I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 27 - Cultivating While Gaming

Chapter 27: Cultivating While Gaming

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As An Lin had desired, he was taken to the top of Black Rock Peak. Next, all he needed to do was meditate and perform expiration for a day. Once he had completed this, he would be able to successfully cultivate his Earth Lotus Supreme Skill.

Theoretically speaking, he had no chance to meditate and perform expiration now that he needed to play games with Liu Qianhuan.

However, you mustn’t forget that as a result of An Lin’s diarrhea incident, he developed a cultivation method whereby one could absorb vital energy whilst squatting.

In fact, this was a cultivation method which could be performed while multitasking. Cultivating while squatting on the toilet could be regarded as multitasking, as could cultivating while playing games.

As long as the environment was tranquil enough and he had enough stamina, practicing this cultivation technique wasn’t a difficult task.

Just like that, An Lin started the carefree and leisurely life of cultivating whilst playing games.

He could see the progress bar for the Earth Lotus Supreme Skill on his system, and with the passing of time, it was slowly inching forwards.

As soon as the progress bar was filled, he would have successfully cultivated the Stage One Earth Lotus Supreme Skill!

During expiration, apart from the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, he could feel another strange energy. This energy slowly flowed into his body from atop the Black Rock Peak and continuously tempered his body.

Ah! This feeling is amazing! An Lin exclaimed as he looked towards the sky. Then, he tapped on Lux’s icon on his phone.

He wanted to try out the Lux on his phone and see whether or not her Final Spark could destroy three defensive turrets at once.

Unfortunately though, it appeared as if that was an ability exclusive to the ‘Real’ Star Guardian Lux.

An Lin’s standard edition Lux was ravaged, and the game ended after eight minutes.

Afterwards, he accepted this reality and started to choose champions who were more explosive. Every battle, he would strive to increase the number of times he sent the young sorceress back to her home base. That way, he would be able to struggle on for a while longer.

As a result, An Lin was able to kill her more than ten times every game, and the game would also stretch for over ten minutes.

Liu Qianhuan was constantly insta-killed by An Lin, and she was starting to feel a little annoyed.

She puffed her cheeks out and looked at An Lin pitiably. There was a slight blush on her pretty face, and she appeared extremely cute.

Seeing this, An Lin started pondering over whether he should go easier on her. To him, victory or defeat was meaningless anyway.

However, before he could even reach a decision, Liu Qianhuan spoke.

“Give me a moment, I need to update the game!”

Huh? Update the game?

An Lin blinked in confusion.

When she finished speaking, Liu Qianhuan tapped open an interface. Then, her fingers became a blur as they danced around the screen.

An Lin was astonished by the sight in front of him.

Holy f*ck! She’s already reached a typing speed of two-hundred words per minute, hasn’t she?!

No, it might already be three-hundred words per minute!

Is this still the uncoordinated sorceress that I know of? This typing speed is already far beyond what professional scribes can achieve!

Moreover, strings of code are displayed on her screen. Could it be that she’s programming?

Holy sh*t! Is she manually updating the game?!

After a while, Liu Qianhuan stopped typing.

“Phew! Mission Accomplished!” she exclaimed happily.

Then, appearing a little tired, she started massaging her fingers.

An Lin had already become numb watching her program. He believed that if programmers watched her program live, they would be frightened to tears.

Liu Qianhuan shared a folder with An Lin so that he could install the update.

After updating the game, both of them opened up the mobile version of League of Legends once again.

This time, she chose Garen, the Might of Demacia. Presumably, she wanted to buff her champion’s health and defenses in order to prevent being insta-killed by An Lin again.

An Lin was a bit surprised. This appeared to be the first time that she had chosen a champion other than Star Guardian Lux.

At this moment, An Lin had already picked Zed, the Master of Shadows. He was an explosive melee assassin.

After his Master of Shadows left the base, he was greeted by the sight of Garen’s forty-meter-long sword…

Garen set out from his base’s red nexus and stopped under his side’s defensive turret. Then, he started hacking non-stop at the enemy’s defensive turrets…

“Others all say that Garen’s sword is forty meters long and I always felt that reality did not live up to the name. As expected, it’s become more realistic now,” Liu Qianhuan explained contently.

The corners of An Lin’s mouth twitched. How the hell do you expect me to play?!

