I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 532 - Final Arc Part IV

Chapter 532 - Final Arc Part IV

At Scarlet Hill.

Yu Chen and Zaki had just left the lab when Zaki began to tease the stoic man that was walking alongside him. The necessary preparations for Kyuu’s treatment had been settled and the procedures were already underway. Everything seems to be going perfect as planned. Apart from Davi, all the other doctors and scientists who had been working together at the lab were confident as well, so it was understandable that everyone was enthusiastic. It had been years after all that they had been working on this. It is time to observe and reap the harvest of all their labours.

"Now that our problem is about to be solved, I think that it’s time for me to help you solve your problem now." Zaki said, unable to stop grinning. He could not help but give a couple of jabs of his elbow into Yu Chen’s sides.

But Yu Chen was as expected, the ultimate epitome of an unresponsive lump of marble. Zaki rolled his eyes dramatically at his non-response.

"Oh c’mon, stop being such a bore, you statue. You’ll grow old alone, cold, and mouldy, at this rate." Zaki continued pestering him. "Ah, right-o. By the way, I took the liberty in entering your study before I left Scarlet Hill and..."

Yu Chen finally faced him. It was obvious he did not like the fact that Zaki had so casually infiltrated his study without even him knowing nor noticing that anything was amiss. This man truly knew how to be irritating to the extreme!

Zaki’s grin went even wider. "I thought you were hiding in there, but it turned out I was wrong." Zaki shrugged, unrepentant. "Oh well, no harm done. I didn’t touch anything, I swear. Buuuut... I did get a glimpse of something interesting."

Mischief flooded Zaki’s eyes as he leaned in on Yu Chen and wiggled his eyebrows at the younger man. "I find it extremely rare finding that you had marked out a certain date in your calendar. You never do that. Your calendar and everything else were never marked out before. What’s with May 12th ... hmm? Are you meeting up with someone very special on that day? Are you finally meeting up with your first love?"

Yu Chen seemed to stiffen up a little and uncomfortably looked away. But that was enough for Zaki to zero in and activate his match maker mode.

"Well, well, well... It’s indeed about time. Now tell me, my dear little bro. Is it a date? C’mon, tell me so this big bro can give you some valuable tips." Zaki moved from Yu Chen’s left and then over to his right like an annoying little kid. "Wait!" suddenly, Zaki yelled and then halted. Something seemed to finally click in his mind. "Ahhh, how could I forget? May 12th is Luo Xiaolei’s birthday!"

Zaki had done a background check on Luo Xiaolei’s profile previously and thus he knew about this little detail. Grinning crazily, Zaki dr.a.p.ed his arm over Yu Chen’s shoulder. "So, you’re going to meet her on her birthday! Atta boy! You’re finally making a move. What are your plans?"

"I don’t have any plans yet."

". . ."

Silence reigned for a moment before Zaki slapped his palms against his forehead and sighed dramatically.

"Geez. Are you sure you’re a young man and not an oldie stuck in a wrong body? It’s already tomorrow! How could you not have any plans thought out yet?!" Zaki yelled at him, shaking his head.

"Come here, you, big piece of log. We need to have a very serious heart to heart talk, little bro." Zaki nagged as he threw his arms around Yu Chen’s neck and literally dragged him off to follow him.


The next day, before midnight.

In a lowkey black car parked across the luxurious Everdream apartment building, Gu Wei and Zhou Yuan were silently glancing across at each other. Sometimes, they glanced at the man behind them who had yet to utter a single word ever since the car stopped and parked at this very same spot.

Juu who was sitting beside this same man also wore the same expression, both acting as though they were blocks of wood.

They had been in that spot for hours now. Gu Wei was so bored that he had started to shift around uncomfortably in his seat as if something was bothering him. He always preferred jumping in the middle of a bloody war than stay silent and still in the car for hours without even knowing what exactly they were doing or who were they waiting for.

Letting out another long-drawn sigh, Gu Wei glanced at Yu Chen again. His stony gaze was still steadily fixed towards the entrance of the building as if he were waiting for someone to come out. They have literally been camping out there the moment midnight struck, and the colour of dawn was already painting the night sky lighter! My god, he was desperately begging in his mind that the boss would just give the orders to go back to Scarlet Hill and that he could spar with every strong man there was! But he could not. He had to stay by his big boss’ side whether he liked it or not! This was pure torture for an action-first person like himself.

The next time he glanced at the devil, Gu Wei finally saw him moving. At long last! Did the person he was waiting finally showed up?

He whipped his head towards the hotel’s entrance and what he saw made him blink in confusion.

Gu Wei could see a garbage collector holding a bouquet of flowers, bringing it to the garbage truck. That flower... and that box of chocolate... he remembered Zaki showing these same items in a picture to Yu Chen just the other day. He had peeked at Zaki’s phone, so Gu Wei was quite certain that the flowers and that box were the exact the same ones.


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