I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 26 - Chen Chen

Chapter 26: Chen Chen

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The girl readily accepted An Lin’s demand.

Gaming atop the Black Rock Peak appeared rather like dueling on Mt. Hua 1and felt much like a clash between two masters. The girl really liked this kind of feeling.

Just like that, the girl had her six-feathered staff hover into the air.

Then, a pink streamlined curtain of light appeared around the staff.

This was the Light Concealment Spell from Sword Kinesis Flight. The pink streamlined curtain of light acted to steady the rider’s body and could also protect them from the wind and prevent sunburn. This skill could only be mastered by cultivators who had reached the Spirit Nurturing rank.

Seeing the girl beckon at him, An Lin anxiously stepped onto the staff.

Dude, it’s Sword Kinesis Flight! To be honest, he was fairly eager to try it out.

“This is my first time, can you please be more gentle…” An Lin said timidly.

“Hahaha! No problems darling, I’ll be very gentle,” the girl answered heartlessly with a wide smile on her face.

Then, she purposefully canceled the ‘protection from wind ability’ of the Light Concealment Spell…

The six-feathered staff quivered for a moment before rocketing into the sky.


The six-feathered staff flew insanely fast and the wind screamed past. An Lin, who was standing on the staff, started screaming in fright.

Out of instinct, he grabbed onto the soft and slender waist of the young sorceress in front of him.


“Scoundrel!” the girl cried softly and slapped him in the face.

Tears welled up in An Lin’s eyes as he let go of her waist.

The magical staff was traveling at almost the speed of sound. How could he not panic? His heart was about to beat out of his chest!

Looking down, the frightening height sent him further into panic and he started to go weak at the knees.

Sword Kinesis Flight is so scary, Sword Kinesis Flight is so scary…

An Lin felt that he was getting a bit sword-flight sick.

Earth Immortal Yue Ying—who was above the barrier containing the event area—fell deep into thought as she looked towards the disappearing figures of the girl and An Lin.

“Are they a pair of inseparable lovers flying off into the distance?

“Uh-huh, I have a nagging feeling that these two are a bit peculiar…”

She looked towards the notebook in her hands. In it, the data of numerous students was recorded. An Lin’s data was altered once again.

An Lin—Combat Capability: 120; Achievement Score: 150

Liu Qianhuan—Combat Capability: 850; Achievement Score: 300

“I think Liu Qianhuan was ranked fourth in the previous Immortal Rankings Board. If she didn’t place so much of her attention towards trivial matters, she actually had the ability to shoot for a top three ranking…

“Forget about it. As long as the two of them don’t team up to harass others, then they won’t have broken any rules. I can’t be bothered worrying about such things anyhow.

“M-hm, they’ve almost flown out of the area that I’m in charge of. Let me share my data with the other teachers first…”

Earth Immortal Yue Ying was truly busy. She was using her divine sense to simultaneously observe more than ten battles. Thus, when An Lin and his companion flew out of her area, she stopped paying them any attention.

She was extremely satisfied, as her paying close attention to An Lin had been fairly rewarding.

After she returned, she would file an application to the university in order for her to realize the inspirational ideas in her mind.

During the flight, An Lin learnt of Star Guardian Lux’s name.

She was called Liu Qianhuan and was a Third-year, Class One student.

At the same time, she was also greatly knowledgeable in mortal studies and was especially infatuated with mortal entertainment, in particular, competitive video games.

From her mobile version of League of Legends, An Lin could profoundly feel her interests in this area.

“Look! The Black Rock Peak is just ahead!” Liu Qianhuan yelled excitedly.

Saying this, she increased the speed of her Sword Kinesis Flight.

Tears welled up in An Lin’s eyes as he looked towards the jet-black mountain peak which rose hundreds of meters into the air. We’re finally here , he sighed in his mind.

After this terrible staff-flight experience, An Lin felt that he had developed acrophobia and tachophobia.

There was a level area of approximately seventeen meters wide atop Black Rock Peak. As if sliced cleanly by a sharp instrument, the surface was particularly smooth.

When An Lin and Liu Qianhuan landed on the mountain peak, they were surprised to find that there was already another male meditating there.

“Is he a Spirit Nurturing ranked prodigy?” An Lin anxiously questioned the girl next to him as he fixed his hair which had been messed up by the wind.

