I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 533 - Final Arc Part V

Chapter 533 - Final Arc Part V

When Gu Wei looked at Yu Chen, the questions popping up in his mind were immediately answered. The ice and darkness that enveloped Yu Chen’s being as he watched the garbage truck slowly rolling out of the designated spot, taking the flowers and chocolate with it was just too much, it made Gu Wei feel strong chills crawling under his skin. Holy hell! Did the boss send those flowers and chocolate to someone and that someone threw it away?! He was waiting for that someone to come out and what he ended up with was this?!!

Gu Wei could not help but let his mouth hang open and gape. He was utterly speechless for a long while until he began to feel angry and feel bad for Yu Chen. This was probably the very first time he saw Yu Chen did something like this for anyone and yet... my god, why was his boss so unlucky? He did not know his boss was into someone who does not like him. But why did that person had to go and throw them away?! Goodness! How cruel! The audacity of that person doing this to a man like Yu Chen! His poor boss!

Even Juu stiffened and he looked utterly disappointed and angered. In fact, this too was the very first time Gu Wei saw Juu, the robot-like young man show some form of human emotions clearly on his face.

Troubled with what was going on, Gu Wei looked at Zhou Yuan and the man simply shrugged. Both of them didn’t know what to do or say in this situation.

"Let’s go." Came a very cold and emotionless voice, jolting Gu Wei out of his stupor and contemplation. Did his voice become even colder? My god, he could already smell disaster rushing straight at them.

"To... Scarlet Hill?" Gu Wei hedged.

"No." Yu Chen lifted his hand towards his perfect tie and yanked it. The fire in his eyes was so dangerous Gu Wei already knew what he was planning to do. He needed a place to vent his anger as soon as possible or else...

Without wasting a moment further, Gu Wei immediately accelerated the car to their destination.


Last night, before midnight struck, a handsome superstar named Yu Jinhan arrived secretly at Everdream apartment. He had just entered the elevator when a delivery boy holding a bouquet of flowers and chocolate box joined him inside the elevator.

Yun Jinhan was wearing a mask and he too was holding a bouquet of flowers. He creased his brows at the sight of the flowers the delivery boy was holding with great care. It was because the flowers the delivery boy was holding was the priciest bouquet available in the city. He had wanted to order the exact same bouquet, but he did not manage to secure it from that luxury flower shop. Yun Jinhan decided not to sweat it since he was aware that the luxury flower shop was known to accept orders from the richest in the list of buyers and decline the lowest bidder.

It had greatly frustrated Yun Jinhan when he found out that his request was declined. He was a superstar. One of the richest celebrities that one could find. How could this damned flower shop ignore him? The man silently sneered when he saw the chocolate box the delivery boy was holding.

Yun Jinhan knew that his girlfriend would definite like these kinds of flowers and especially that luxury brand of chocolate. But despite knowing that she was going to be happy if he had bought her a box of chocolate, Yun Jinhan did not get one this time around. Instead, he had purchased a diamond ring because he was going to propose to her tonight.

As the elevator ascended, Yun Jinhan was still silently looking at the flowers when his eyes caught sight of the card stuck on the bouquet. He could not read the personal message that was on the inside, but it was obvious that this was a present for someone’s birthday looking at the birthday wish printed on the front of the card. It seemed that there was someone else having a birthday as well in this apartment. He could not help but wonder who this man was who could manage to secure this luxurious bouquet when even he could not. This man must be an even larger fish than him.

When the elevator dinged at a certain floor, the door swished open smoothly. The two of them then stepped out one after another on the same floor and Yun Jinhan’s frown creased even deeper into his forehead when they both seem to be headed towards the same direction.

He began to slow down his footsteps and deliberately fall behind the delivery boy, looking suspicious as he followed along the same path the boy was taking. When the boy stopped in front of his girlfriend’s door, he halted in surprise as his face darkened.

The boy was about to press the doorbell when Yun Jinhan interrupted him. "Is this delivery made for Luo Xiaolei?" he asked politely, putting on a fake gentlemanly smile.

"Yes." The delivery boy checked his delivery details and nodded in assent, blinking at Yun Jinhan.

"Actually, Xiaolei isn’t home yet. She sent me back first so you can just hand over the presents to me. I’ll make sure to bring it inside for you." he offered generously, making sure he smiled even wider.

When the boy hesitated, Yun Jinhan sighed. "I’m her brother. Do you need proof of identification?" Yun Jinhan tapped out the passcode discreetly and the door opened. He pushed the front door open and stood in the doorway, looking certain and poised as his role of Luo Xiaolei’s "brother". He could only keep up the pretence in looking confident and hope that the delivery boy did not decide to ask him to prove his identity as her brother.

Yun Jinhan extended his hands expectantly and arched his brow, indicating that he was still waiting to receive the flowers and the box of chocolate on his sister’s behalf. The delivery boy was intimidated by Yun Jinhan’s cool and composed stare and did not know how to respond and could only give in.

"Here you are, sir. Please pass these gifts to Miss Luo Xiaolei. Would you kindly sign off here?" the delivery boy had Yun Jinhan sign off the acceptance form and thanked him.

As soon as the delivery boy was gone, Yun Jinhan stared down viciously at the flowers, ripped the card off the wrapping and rudely opened it to read the message written within.

[Happy Birthday Xiaolei. I’m waiting for you in front of your apartment. ~Y.C.]

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