I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 531 - Final Arc Part III

Chapter 531 - Final Arc Part III

As soon as they finished their pleasant family dinner, Davi and Hinari merrily chatted away like little magpies without stopping in the living room. Little Shin was reading a book on the couch while Little Sera was cosily bundled in Davi’s arms.

Zaki and Sei who had withdrawn towards the back door a while ago were in their usual spot where the two always have their brotherly talk.

"Davi’s formula is already complete. And Kyuu is set to be the first to receive the treatment once we return." Zaki said as he leaned against the wall, looking up the clear night-time sky. A glimmer of hope could be seen shining in his eyes.

"I see. I’ll make sure to be there when it’s your turn." Sei replied.

Grinning, Zaki ran his fingers through his hair. "No need for you to come, Sei. You have two children to watch over here."

"I can always bring them with me."

"Really, you don’t need to."

"I have to be there." Sei insisted and Zaki could only sigh, though he was still smiling and looking extremely glad and relieved. They finally have a hope with Davi’s breakthrough formulas.

"Alright... fine." he relented and stared up at the sky again, seemingly lost in his thoughts. "It still felt like a dream." Zaki added after a long silence, his voice quiet but hopeful.

Seeing the tremendous change in Zaki, Sei smiled. He could no longer see the hint of uncertainty and hopelessness in Zaki’s eyes.

Sei rested his hand on his brother’s shoulder and patted it gently.

"Your wife is really amazing." Zaki said after a short silence, his voice clearly reflecting awe and appreciation.

"She is." Was all Sei said, looking proud and relieved as well.

"I always wonder how I can even thank her for all the things she has done for us." Zaki said shyly. In the past years, Zaki had seen all of Davi’s sacrifices and hard work to save them. It had always made Zaki feel bad that she had to be separated from her loved ones – husband and two beautiful children – because of them but he could not do anything about it because apart from the fact that Davi herself was extremely determined, he also desperately wanted to live.

The news of Davi’s success had given Zaki so much joy and happiness he had nearly broken down and cried when he first heard it. He had hugged Juu and Kyuu and could not even form a single word of gratitude when he faced Davi. Thankfully, Davi had already understood him very well at this point and only gave him a tight meaningful hug, smiled widely at him, and then told him he could go ahead to break the good news to Hinari first.

All he could do was croak out a hoarse ’thank you’ and stare at Davi for a few quiet seconds with stinging red eyes before speeding off and leaving Scarlet Hill in flash. He could still remember the happiness and utter relief when he told Hinari about it. His wife had cried hard in his arms yesterday. And last night, they made love like there was no tomorrow. It had been so long since Zaki made love to her without any reservations and worries. Last night had been one of the best nights of his life. All thanks to Davi’s efforts in giving him the chance to live and spend the rest of his life together with his beloved Hinari. He could finally give her the child she had wanted for so long without any fear of leaving her behind, all alone.

"All Davi wanted is for you to live. Maybe she’d be happy if you and Hinari gives us a niece or nephew or both very soon." Sei winked at him and Zaki’s eyes glimmered with confidence.

Zaki was about to speak but was interrupted by the sound of an arriving helicopter.

"It’s already time, huh..." Zaki said, looking at his wristwatch.

The duo then entered the house to find and claim their wives. Sei had gone upstairs to check when he did not see either ladies in the living room and found Davi tucking the sleeping little Sera to bed. Looking at her as she kissed the little girl good night, Sei could not help but feel sad that it was time for them to be separated again. He moved towards his wife and hugged her from behind.

Davi let Sei hug her without saying anything, lifting her hand to his head and caressing his silky hair while her eyes continued staring at her sleeping little girl on the bed.

"You’ve been doing so well taking care of our children, darling." Davi complimented Sei in a gentle voice, smiling softly. Her heart could not help but feel sullen even though she knew the reason she had to leave them again. Leaving her heart and soul behind was getting tougher every time she had to repeat it.

"Thank you. I will keep doing my best." Sei tightened his grip on her and Davi turned to face him.

"I’m so proud of you, darling. I’m so lucky for having the best husband ever."

"Me too, love. I’m the luckiest guy alive for having you as my wife. I love you."

"Love you too." And they kissed and hugged each other for a long time.

The couple did not notice little Shin leaving the room when his father came, fully understanding that his parents needed their alone time.

The little guy headed downstairs, planning on waiting for his mother and uncle outside the house before sending them off. Kir had immediately escorted the little boy upon seeing him descending the stairs.

Kir, of course, was aware of the couple slightly concealed in the corner so he made sure to block Little Shin’s view until they were ’safely’ outside. What little Shin did not notice was that in the longue, Zaki and Hinari were kissing in the dark corner.

"My love... I wish I can come with you." Hinari muttered, burying her face into Zaki’s chest as she hugged his waist tightly, not willing to unglue herself from her husband.

Zaki hummed as he nuzzled his head against her hair, pulling her closer into his embrace until her body was moulded against him. He too, had not had enough of her yet. If possible, he would want to spend a little bit more time with her. But he knew he had to get going and it was not possible for her to come along with him.

"Me too..." he whispered, kissing her forehead. "But don’t worry my love. Just wait for a little while longer. Just a little while more..." He breathed out. His voice thick with promise.

Sighing, Hinari looked up and captured his lips again. "Yes, hubby... I will keep waiting for you, even if it takes a lifetime."

"I love you. Don’t worry, there is no need for you to wait that long, wife." Zaki chuckled at her slight fussing.

"I love you too."

After another emotional separation, Davi and Zaki finally boarded the helicopter and soon, they left the Chen’s residence and headed back to Scarlet Hill.


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