I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 28 - Thanks for Letting Me Win

Chapter 28: Thanks for Letting Me Win

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Atop the Black Rock Peak, An Lin taught Liu Qianhuan the multitasking cultivation technique.

After learning this technique, Liu Qianhuan happily took An Lin back down the mountain.

Then, she flew off in search of other people to practice her spells on.

An Lin felt great after regaining his freedom, and he once again set off on his journey of hunting for critically injured targets.

Now that his Earth Lotus Supreme Skill had reached the first stage, his strength also increased by a fair amount.

He wasn’t sure exactly how much stronger he had become though, and he could only find out after testing it on someone.

Students able to enter this university were all the most talented individuals of their age bracket.

It was also inevitable that the cultivation methods they practiced were first-class amongst the cultivation world.

Thus, even though An Lin had learnt the Earth Lotus Supreme Skill, he still wasn’t confident that he could match it with cultivators of the same rank.

M-hm… Hopefully I can meet someone whose rank is one stage below mine, so I can familiarize myself with my own strength.

Just as An Lin thought this, he bumped into a familiar person.

This person was An Lin’s classmate Wei Ji, who had a rank of Ninth Stage Dao Body…

Wei Ji was a bit dazed when he saw An Lin. Evidently, he didn’t expect to meet him here.

This trash actually managed to make it to the second day?

Wei Ji was astounded, and he looked An Lin up and down.

He was actually very contemptuous towards An Lin. It was only due to him being a well-cultured person that allowed him to hide his feelings and not let his disgust show.

Heh, since he’s already appeared before me, I may as well sweep this trash out…

Wei Ji sneered in his mind yet put on a warm and gentle expression. “Student An Lin, please enlighten me!” He gestured towards An Lin in invitation.

Seeing that Wei Ji had already fully released his aura, An Lin knew that he wouldn’t be able to avoid this battle.

He was very annoyed. Why was it that when he wanted to come across a Seventh Stage Dao Body opponent, a Ninth Stage Dao Body opponent suddenly appeared?

Since I can’t avoid it, I’ll fight!

“Student Wei Ji, please enlighten me!”

The image of a golden lotus appeared on An Lin’s forehead.

His aura suddenly changed at that moment, and it became as strong and steady as a mountain. It was as if no amount of power would be able to move him.

The wind howled around Wei Ji, and a suit of wind armor appeared around his body. Furthermore, his fist was shrouded in a white ball of light. This white ball of light was formed due to the rapid compression of air.


Wei Ji started moving, and in a flash, he had appeared before An Lin. A pair of fists shrouded in white light mercilessly swung towards An Lin.

Right away, he used his ultimate move of which he was immensely proud—Implosion Fist!

The white light on his fists would explode once they came into contact with An Lin’s body.

The force of such an explosion could blow boulders up into smithereens.

Wei Ji was confident that An Lin would definitely die if he was to be hit by such a strike outside of the event area.

Now that they had the protection of the golden defensive barrier, it wasn’t under his control whether An Lin became severely injured or crippled.

Don’t blame me for being ruthless towards you. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for being too weak! Wei Ji sneered.

Faced with Wei Ji’s fist, An Lin also replied with a punch.

Mountain Quaking Fist!

A golden fist of around three-meters large emerged from his fist. The golden lotus on his forehead spun, and a wisp of the earth’s energy flowed imperceptibly into the golden fist, giving rise to some qualitative change…

Seeing An Lin’s immortal spell, the expression on Wei Ji’s face changed slightly. However, his fist still swung towards An Lin’s golden fist all the same.

That’s just some third-rate immortal spell , he thought, watch how I destroy it with my fist!


The two fists collided, and white light exploded with a loud rumble. The powerful explosion caused the ground within a ten-meter radius to tremble and crack open. Furthermore, the ground at the center of the explosion had completely caved in.

Wei Ji had initially thought that his punch could shatter the golden fist and critically injure An Lin.

Yet, after the explosion, the golden fist had only become a bit dimmer.

Afterwards, the fist ripped through his wind armor and smashed into his body…


Wei Ji felt as if his body had been struck by a large mountain.

