da Bai eagerly. “Da Bai, please let me flex with you, please fly me along1 !”

“Heh, what a fitting phrase. I’ll fly you along right away!” Da Bai lay on the floor. “Get on, woof!”

Holy f*ck! Da Bai can really fly?!

Although An Lin was a bit surprised, he didn’t hesitate for a single moment before jumping onto Da Bai’s tall and sturdy back. He grabbed onto his soft fur and smiled, “Let’s go, PipiDog!”

“What PipiDog? I’m Da Bai, woof!” Da Bai protested.

A pure burst of wind energy suddenly emerged from below his body.

Then, he tread upon the wind and shot into the sky!

Above the barrier, Destiny Sword Immortal fell into silence as he watched the person and dog fly further and further into the distance.

In the end, he finally came to a realization. “This is destiny!” he exclaimed happily.

Sure enough, after saying this, Destiny Sword Immortal found suitable explanations for the ridicules in his mind and his mind became peaceful and calm…

Destiny Sword Immortal nodded slightly. This phrase is truly handy. It can be used to explain all kinds of f*ckery!

Amidst the sky in a distant place.

Oh! It feels amazing! An Lin screamed happily in his mind.

This was the first time that he had experienced the joy of flying.

Da Bai’s large stature, as well as his body warmth, gave An Lin a great sense of security.

Sitting on Da Bai’s back, he felt as though both his acrophobia and tachophobia had been greatly eased.

As expected, Sword Kinesis Flight can go to hell!

In the future, he only wanted to engage in Dog Kinesis Flight!

An Lin was very happy and he had already started thinking about what kind of flying pet he should keep in the future.

Soon after, something clicked in his mind and he lightly caressed Da Bai’s head.

“Da Bai, why don’t you become my pet?” An Lin said softly.

Da Bai: “…”

“An Lin, have you gone nuts? More like you should become my pet, woof!” Da Bai barked.

An Lin was a bit disappointed upon hearing this. “Zhao Huaiyin is so fortunate to have you as his pet,” he lamented softly.

Da Bai’s face broadened into a grin. “Heh. Zhao Huaiyin deserves to be my owner? He’s only my sh*t shoveling slave, woof!”

“Huh?” An Lin was astonished. Da Bai’s comment had truly startled him.

“Have you heard of the Mythological Beast Sect?” Da Bai asked.

An Lin shook his head.

“The Mythological Beast Sect is a large sect formed by the beast tribes of the Kingdom of the Nine States. The members of this sect are also mainly comprised of beasts.

“When young beasts haven’t formed their Beast Core yet, there’s usually a full-time caretaker who’s responsible for looking after them. Zhao Huaiyin is my caretaker and we usually call these caretakers sh*t shoveling slaves, woof!”

An Lin felt as if he had heard something unbelievable. “Then the one coming here to study is actually…”

“That’s right, it’s me! I was a bit interested in this university, so Zhao Huaiyin brought me here!

“From the looks of it now, it’s been fairly fruitful. At least I’ve been able to successfully form my Beast Core, woof!”

Da Bai was pretty ecstatic about this, and he started wagging his large, snowy-white tail happily.

An Lin nodded. He didn’t expect for Zhao Huaiyin to be Da Bai’s personal caretaker.

However, he imagined that in Da Bai’s heart, Zhao Huaiyin wasn’t merely the sh*t shoveling slave that Da Bai labeled him as. Rather, he believed that Da Bai saw Zhao Huaiyin as a friend.

Otherwise, Da Bai wouldn’t have disregarded his safety to seek revenge after Zhao Huaiyin was beaten to the verge of death by Zhang Chen.

“Woof! I’ve detected someone’s presence! Now, I’ll let them taste this Dog Lord’s power!” Da Bai exclaimed excitedly.

An Lin’s expression became serious. He knew that the next battle was about to begin!

[0] ‘Let’s go, PipiDog’ is a Chinese meme. There’s not any particular meaning and it just means ‘let’s go’

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