I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 124 - Turns Out It Was All A Trap

Chapter 124: Turns Out It Was All A Trap

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An Lin grimaced again when Bai Ling mentioned the mastermind realm.

Luckily, there was no interdimensional travel function available, otherwise, he would seriously think that he had accidentally entered the realm of a Chief God.

“Next, the light of the mastermind realm will shine upon you.

“There will be a certain probability that you will be able to receive part of its inheritance, but that will all be down to your luck.” Bai Ling said with a slight smile on her face.

Rays of light shot forth from the black ball, each ray of light enveloping one person.

Sun Shenglian’s brows furrowed as she shut her eyes tightly.

Everyone else was a little perplexed.

They all looked back and forth between one another, confusion written on all over their faces.

“Congratulations to her, she has successfully received the Metal Inheritance.” Bai Ling announced with a smile whilst pointing toward Sun Shenglian.

“What about us?” Luo Ziping, who was bruised and battered all over, was clearly a little disgruntled upon hearing this.

“You guys have failed.” Bai Ling shrugged indifferently.

Disappointment appeared on everyone’s faces upon hearing this. This method of passing down inheritance…

It simply wasn’t a good feeling to fight for your life, but then still have to enter a lottery to get the inheritance.

Another rush of dizziness struck as everyone returned to the original trial grounds. Sun Shenglian’s bright eyes also flashed open, her expression lit with delight.

“What inheritance did you receive, Student Sun?” An Lin asked curiously.

“Hmm… how do I put it, it’s a fraction of the Purple Star Civilization’s understanding of the metal element.

“It’s mostly to do with the power of bloodlines. I’ve received a lot of inspiration from this and it has also helped to further develop my understanding of swordsmanship!”

A bright smile burst forth on Sun Shenglian’s normally cold and expressionless face.

It was clear from her expression alone that she had reaped a lot of benefit from the inheritance.

So envious, what to do?

“Ahem… let’s continue on.” An Lin proposed.

Miao Tian and the others all raised both their hands in agreement.

After this, they came to a few more independent chambers which were filled with all sorts of research equipment. They couldn’t understand what the equipment was used for, nor even touch them. It was like walking through a museum.

That was the case until they came to another cavernous space.

Bai Ling appeared once again in her graceful white robe, waving to everyone with a slight smile.

“Welcome to the Trial of Bloodlines, the probability of surviving this trial is 30%. What you have to do is kill the artificially-altered humanoid here.

“Those that pass the trial have a chance of receiving the bloodline inheritance of the research room.” Bai Ling explained.

The bloodline inheritance of the research room?

A peculiar feeling suddenly welled up in An Lin’s heart. “Wait, when you say bloodline inheritance, what kind of bloodline inheritance is this?”

Bai Ling replied with a smile. “This is referring to the bloodline inheritance artificially created in this research room. It is a product of the Purple Star Civilization, so naturally, it’s a product of supreme quality!”

An Lin: “…”

Why did she sound like a door-to-door saleswoman?

“Those monsters in the glass pillars from the Bloodline Fusion Research Room, do they have anything to do with your bloodline inheritance?” Zong Yongyan suddenly linked the two together.

“Oh, those were just failed experiments of the bloodline inheritance. Don’t worry, the inheritance that I’m offering is the completed product.” Bai Ling replied expressionlessly.

A feeling of unease grew in everyone’s hearts upon hearing this. It felt like they were being forced into doing a human body experiment, the reward just didn’t seem worth it.

“Big Brother An, let’s go explore another room instead.” Miao Tian suggested with unease.

An Lin nodded, this place was huge anyway, there should be other places worth exploring.

“We refuse to take part in this trial.” An Lin said to Bai Ling.

“You agree to take on the trial? Great, the trial begins now, good luck to you all.” Bai Ling smiled to everyone before disappearing on the spot.

An Lin: “???”

Everyone was completely baffled.

Holy f*ck, was she deaf!?

They had clearly refused!

“F*ck, we’ve been screwed over!” Luo Ziping cussed.

Everyone also began to come to the same realization and an expression of indignant rage appeared on their faces.

There was definitely something fishy about this Bai Ling!

