I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 25 - The Frightening Final Spark

Chapter 25: The Frightening Final Spark

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I’m so angry! But I still have to maintain my smile.

After all, the in-game Star Guardian Lux only has some stat boosts.

The ‘real’ Star Guardian Lux sitting next to An Lin though, could blow him up into pieces simply by casting a Final Spark…

Question: In a game, how can one defeat a hacker?

An Lin’s answer was this: Use your godly skills to defeat them!

An Lin had already realized that this girl was truly a clumsy player. The abilities she used all missed their targets and he could barely bear to keep watching. All she did was continually smash the A button.

Even though her smashing out A’s was still a frightening proposition, An Lin was at least able to see a glimmer of hope.

After LeBlanc the Deceiver revived, An Lin purchased items that would boost his attack stat. He planned to use a combination attack when he reached level six and send Lux straight back to her home base.

An Lin stopped fighting recklessly with her, instead waiting for his minions to develop and his level to increase.

Finally, LeBlanc reached level six. This was the pre-update LeBlanc, thus, he chose to go with the most damaging QEWR combo.

After dodging Lux’s Light Binding ability, LeBlanc closed in on her and immediately used Sigil of Malice and Ethereal Chains. At almost exactly the same moment, he also used Distortion and Mimic.

All four abilities hit their target!

An Lin’s combo was completed smoothly, and the young sorceress’ champion was killed before she even had time to cast a defensive ability.

Seeing her screen become dark, the girl pouted and glanced at An Lin sulkily. “Just you wait, I’ll definitely take revenge!” she muttered.

Seeing his attack succeed, a flame of hope reignited in An Lin’s heart. After returning to his base he continued to buy items that could increase his magical damage.

Afterwards, all he had to do was dodge her attacks and wait for the cooldown to complete. Then, he could repeat what he had just done…

Remain calm! I can win this!

Lux’s Light Binding and Lucent Singularity were unable to hit LeBlanc a single time.

Half of the credit went to An Lin’s skillful control and excellent placement; the other half of the credit went to the clumsy player who was controlling Lux the Lady of Luminosity.

The cooldown for An Lin’s special ability was almost complete, and the ‘real’ Star Guardian Lux became increasingly worried.

Time ticked by and as if she had finally come to a resolution, she hovered her finger over the special ability button.

“My light will dispel all the darkness and purify all my enemies!” The pink-haired girl suddenly cried aloud this childish statement and tapped on the special ability icon!


A pink beam rocketed towards An Lin’s champion. Final Spark!

Directly using her special ability?!

An Lin’s eyes twitched. He immediately used Distortion and had LeBlanc dash to the side.

From the casting of Lux’s Final Spark to the actual firing of the giant laser, there was a moment of delay. Thanks to An Lin’s quick reactions, he was able to dodge this powerful attack.

This girl is so impatient! The hit rate of directly casting a special ability isn’t all that high. Have I pressured her into making such rash decisions?

An Lin breathed a sigh of relief and his lips curled up into a slight smile.

In any case, this interaction was threatening but not dangerous and his opponent had also lost their cool. Wasn’t this great news to him?

Soon afterwards, the sounds of explosions came from the phone. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huh? Was the special ability’s sound effect like this?

An Lin looked towards his screen. Then, he realized that under the attack of the Final Spark, his three defensive turrets had…

All exploded… exploded…

He was stupefied once again. He glanced towards the girl beside him and couldn’t help but say, “May I ask… what’s up with this ability?”

“Ah? This ability is Final Spark!” the girl answered bluntly without even raising her head.

“Final Spark? Whose Final Spark can destroy three turrets at once!” An Lin finally erupted.

A champion who could destroy turrets with a single cast of their special ability… What chance did he have?! Even if you hack, can you please at least maintain some moral integrity?

The girl didn’t become angry upon hearing An Lin’s complaints. Rather, she started earnestly explaining the situation to him. “Look here, Lux’s special ability is called ‘Final Spark’. As the name implies, it is the most powerful light wave.

“Since it is the most powerful light wave, isn’t it unreasonable for the defensive turrets to remain unharmed when they are hit? So, all I did was make some small adjustments so that the effects of this ability would be more logical and reasonable.”

Hearing this explanation, An Lin raged in his mind.

F*ck your logic! F*ck your reason!

This Final Spark has already become an ability that can destroy the heavens, destroy the earth, and destroy the void! You call this logic and reason?!

An Lin really wanted to smash the phone. However, he was no match for the ‘real’ Star Guardian Lux.

If he really did smash the phone, what awaited him was a real-life Final Spark…

Considering the frightening nature of such a consequence, An Lin was finally able to suppress his urge.

In the end, under An Lin’s perseverance, he was able to last for a full five minutes…

A Final Spark cast by the young sorceress destroyed An Lin’s Nexus and ended the battle.

An Lin was a bit teary-eyed as he looked towards the word ‘Defeat’ printed across his screen, and he remained silent for a long while.

“What a satisfying battle!” the girl smiled contently. She stretched lazily, slightly straightening her slender waist.


An Lin silently moved his finger towards the ‘report’ icon on the screen…

Soon after, he recalled that there were no GMs in this bloody game. Even if there really was a GM, it would just be the girl beside him.

Thinking of this, all he could do was sigh softly and prepare himself for the final punishment.

“Huh? Why are you so depressed?” the girl asked upon seeing the anxious expression on An Lin’s face.

An Lin rolled his eyes at her. Perhaps you want me to beam with joy while you beat me mercilessly?

The girl suddenly came to a realization and understood why An Lin was wearing such an expression.

She clapped her hands together and chuckled, “Uh-huh, I’ve changed my mind now. Although you lost the game, I’ve decided not to practice my spells on you.”

An Lin’s eyes lit up. “Really?” he asked joyfully.

“Really,” the girl nodded earnestly. “However, I have one condition.”

“What condition?”

In fact, as long as the girl agreed not to use Final Spark on him in real life, An Lin would grit his teeth and agree to her conditions, even if there were ten of them.

“Stay here and game with me.” A look of excitement was visible in the girl’s purple eyes as they squinted into a smile.

An Lin: “…”

“My best friends are all noobs. They can’t even last for five minutes against me.

“In fact, only you can last for a full ten minutes. This is the feeling of a close contest!” the girl continued.

An Lin’s mouth twitched upon hearing this. If you don’t use hacks, you’ll suddenly find a lot of evenly matched opponents. Believe me!

“How long do I have to game with you for?” An Lin still needed to seek out nine last hit victims and he couldn’t let the rare opportunity provided by this event slip by.

The girl stroked her chin and fell deep into thought.

After a moment she replied, “M-hm… I’ll let you go as soon as you defeat me once.”

An Lin almost fainted. At this rate, we’ll be gaming for all f*cking eternity! he roared in his mind.

However, a thought suddenly surfaced in his mind.

“Gaming with you is fine. But can you also accept a condition of mine?” An Lin asked.

The girl frowned slightly. “I’m listening.”

“Can we game atop the Black Rock Peak? Due to some unique circumstances, I have to remain atop the peak for a day.” An Lin said.

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