Logically speaking, only cultivators of the Spirit Nurturing rank had the ability to reach this mountain peak.

However, An Lin could only sense the aura of an Eighth Stage Dao Body coming from that person, thus his question.

Liu Qianhuan shook her head. “He’s only got a rank of Eighth Stage Dao Body,” she replied.

“Weird, I get the feeling that I’ve seen him somewhere before…”

At this moment, the male who was meditating opened his eyes and looked towards An Lin and Liu Qianhuan.

He looked to be around fourteen or fifteen, with his face appearing delicate and his eyes especially pure.

The youth stood up. He clasped his hands in front of his chest and saluted towards An Lin and Liu Qianhuan.

Seeing this, An Lin returned his salute. For some reason, he didn’t seem to feel any animosity towards the youth in front of him.

The youth appeared to be tranquil and calm. “Please don’t hit me, I’ll leave right away,” he said gently.

An Lin: “…”

Liu Qianhuan: “…”

Immediately afterwards, the youth took out a bundle of thick rope and looped it around a white pole which he had conjured with his immortal spell.

He drove the white pole into the ground, then grabbed onto the rope and started sliding down the mountain slowly.

An Lin and Liu Qianhuan fell silent as they watched the youth’s disappearing figure.

“I keep getting the feeling that he’s very odd.” An Lin finally spoke after a long time.

Liu Qianhuan nodded her head in agreement. The fact that a mere Eighth Stage Dao Body ranked cultivator was able to meditate atop the Black Rock Peak was very odd.

When he reached the base of Black Rock Peak, the youth looked upwards towards the top of the peak. “What lousy luck! After I had gone through all that difficulty to find such a serene place…” he sighed in disappointment.

Right at this moment, an extremely beautiful girl with a flaming sword in hand appeared before him.

“First-year, Class One, Xu Xiaolan. Please enlighten me!”

The youth was momentarily dazed. Then, a grievous expression appeared on his face. “Fifth-year, Class One, Chen Chen. Say, Student Xu Xiaolan, can you please let me go?”

“I need to earn more achievement points, so I’m afraid I can’t do that, Senior Chen.”

When Xu Xiaolan finished speaking, she mercilessly slashed towards Chen Chen with her flaming sword.

A scorching sword projection burst out from the blade, reaching Chen Chen in an instant and slicing him into two.

Soon afterwards, the two halves of Chen Chen’s body transformed into a white mist and evaporated before her eyes.

Xu Xiaolan was startled by what she saw. The youth’s figure and aura had already disappeared completely. It was as if he had never appeared before her.

“Strange… Could it be that he has some mysterious escape technique?” Xu Xiaolan was completely baffled.

The youth only had a rank of Eighth Stage Dao Body, yet could silently escape from before her. This was completely mind-boggling!

Behind a mountain peak hundreds of meters from where Xu Xiaolan was standing, a white mist suddenly appeared.

Then, Chen Chen’s figure slowly stepped out from this white mist.

“Ah… I’ve wasted some of my vital energy again. What lousy luck…” Chen Chen sighed softly.

Above the event barrier, an elder sitting on a calabash looked curiously at the youth through squinted eyes.

On his notebook, he had Chen Chen’s data.

Chen Chen—Combat Capability: ???; Achievement Score: 0

Xu Xiaolan—Combat Capability: 260; Achievement Score: 160

“Say, when Chen Chen entered this university, he already had a rank of Eighth Stage Dao Body. Five years have almost passed and this kid is still on the Eighth Stage Dao Body…

“Moreover, he’s already attended a few free-for-all battle events, yet astonishingly hasn’t even been involved in a single battle. Even when Spirit Nurturing ranked students go after him, he’s able to easily escape.

“Not taking into account other matters, his escaping skills are top-notch.”

The elder silently nodded his head. No wonder this student was fancied by a True God. Every such student is this interesting , he thought to himself.

Amongst the fifty thousand students in this university, only five students had received a True God’s letter of recommendation.

Apart from the three students in first-year, one of them had already reached the top of the university’s Immortal Rankings Board, and the other was none other than Chen Chen.

“I really wish that you could display your skills once! It can’t be that you’re just going to graduate so obscurely and without attracting any attention, right?”

The elder spoke softly and gazed down upon Chen Chen with a look of anticipation on his face.

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