I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 125 - The Despair of Being Hard Sold

Chapter 125: The Despair of Being Hard Sold

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The man with the spinal staff was clearly targeting An Lin with the objective of eliminating him first.

An Lin had wounds all over his body at this point and blood was pouring freely from all of them.

Even Xiao Chou had sustained some terrible injuries, the most prominent being a wound on his chest which had already cut into bone.

Xiao Chou didn’t have any trump cards and nor did anyone else have anything that could flip the tables, how was he supposed to fight on?

Lightning Manipulation Technique?

Even survival was a major problem here, he couldn’t afford to distract himself by using the Lightning Manipulation Technique.

Celestial Might Technique?

This technique was perhaps ok for scaring weaker opponents into submission, but it couldn’t do sh*t against a stronger opponent.

What about the brick?


Only after encountering a powerful foe did An Lin realize that the number of trump cards he had was pitifully low.

Miao Tian, Zong Yongyan, and the others could only use guerilla warfare to distract the opponent at best, only An Lin and Xiao Chou could land a killing blow.

There’s no other way, he could only take a gamble with his life now…

A feral expression appeared on An Lin’s face as he relinquished all defense, instead choosing to fight fire with fire, stabbing straight forward with the Evil-Slaying Sword.

He wasn’t powerful enough to unleash the full power of this semi-immortal weapon, but its insane sharpness was something that he could rely on!


An Lin’s blood splattered all over the ground.

Even with the Earth Lotus Supreme Skill, the black staff projection still cut a massive gash into An Lin’s body, spreading from his shoulder to his back.

The man was also taken by surprise and the Evil-Slaying Sword embedded itself into his chest. Xiao Chou took advantage of this opportunity to swing his staff toward the man’s head!

The staff flashed through the air at an extreme speed, bringing with it a vast amount of power.

If the man was struck by this blow, his skull would most likely be smashed into pieces.

However, at this moment, his body began to twist like a snake again.


An Lin flicked out a red nail with his left hand, propelling the nail at an extremely high speed toward the man’s head, just as he completed his twisting motion!

This nail was none other than the Immortal Tool, the Realm-Piercing Nail.

He wasn’t powerful enough to pierce through the air itself or pulverize array formations with the nail, but the extreme penetrating power of the nail was still a property it retained.

The nail flew through the air and instantly punctured the man’s skull, leaving a trail of blood in its wake.

Wind Spirit!

Rings of wind appeared underfoot as An Lin accelerated sharply, instantly appearing in front of the man.

The wound in the man’s head was still wriggling, as if it was trying to self-regenerate. It was clear that this alone was not enough to kill him.

That was why An Lin charged toward him at such high speeds, trying to take advantage of this opportunity.


An Lin roared as he swung the Evil-Slaying Sword in front of him, creating a pure black sword projection.

The sword projection flashed through the air, slicing the man’s body cleanly in half.

Blood sprayed forth in a fountain but An Lin did not dare stop.

He swung out countless sword projections with the Evil-Slaying Sword, slicing his opponent’s body into dozens of pieces!

“Huff, huff…”

He breathed heavily as his body shook slightly, evidently weak from overexertion.

“Who wants to continue? And whoever can use fire here, burn the remnants!”

An Lin instructed whilst staring down at the pile of body parts on the ground.

Although An Lin’s suggestion was a little cruel, everyone was still very much in agreement. It was better to be safe than sorry.

Luo Ziping unleashed his Blaze Implosion Technique, thoroughly roasting the pile of flesh on the ground.

An Lin grabbed a few Blood Restoration Pills from his storage ring, handing a few to Xiao Chou and also consuming some himself.

His injuries were extremely severe, the Blood Restoration Pills could only stabilize his condition. It was impossible for him to make a full recovery in a short time.

At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded throughout the venue. “Trial completed!”

Immediately after this, everyone’s vision darkened before brightening once again.

Everyone once again found themselves in a pure white space, in the center of which was a black ball.

