I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 29 - The Battle Triggered By a Dog

Chapter 29: The Battle Triggered By a Dog

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An Immortal—who was sitting on a calabash above the barrier enveloping the battleground—witnessed An Lin’s battle in its entirety.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Just as I thought, the kids who have a True God’s letter of recommendation are all special. If I’m correct, An Lin has only been cultivating for four months. How frightening…”

The elder shook his head and lightly stroked his white beard. He held a calligraphy brush in his right hand and he waved it in the air as he recorded some data.

The black strokes suspended in the air and they formed into numerous words.

An Lin’s data was amongst them, and it changed once again.

An Lin—Combat Capability: 180; Achievement Score: 190

Generally speaking, students of the Tenth Stage Dao Body would have a combat capability score of around 200.

The fact that An Lin’s combat capability reached 180 indicated that the elder already viewed his strength as close to that of Tenth Stage Dao Body.

Remaining uninjured whilst defeating the Ninth Stage Dao Body ranked Wei Ji was ample proof of An Lin’s strength.

Moreover, there was a trace of aura contained in his Mountain Quaking Fist which conformed with the Great Dao. The elder marveled at this, and it helped to boost An Lin’s combat capability score.

An Lin continued with his hunt. He was feeling much more confident after his battle with Wei Ji. At the very least, he wouldn’t need to be afraid when he met enemies of the Ninth Stage Dao Body anymore, and he would be able to rush at them fearlessly.

Just like that, night gradually descended.

It had been a smooth sailing day for An Lin. After a period of using guerrilla tactics and finishing off critically injured victims, he had successfully defeated another six opponents of the Ninth Stage Dao Body. He was now only two people off from completing his mission of defeating ten enemies ranked higher than him.

He mulled over whether or not he should continue hunting into the night and whether he should strive to rank up to the Ninth Stage Dao Body as quickly as possible.

As the free-for-all battle transitioned into its final half, students below the rank of Eighth Stage Dao Body had generally all been eliminated. The remaining students were all extremely powerful prodigies.

If he couldn’t rank up quickly enough, then there was a possibility that he would soon be unable to defeat a single enemy…

After roasting a marmot using a simple fire-control spell, An Lin quickly gulped it down. He then started to meditate and regulate his condition.

Night-time in the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks was tranquil and quiet. Thus, if a fight became heated, the sounds of battle would travel far and wide and the flashes of the immortal spells would appear especially prominent against the night sky.

When that occurred, numerous students would be attracted to the battleground and a spectacular chain of battles would thus ensue.

Before he knew it, an hour had passed…


A loud blast suddenly sounded not far from where An Lin was meditating.

In the darkness of the night, the flames were akin to the brightest of beacons announcing the whereabouts of this new battle.

An Lin opened his eyes and excitement washed over his face.

He had almost recovered all the energy that he had expended today, and now was the time to get moving!

When An Lin arrived at the battleground, the battle had already ended.

A golden defensive barrier appeared around a male who was covered in injuries and laying on the ground. Next to him, there was also a white dog.

“Zhao Huaiyin!” An Lin exclaimed in surprise as he saw the male.

The person collapsed on the floor was none other than Zhao Huaiyin. Although he had already been beaten beyond recognition, the dog next to him was still easily recognizable!

Upon seeing An Lin, Zhao Huaiyin was also startled. He never imagined that An Lin would be able to break free from the burly students who had him surrounded!

“An Lin, you have to live on happily. This opponent is especially frightening and I, your brother, cannot save you!” Zhao Huaiyin was teary-eyed as he bid An Lin farewell, and his figure disappeared amidst a golden glow.

An Lin: “…”

The image of Zhao Huaiyin fleeing and leaving a trail of dust behind him was still fresh in An Lin’s mind.

An Lin knew that if Zhao Huaiyin was still alive, he would most certainly be the first one out of here.

“Woof, woof!” Da Bai rushed towards the male opposite of him in grief and fury.

Opening his jaws and leaping up high, he bit towards the male.

In critical moments, Da Bai was still very loyal. If the owner was beaten, their pet would seek revenge!

Then, he was kicked back hundreds of meters by the male. Da Bai rocketed into a gigantic boulder like a cannon, smashing it to bits.

“Humph! A person ranked as lowly as you actually dared to dream of ambushing me? Even if I’m injured, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a person of the Tenth Stage Dao Body!” The male had a look of disdain and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

An Lin fixed his attention on the male and found that he was covered in wounds. His aura was still immense though, and it was evident that Zhao Huaiyin was no match for him.

It appeared as if a battle had already taken place here before Zhao Huaiyin had arrived.

Presumably, Zhao Huaiyin had wanted to deal a killing blow to the injured male yet didn’t anticipate the male would still be so formidable. This resulted in the sight which greeted An Lin.

An Lin rushed to Da Bai’s side and started examining his wounds.

Da Bai appeared feeble and his body was riddled with wounds. It looked as though he could no longer move.

So heavy-handed… Moreover, Da Bai doesn’t have a Defeat Judgement Seal. If it wasn’t for his unique physique, he may have been killed by that kick!

The male walked over slowly. Seeing An Lin, his mouth stretched into a sneer. “F*ck off! I’ll deal with you after I slay this dog.”

An Lin took a deep breath. He stood up slowly and blocked Da Bai behind him, refusing to budge a single step.

Seeing this, the male was momentarily dazed. Soon after though, a cruel smile emerged on his face. “So be it. Since you want to die quicker, I’ll help you out!”

“First-year, Class One, An Lin. Please enlighten me!” An Lin said coldly.

“Oh? So, you’re the ‘most networked backdoor entrant’, An Lin?”

The male suddenly became interested and he looked An Lin up and down. “Uh-huh, you don’t appear as useless as the rumors say. At the very least, you have the courage to face me.” The male nodded slightly.

An Lin cracked into a smile. “Not only do I have the courage to face you, but I also have the ability to beat you back to your mother’s bosom.”

One had to admit that his taunts were particularly savvy. Upon hearing his comment, the veins of his opponent bulged. It was clear that his opponent was infuriated.

“You’ve got guts! Second-year, Class One, Zhang Chen. Please enlighten me!”

After he finished speaking, the male’s aura erupted outwards.

Up until now, amongst all the enemies that An Lin had come across, this was the most oppressive aura yet.

Without any hesitation, he used his Mountain Quaking Fist!

A golden fist of three meters wide smashed towards Zhang Chen. Sensing the terrifying power of the golden fist, he shivered and immediately retrieved a crimson shield from his storage ring, placing it in front of himself.


The power of the golden fist erupted, and Zhang Chen was blown back more than thirty meters, creating a deep ditch in the ground.

The crimson shield shattered into bits. Furthermore, Zhang Chen’s hands were split open by the shock which had traveled through the shield.

Zhang Chen glared at An Lin intently and a feeling of absolute shock gripped his heart. The terrifying nature of this immortal spell was far beyond what he had envisaged.

Likewise, An Lin had a look of surprise on his face. This was the first time that someone was able to completely block his Mountain Quaking Fist. That was already his most powerful move!

He didn’t become discouraged though, as the saying of a formidable baldindividual 1 surfaced in his mind: There is nothing in the world that one punch cannot solve. If there is, then throw two punches!

“Mountain Quaking Fist!” An Lin roared and threw another punch at Zhang Chen.

A golden fist that was three meters wide surged towards Zhang Chen.

Zhang Chen’s expression changed drastically. “Holy f*ck! Again?!”

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