Boundless power tore through his body and he vomited blood as he flew backwards. His eyes rolled into his head when he landed on the ground, and he almost lost his consciousness.

An Lin looked at the scene in front of him in surprise as he stood still and gasped for breath.

The earth was caved in and cracked, and Wei Ji was vomiting blood and severely injured…

F*ck! My Mountain Quaking Fist has become this powerful?!

Wei Ji is a powerful cultivator of the Ninth Stage Dao Body… And I blew him away with a single strike?

This is more than the doubling in power described by the system, right?

Wei Ji stood up shakily, with blood still dripping from the corner of his mouth. It was evident that his internal organs had already been injured.

His face was filled with shock, and he looked towards An Lin in disbelief.

“T-that’s impossible! Weren’t you only ranked Zeroth Stage Dao Body when you enrolled?” Wei Ji’s lips trembled as he glanced at An Lin.

“M-hm, that’s right,” An Lin nodded sincerely. “After a few months of cultivation, I’ve already reached the Eighth Stage Dao Body.”

Wei Ji was dumbstruck upon hearing this, and it looked as if he had swallowed a fly.

“Impossible! You ranked up eight stages in a mere few months? You’ve got to be kidding me!

“You definitely used some secret method… You must have cheated!

“When you fought against me, you definitely broke the rules and used some high-level talisman. You cheated!”

Wei Ji flared up in anger. He was unable to accept the fact that he had been beaten by An Lin.

Upon hearing this, An Lin’s face darkened. He was no saint and it was only natural that he wasn’t in a great mood with someone repeatedly claiming that he had ‘cheated’.

“Hah!” Wei Ji roared as he charged towards An Lin once again.

He was severely injured at this moment, causing his speed to be significantly slower than before.

His punches were still extremely powerful though, with blades of wind dancing about his fists and a sonic boom audible every time he threw a punch.

An Lin wasn’t as skilled as Wei Ji in close-quarter combat. Thus, he was accidentally struck by Wei Ji a few times during their battle.

Every time Wei Ji struck An Lin, it was as if he had punched a steel plate. His fists would become weak and numb.

On the other hand, An Lin’s expression remained unchanged and he would only be pushed back a few steps. It was as if Wei Ji’s punches had no effect on him.

Seeing this, Wei Ji was dumbstruck once again.

What’s with his body? Why is it so solid? My fist can crush even boulders, so how is he uninjured after taking my blows?

“You’re definitely hiding something. Tell me what you’ve done!”

Wei Ji’s eyes turned red and he became even more furious. He put his full power behind every single strike.

An Lin sighed as he looked towards Wei Ji’s wild figure, and he threw a single punch.

Mountain Quaking Fist!

The golden light of the fist enveloped Wei Ji. The fist was akin to a gigantic mountain as it crushed down upon him, and a look of despair spread over his face.


Wei Ji screamed in despair as he was struck by the golden fist once again. His Defeat Judgement Seal was immediately activated by the tremendous power of the fist.

Once more, he vomited blood and collapsed to the ground. His entire body was trembling, and he gazed at the golden defensive barrier surrounding him with an expression of disbelief.

“I lost? I actually lost?”

Wei Ji had never imagined that he would actually be defeated by An Lin, a person who he regarded as trash.

He knew in his mind that had it not been for the golden defensive barrier, it was very likely that he would have lost his life.

Even so, he still couldn’t accept the fact that he had been defeated by An Lin!

An Lin walked to Wei Ji’s side. With the way things had progressed, he finally understood why Wei Ji had become so frenzied. The more one is beaten by that who he scorns, the more frenzied one will become…

“Sorry for hurting your fragile heart.” A disdainful smile hung on An Lin’s face.

“However, there’s still one thing I must say. Being defeated by an individual who’s only cultivated for a few months…

“Student Wei Ji, you’ve truly wasted more than ten years of your life!”

Hearing this, Wei Ji’s eyes bulged. The flow of his vital energy and blood became turbulent, and he vomited another mouthful of blood.

Then, his eyes rolled into his head and he passed out.

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