I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 127 - The Solution to The Impasse

Chapter 127: The Solution to The Impasse

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Everyone was completely disheartened, causing them to lay down like a bunch of salted fish.

“I haven’t even had my chance in life to shine yet, am I just going to starve to death here?” Luo Ziping stared at the vast expanse of nothingness around him, lamenting to himself.

“I haven’t even seen my idol yet.” Xiao Chou said regretfully.

“Sigh… I haven’t read enough books.” Zong Yongyan’s expression was full of sorrow.

“I haven’t even had a boyfriend.” Tears welled up in Miao Tian’s eyes.

“I just received an inheritance, turns out it was all destined to just be empty joy… These ruins are such a f*cked up place!” Sun Shenglian’s chest rose and fell drastically in rage.

An Lin rubbed his brows. “Are you guys giving up already?”

“What can we do instead?” Miao Tian looked toward An Lin.

Everyone else also turned their attention to An Lin.

An Lin was completely unable to think of a solution either, he felt as if his head was filled with mush.

He slapped his forehead and lay back down on the ground, releasing a long sigh. He didn’t feel like talking anymore.

“Sigh, just what the hell is this little white ball? It can shoot indefinitely and it’s so powerful, isn’t it the ultimate weapon?” Luo Ziping complained after a long moment of silence.


Shoot indefinitely?

An Lin’s eyes lit up and he suddenly jumped up from the ground. “Let me do an experiment!”

Everyone was startled by An Lin’s rise from the dead.

An Lin pulled out a black brick from his storage ring.

That’s right, this was none other than the Chaotic Alloy Brick!

“Strongest material in the world… it’s all up to you now.” He looked at the black brick in his hand, unwilling to part with it.

Everyone looked toward him quizzically, what was he doing with that brick?

An Lin was very anxious. If he lost this brick, he would lose his ability to soar through the clear blue sky.

But… he had to try this for a chance at survival…

“Black brick… it’s all up to you now!”

An Lin steeled his heart and tossed the black brick toward the wooden bridge.

The white ball instantly reacted, shooting a beam of white light toward the black brick.


A resounding boom erupted for the first time throughout the space as powerful energy fluctuations burst forth from the collision between the black brick and the white light.

After that…

The black brick was completely unharmed!

Everyone looked on in shock.

An Lin began to roar with laughter.

Immediately after this, the white ball began to shoot forth multiple beams of white light.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

The black brick was being repeatedly struck, but it still valiantly hung on.

“Let the tempest strike harder!”

An Lin saw a glimmer of hope and shouted. “Expand! Expand! Expand! Expand…”

The black brick expanded to become a super-sized black brick of around thirty feet.

The white ball began to emit white beams of light at an even faster frequency, seemingly as if it felt provoked by the brick.

Booming sounds continued to resound throughout the space, yet the Chaotic Alloy Brick, which was black and hard, remained completely unharmed despite the white ball’s relentless assault.

“Awe… awesome, Big Brother An, to be able to completely ignore the white ball’s assault, what’s the story with your brick?” Luo Ziping looked on in a daze.

A thought flashed into Zong Yongyan’s head and he tossed a spirit stone behind the black brick.

A beam of white light flashed around the black brick, reducing the spirit stone to dust.

He sighed lightly… it seems like they couldn’t use the black brick as a shield.

“What do we do now?” Xiao Chou asked whilst looking toward An Lin.

Although the black brick was completely immune to the white ball’s attacks, they still couldn’t cross the bridge and inject their energy into the white ball.

An Lin sat back down onto the ground with a tranquil expression. “We wait.”


Xiao Chou scratched his head in confusion, and everyone else also gave An Lin puzzled looks.

An Lin smiled calmly. “I don’t know what this white ball is, but I’m sure it doesn’t have an infinite source of power. Even the most powerful cultivator would need a chance to catch their breath after unleashing too many techniques, let alone this machine.”

Zong Yongyan became stirred from the idea. “You’re saying to wait until the energy in the white ball is completely depleted?”

“Exactly.” An Lin nodded.

Hope reignited in everyone’s hearts as they grasped An Lin’s idea.

It was true that there was nothing in this world that could continuously attack indefinitely with no cooldown required.

This wasn’t a perpetual motion contraption, surely it still had to abide by the law of conservation of energy.

“But… how long will it take for the energy to be depleted?” Sun Shenglian asked after a moment of hesitation.

Everyone fell into silence again.