After much difficulty, he reached level six. He planned on returning to his base to buy items which could buff his attack, then go all out at his opponent.

Right at this moment, Liu Qianhuan yelled, “For Demacia!”

Then, a forty-meter-long golden sword descended from the sky and cut towards Zed.

An Lin’s screen was filled with a golden light. When this golden light disappeared, his screen became dark.

The pitiable Zed… He was slain as he was purchasing items at his home base!

“This is called the flying sword! It can sever an enemy general’s head from a thousand miles away!” Liu Qianhuan explained.

An Lin nodded earnestly and played along with her. “It’s only logical that the special ability of a forty-meter-long sword should have greater attacking range, and only logical that the damage it deals should also be greater! Senior Liu, your modifications are very reasonable!”

Liu Qianhuan’s eyes lit up. “Not bad! You understand me after all!”

Finally, the game ended.

An Lin’s stats read: Zero kills, Twelve deaths.

He felt that these were his worst ever stats since he started playing League of Legends.

No… He refused to acknowledge that this game was League of Legends!

Even though he was battling against Liu Qianhuan, he felt as if the two of them were playing completely different games.

Not only could An Lin’s opponent use hacks, but she could also create hacks on the spot. Say, are you afraid?

Night gradually set in and Liu Qianhuan took out a night-luminescent magic tool.

This tool was disc-shaped and let out a soft white glow. It even sent out bursts of heat towards the surrounding area to defend against the cold.

The two of them started gaming again. An Lin’s current record sat at zero wins and fifty losses.

He already felt numb towards losing, as he was ravaged by Liu Qianhuan in all kinds of ways.

The starry sky was clearly visible from atop the mountain peak.

The full moon looked large as it hung in the sky, and it appeared as if it was very close to where they were sitting.

Below them in the distance, explosions could occasionally be heard.

Dazzling immortal spells of various colors also appeared frequently, and they lit up the dark night.

An Lin and Liu Qianhuan were gaming leisurely atop the mountain peak, and such a scene was a clear contrast to what the other students in the free-for-all battle event were going through…

At An Lin’s rank, his body was already especially resilient and tough. To him, pulling one or two all-nighters had basically no detrimental effect.

Thus, he was made to game with Liu Qianhuan for the entire night.

At noon the following day, a faint golden glow suddenly emerged from An Lin’s body.

Immediately afterwards, countless golden patterns started appearing on his skin and they formed into a mystical figure. As suddenly as they appeared though, the patterns and golden glow quickly began to dissipate and disappear.

However, this sight did not escape Liu Qianhuan’s attention.

“My God! You’ve attained enlightenment from playing a game?

“Oh, Great God, how did you do it?!”

Liu Qianhuan’s face was full of surprise. She blinked her purple eyes at An Lin, and the stars in her eyes almost leapt out.

An Lin had absolutely no idea how to answer her bizarre question.

Just then, his Earth Lotus Supreme Skill had broken through to Stage One. Numerous information regarding this skill started to flow into his mind.

This was a skill which was in accordance with the power of the earth. In the initial stages of cultivation, this skill could strengthen one’s body and also increase the power of their earth category spells.

For example, the system notified An Lin that the power of his Mountain Quaking Fist had already doubled!

“I can sense that your body has been strengthened considerably. The vital energy in your body also appears a lot more abundant…” Liu Qianhuan’s eyes sparkled brighter and brighter.

She grabbed An Lin’s hand and asked excitedly, “Can you please teach me the cultivation method whereby one can become stronger even when they are gaming?”

If she was able to learn this cultivation method, her cultivation would no longer be detrimentally affected by her game addiction!

This was the cultivation method of her dreams!

An Lin was a bit exasperated. Since when did he know of a cultivation method that could help one become stronger through playing games…

However, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

“Cough… I have a cultivation method where you can perform expiration while playing games. Do you want to learn it?” An Lin asked.

“Yeah! I do!” Liu Qianhuan answered without hesitation.

“I have one condition though. Once I teach this cultivation method to you, you have to let me go!” An Lin continued.

He still had to complete the system mission and couldn’t be stuck here playing games for three days.

A look of hesitation emerged on Liu Qianhuan’s face. In the end, though, she decided to agree to An Lin’s condition.

Between the fish and bear-paw, the bear-paw was still more important 1 !

If worst came to worst, she could still bait the fish, An Lin, back in with her bear-paw…

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