No… there was something fishy about this whole damn set of ruins!

At this moment, a hole began to slowly open up in the ground.

A cylindrical glass pillar slowly rose up through the hole, filled to the brim with red liquid.

A door on the glass pillar opened and the liquid inside came gushing out.

“Be careful now!” An Lin cautioned everyone with a grave look on his face.

An extremely powerful presence emanated out from the glass pillar.

A man walked out slowly from the glass pillar, panting under his breath, resembling a demon from hell.

Both of his eyes were bright red and his hands had already transmuted into scaled dragon claws.

He extended a dragon claw behind him, before pulling out a jagged, bony spinal cord from his back and revealing a bloodthirsty smile to everyone.

His smile was extremely cold, sending shivers down everyone’s spine.

Suddenly, he began to move. He charged forward at an alarming speed, making his body appear as if it was a black line.


An Lin roared before unleashing a Mountain Quaking Fist at the oncoming humanoid creature.


The Mountain Quaking Fist was much more powerful now that An Lin had reached the Spirit Nurturing Initial Stage. The entirety of the trial grounds was lit up by a strong golden light.

Everyone dispersed at An Lin’s instructions, giving An Lin and Xiao Chou space to do battle.

The man swung down toward An Lin’s golden fist with his spinal staff, creating a black staff projection which immediately tore through the Mountain Quaking Fist with ease, looking as if its momentum hadn’t even been hindered.

An Lin’s pupils contracted drastically, clearly not expecting his most powerful move to be dealt with so easily by his assailant.

Xiao Chou let out a roar and swung his silver staff toward the man.

An ear-splitting screech erupted as the silver staff and the spinal staff made contact, causing sparks to fly everywhere. The terrifying shock wave immediately knocked Xiao Chou into the air like a rag doll.

No… he couldn’t hesitate now.

An Lin retrieved a Soul Formation Stage sword talisman from his storage ring and immediately poured forth his vital energy!

“Unyielding Frost Sword!”

He roared as his vital energy flowed into the talisman.

And then, the talisman had no reaction…

Holy f*ck, a talisman misfire!?

An Lin was shocked at the turn of events but still had the presence of mind to switch to another talisman which he immediately began to activate.

However, he immediately felt an invisible restrictive force, rendering him completely unable to activate the talisman.

The man wielding the spinal staff was already charging toward him at a great speed!

Suddenly, a flywheel flew toward him.

The man waved his spinal staff and immediately knocked the flywheel away.

But in the instant during which his attention was diverted, countless sword projections and blades of wind had already enveloped him.


The energy from the attacks began to implode in quick succession, radiating outwards.

It was at this moment that An Lin summoned his Evil-Slaying Sword.

The man charged out of the explosion radius, before striking out with his spinal staff.

He sure was fast!

However, An Lin had already activated the Divine Inspection Technique and his eyes began to turn white as he mercilessly wielded the Evil-Slaying Sword to strike at a chink in his opponent’s defense.

The man’s expression stiffened and he instantly halted his momentum, twisting his body to an unnatural angle as if he was a snake, thereby evading An Lin’s sword strike.

Such quick reactions!

An Lin was quite shocked, even the calculated attack he unleashed after using the Divine Inspection Technique flaw analysis was evaded by his opponent. This was the first time he had encountered a situation like this in battle.

The man immediately counterattacked after dodging An Lin’s strike, swinging his spinal staff toward An Lin, creating countless black staff projections.

An Lin was forced into complete retreat mode.

Even after activating the Divine Inspection Technique to facilitate attack and evasion analysis, he was still unable to follow his opponent’s fearsome speed and destructive power. In no time, multiple wounds had appeared all over his body.

At this moment, Xiao Chou had also recovered and re-entered the fray wielding his silver staff.

However, Xiao Chou’s return didn’t help the situation much, An Lin’s opponent still decidedly had the upper hand against him.

If things continued like this, the number of wounds on his body would only continue to increase and he would probably die from excessive blood loss.

“Xiao Chou, use a trump card technique to buy me some time, an instant is enough!”

An Lin roared.

Xiao Chou grimaced. “I don’t have any trump card techniques!”

An Lin: “…”

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