“Mountain Quaking Fist!”

An Lin roared as he unleashed a Mountain Quaking Fist at the black ball.

Everyone was startled by An Lin’s action at first, before nodding their approval at his quick thinking.


An extremely powerful explosion resounded throughout the space, but the black ball remained completely undamaged, not even moving an inch.


The Realm-Piercing Nail subsequently struck the black ball, creating a sharp screeching sound, but was still unable to break through its defense.

“Hey, how could you damage public infrastructure like this?” Bai Ling wore a displeased expression upon her return.

“What of it? Come fight me, b*tch!”

An Lin was extremely pissed off at Bai Ling. F*ck, he hadn’t even held her accountable yet for pretending to be deaf and screwing them over!

He charged toward the black ball as he spoke, wielding the Evil-Slaying Sword.


A white figure flashed to his side.


An open palm flashed through the air before forcefully colliding with his face.

A terrifying force sent him spiraling into the air, coughing up blood as he went, before falling heavily to the ground.

Bai Ling wore a cold expression, her hand still poised in a slapping pose.

Everyone stood rooted to the spot in shock.

Holy f*ck! How could she hit someone?

Wait, no, how did she have a physical body?

An Lin was the most shocked out of everyone.

He crawled up from the ground whilst massaging his red and swollen face, staring toward Bai Ling with incredulity, as if he had just seen a ghost.

“You provoked me.” Bai Ling laughed coldly.

“You… I thought you didn’t have a physical body?” An Lin was in a slight daze as he looked at the white-robed woman in front of him.

“Who said the manifestation of the research institute mastermind couldn’t have a physical body?

“Also, the extent of the Purple Star Civilization’s technological advancements is something you cannot comprehend. Even if this is an abandoned research institute, there is still a reason for its existence.

“So don’t do anything rash because you won’t be able to handle the ensuing consequences.”

Bai Ling glared at An Lin during her monologue, clearly very displeased with his prior actions.

“Now, it’s time for the bloodline inheritance.” Bai Ling suddenly announced.

“We refuse the inheritance, please let us out!” An Lin implored earnestly.

Everyone else nodded emphatically.

Bloodline inheritance? So they could become a spinal-cord-wielding retard, programmed only for battle?

Are you kidding!?

“Hmm, good, we shall initiate the inheritance then.” Bai Ling smiled coldly.

Immediately after this, rays of light once again flashed out from the black ball before shining onto everyone.

“F*ck you! Can’t you understand human speech, we want to get out of here!”

An Lin was furious. Bai Ling was up to her old tricks, essentially hard selling the inheritance to them.

“Alpaca? [1. F*ck you has a very similar pronunciation to alpaca in Chinese]” Bai Ling shrugged, “We don’t have any alpaca bloodlines here so you can rest assured. The inheritance you will receive is definitely the supreme grade artificial bloodline from our research room.”

Everyone: “…”

They felt like they could no longer communicate with Bai Ling.

To be the meat on someone’s chopping board.

This was probably what that idiom was referring to…

Everyone sighed in resignation.

There was no way around it, the rest was just down to luck.

Obviously, it would be best if no one received the inheritance.

The film of light enveloped everyone as they all looked at each other anxiously, hoping that no one would close their eyes like last time.

Fortunately, everyone seemed quite normal, the situation Sun Shenglian experienced did not repeat itself.

Just as An Lin let out a sigh of relief, Bai Ling’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Congratulations, you have received the extremely rare Golden Crow bloodline inheritance! It must be said, this is a fantastic inheritance!”

The direction Bai Ling was pointing at was toward An Lin…

“Me?” An Lin pointed to himself with a dazed expression.

Bai Ling shook her head, pointing a slim finger at An Lin’s pocket.

At this moment, An Lin’s pocket began to rustle as a dainty red head popped out of the opening.

A delicate voice sounded.

“So loud!

“Can’t you let me sleep? Who keeps chattering in my head!?”

An Lin: “…”

Holy sh*t, how did he forget about this!?

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