This was a critical point!

What if the white ball was able to maintain this assault for ten thousand years?

When that time came, all that would be left would be a pile of skeletons and the black brick, still under the white ball’s assault…

An Lin didn’t have any solutions to that either.

He smiled slightly. “In any case, we only have this one course of action available to us, so let’s just wait.”

Waiting was a very boring activity so they had to do something to distract themselves.

An Lin pulled out a board game from his storage ring.

“Let’s play Werewolf!” he suggested.

Everyone looked at him in a daze, what the hell was that?

However, everyone was immediately on board with the idea after hearing the rules of the game from An Lin.

As there weren’t enough people to play, An Lin roused Xiao Hong and got her to join in in her human form.

Xiao Hong transformed as requested.

She was still wearing the red dress that Xu Xiaolan had given her, and the dress on her was as vibrant as fire, making her resemble a seductive cherry blossom.

Zong Yongyan and Luo Ziping had their souls escape their bodies upon seeing Xiao Hong’s extremely alluring human form.

They only recovered to their senses after a long while, before turning to An Lin with admiring looks.

As there were only seven people, the formation An Lin decided on was:

Two werewolves, three villagers, one witch, and one judge.

The game was split into two camps, the werewolf camp and the villager camp.

The villagers used voting as their tool and would secure victory after voting to execute all the werewolves.

The werewolf camp hid amongst the villagers, utilizing the night to slaughter and using voting to kill off villagers as tools to secure victory.

The judge was the referee.

The witch belonged to the same camp as the villagers and could either poison someone or revive someone.

Aside from the judge, no one knew each other’s identities.

Even the werewolves only knew their own identity, so this game was completely based on theorizing and acting.

An Lin was the judge for the first few games and everyone gradually became familiar with how the game worked.

After that, they began to immerse themselves into the game.

Thump… Thump… Thump… Thump…

The background music was from the beams of white light striking the black brick, creating a steady percussive beat much like hype music played in clubs. It was actually pretty good to listen to.

Xiao Hong was normally just a cute little flower, but the game of Werewolf had transformed her into a top-notch actress. No matter what she acted out, she did it to perfection, making everyone completely unable to discern what was true and what was false. She was simply a nightmare to anyone in the enemy camp.

Even An Lin himself was extremely shocked, as if he was getting to know Xiao Hong for the second time.

Her control of her own minute expressions, as well as her analysis of the minute body language of others, was a spectacle to behold!

It had to be said, Xiao Hong was indeed a genius in some areas.

A long while later, a white-robed figure suddenly appeared beside him, startling him.

“Two werewolves, three villagers, one witch… this is an unreasonable formation. From the calculations of the mastermind, in the same situation, the probability of the villagers winning each game is 46.7649%…”

Everyone looked toward Bai Ling with shock, unsure of what she was implying with her analysis.

Bai Ling ignored everyone’s gazes and excitedly continued with her analysis. “If it was two werewolves, four villagers and one witch, that would make the game a lot more balanced.”

An Lin grimaced before forcing himself to calm down. “So what you’re saying is?”

“Let me play.” Bai Ling suggested.

“I refuse!” An Lin replied without any hesitation.

Bai Ling: “…”

“Big Brother An! Did you forget what we just discussed?” Luo Ziping reminded.

Everyone’s eyes lit up as they reacted to Luo Ziping’s comment, their fighting spirits instantly igniting.

“Mountain Quaking Fist!”

“Wind Slash Trap Formation!”

“Cop a blow from Xiao Chou!”

“Shimmering Spirit Sword!”

“White Wheel of Destruction!”

“Pummeling Fist of The Red Demon!”

Bai Ling sighed lightly, exasperation appearing on her face.

Thump thump thump… Bang bang bang… Clatter clatter clatter… Puff puff puff…

Aside from Xiao Hong who wasn’t aware of what was going on, everyone else was beaten, bruised and battered, lying limply on the ground…

Three minutes later.

Everyone closed their eyes.

Bai Ling and Xiao Hong opened their eyes, both pointing to Zong Yongyan at the same time before exchanging a knowing smile.

An Lin remained expressionless. “The sun has risen, you may open your eyes.”

Everyone opened their eyes before An Lin announced to them. “Zong Yongyan has been killed, please state your final words.”

Zong Yongyan waved his fan whilst giving a serious and thorough analysis of the game.

And just like that, the eight of them continued harmoniously in their games of Werewolf…

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