I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 126 - Dire Straits of Destruction

Chapter 126: Dire Straits of Destruction

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“Xiao Hong, do you feel uncomfortable at all?” An Lin asked nervously.

He feared that once Xiao Hong received the bloodline inheritance, she would transform into a monster. That would be a disaster.

“Whew… my body feels really hot. Should I transform into my human form and see if there’s anything amiss?” Xiao Hong asked drowsily.

Her body feels hot? Transform into human form?

An Lin shivered delicately. “No need, we’ll think about it later!”

If Xiao Hong really was to transform…

At that time, it would not be Xiao Hong feeling hot, but rather, everyone else feeling hot!

“Remember to tell me if you experience any other symptoms.” An Lin added.

“Ok.” Xiao Hong nodded adorably before retreating back into An Lin’s pocket to resume her slumber.

Bai Ling’s body dissipated into beads of light, disappearing on the spot.

After yet another rush of dizziness, An Lin and the others returned to their original location.

“Big Brother An, I think we should go back.” Miao Tian suggested quietly.

The Trial of Bloodlines was already extremely perilous, if it wasn’t for An Lin’s kamikaze attack, they’d probably be dead already.

On top of that, there was Bai Ling who could not be reasoned with, she was clearly digging pits for everyone to fall into. This also greatly dampened their urge to continue onwards.

An Lin nodded at her suggestion. He and Xiao Chou were still injured, so even if they were to face a trial with difficulty comparable to the Trial of Bloodlines, they’d probably all die here.

“Yeah, let’s go back.” An Lin agreed.

Hence, they began to retrace their steps back.

After passing through the gate, what they beheld was a small square filled with artistic sculptures.

“F*ck!” An Lin couldn’t help but let loose an expletive upon seeing the scene in front of him.

Without a doubt, this was definitely a place that they had never been to before.

“F*ck, did we get played again?”

An Lin surveyed the surroundings anxiously, in fear that Bai Ling would jump out of the shadows and tell them that they’d entered another trial.

Everyone stood rooted to the spot, holding their breath for a solid minute. After finding that there seemed to be nothing else happening, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

“My God, could this place really be this diabolical?” Miao Tian patted her chest, fear still lingering in her expression.

“Even retracing our steps causes us to enter a different chamber, how are we supposed to find the exit?” Zong Yongyan furrowed his brows.

An Lin’s face was also filled with resignation. “Well, we can’t just stay here.”

Everyone did a lap of the square and didn’t discover anything notable.

As for these sculptures, some of them were extremely peculiar in shape and form, whilst others were constructed with beautiful lines. All of them seemed to possess a lot of artistry.

Aside from that, there was nothing else strange about the place.

A thought occurred to An Lin and he took photographs of all the sculptures in the square using his solar-powered camera.

Photographic crystals were far too valuable in these times, so cameras were much more practical.

After that, they strode through another gate.

After passing through the gate, everyone was once again rooted to the spot.

The had come to a strange place.

Their surroundings were no longer a sealed space, but instead just a wide expanse of nothingness. There was seemingly no direction or any spatial distance.

This was something An Lin had seen when teleporting to Earth through the Southern Heavenly Gate.

In the distance, a white ball levitated in mid-air.

Connecting them to the ball was a bridge that was hundreds of meters in length.

A sense of unease began to well up in An Lin’s heart.

Sure enough, a woman in a white robe suddenly appeared with a smile on her face.

“Welcome to the Trial of Destruction, the probability of surviving this trial is zero.

“You will only need to cross over this wooden bridge and inject your vital energy into the white ball to complete the trial.

“Successful completion will grant everyone the true inheritance of the 88th Research Institute.”

Everyone: “…”

An Lin: “I have something to say, but I’m not sure if I should say it.”

A gentle smile appeared on Bai Ling’s face as she nodded her head. “Sure, that’s great, you’ve agreed to partake in the trial, right? Then… best of luck to you all!”

Bai Ling’s body dissipated once again at the conclusion of her sentence.

An Lin: “…”

Everyone: “…”

“Big Brother An, this b*tch has a physical body. The next time we see her, don’t waste your time with words, we’ll just beat the sh*t out of her!” Luo Ziping raged.

“That will all have to wait until we come out of this alive. Didn’t you hear her? The probability of surviving this trial is zero.” Zong Yongyan lamented in despair.

That meant that all the cultivators who had come here before them had died!

“That only tells us that all the past cultivators were too weak, it doesn’t mean that there’s no way to complete this trial. Let me take the lead this time!” Xiao Chou hoisted his silver staff and began to stride toward the wooden bridge.

“Wait!” An Lin called to Xiao Chou, “Let’s see just what this place has to offer.”

He pulled out a spirit stone and tossed it toward the expanse of nothingness outside the wooden bridge.


The spirit stone was instantly reduced to smithereens.

After this, he tossed another spirit stone toward the wooden bridge.

Suddenly, the white ball released a beam of light.

The beam was extremely quick, instantly striking and reducing the spirit stone to powder.

Everyone furrowed their brows as they witnessed this scene.

The beam of white light was extremely fast, there was no way they could evade it…

An Lin pulled out the Demonic Blade of the Blood Dragon after a short while of contemplation.

This was a High Tier Magic Tool, constructed of extremely strong material, making it difficult to destroy even by a Soul Formation Stage cultivator.

He looked at the blade with sadness in his eyes before tossing it toward the wooden bridge.


Another beam of light, much faster than the naked eye could catch, struck the Demonic Blade of the Blood Dragon.

The High Tier Magic Tool, the Demonic Blade of the Blood Dragon was immediately reduced to dust, dissipating on the wooden bridge.

Everyone: “…”

Terrifying attack speed and devastating attack power.

They finally knew why this was known as the Trial of Destruction. Nothing could escape the fate of being reduced to dust here, surely not even Armageddon could be this devastating.

No wonder the probability of survival was zero, it gave trial-takers absolutely no hope!

Xiao Chou sniffled a little awkwardly before retreating from the bridge in silence.

There was no point in continuing, they could only stand by and wait.

“I think it would be easier to smash open the door behind us than to try and cross this bridge.” Sun Shenglian muttered faintly.

Everyone’s eyes lit up at this suggestion and they really did begin an assault on the door…

Three minutes later.

Everyone lay on the ground, panting heavily with tears in their eyes.

F*ck, this door was too damn hard.

Ice, fire, water, earth, wind, sword slashes, blade slashes, punches and kicks… They tried all the tricks up their sleeves but the door seemed to be made out of some indestructible material… Basically, their attacks didn’t do sh*t.

“Ah… are we going to die here?”

The rims of Miao Tian’s eyes turned red and her porcelain-like face was filled with indignation as she bit down on her lower lip, trying her best not to cry.

“Let’s think of a plan.” An Lin tried to encourage everyone into action.

Making a plan was indeed the best way to go, but everyone could only sit in silence as no one could think of anything.

At this moment, Zong Yongyan suddenly spoke whilst waving his fan.

“The white ball has extremely fast attack speed and fearsome attack power, however, we might be able to target its cooldown intervals between attacks…”

Everyone’s eyes lit up at his suggestion.

That’s right, to produce such a powerful attack, there had to be a charging process!

An Lin sprung into action, tossing a spirit stone toward the wooden bridge, which was immediately destroyed by the white ball.

He tossed another spirit stone onto the bridge, obtaining the same result.

An Lin was unwilling to yield, tossing out hundreds of spirit stones at once.


Hundreds of beams of light shot out at once…

He tossed out another few hundred spirit stones.


A few hundred beams of light shot out at once…

Everyone fell into silence once again.

Zong Yongyan shook his head whilst waving his fan. “No cooldown interval coupled with the ability to strike multiple moving targets with unerring accuracy…”

“We’re dead…” Miao Tian finished Zong Yongyan’s sentence with tears flowing from her eyes.

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