I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 530 - Final Arc Part II

Chapter 530 - Final Arc Part II

Davi woke up in Sei’s embrace the next morning, feeling the soreness from their intense love making last night. He was such a beast! A gorgeous and delicious beast! Even after the many years of their marriage to each other and with the addition of two wonderful children, their passion and desire for each other had not seemed to have waned in the least. If anything, she could have sworn that it actually increased over the years rather than mellow out.

"Thank you for coming home. I was on the verge of infiltrating Scarlet Hill to see you." Sei whispered as he tightened his hug around her waist.

"I knew you would do that if I delayed one more day." Davi chuckled as she imagined how the situation would turn out if he truly did such a thing. That would truly be a riot. "And I missed you, too... and our children. Thank you for taking care of them, darling." She landed a soft kiss on his lips, making him grin in satisfaction.

"It’s my responsibility as your husband, Davi. I would still take care of them even if you were not away. So, you really don’t have anything to worry about."

Smiling, Davi caressed his face gently. "Ah, I’m so lucky to have a husband like you."

"I’m the lucky one, darling." He smiled back and the couple embraced each other and falling back into the sheets, not wanting to leave the bed and just remain cuddling within each other’s embrace. It had been quite a while they were entangled in each other’s embrace, yet they still felt as if they could not hold each other long enough.

"How are they?" Sei then asked after a long while.

"Everything’s going really well, Sei." Davi replied looking hopeful and confident, her eyes suddenly sparkling as how it does whenever they discuss about her area of expertise. "A little bit more and we will be able to save them. Just a little bit more. We’re almost there."

"I’m happy to hear that. Did Zaki come back with you this time?"

"Yes. He actually came back earlier before me." Davi laughed out aloud when she told Seia about this.

"And he didn’t even have the decency to drop by to show up even for a moment... that guy...tsk, tsk, tsk..." Sei shook his head and pretended to look wounded and offended by Zaki’s ’thoughtlessness’.

Davi chuckled and poked him a couple of times in his ribs as she arched one of her brows. "You’re no longer his number one, Sei. And he missed his wife too."

"Well, it’s good that he has his very own priorities now." Sei laughed and combed his fingers through Davi’s hair lovingly. "How about Yu Chen and the others? I hope that man’s not causing you trouble."

The sigh that came out of Davi’s lips as soon as he mentioned Yu Chen, caused Sei to look at her with curiosity.

"I’m a little worried about him, honestly. I think he needs to learn to loosen up a bit. And it seems as if he’s going through something and he wasn’t willing to share anything to anyone, not even with Zaki. He’s always quietly leaving Scarlet Hill from time to time as well. He looked so lifeless to me." Davi said, looking concerned.

At that moment, Sei was about to speak when a knock on the door startled them both.

"Sir," came Kir’s voice. "The babysitter couldn’t coax the Little Miss from crying. She’s calling for you."

Abruptly, Sei rose from the bed and hastily grabbed his robe. Davi also rose but Sei told her to lay still.

"It’s fine, darling. I’ll go get her and bring her to you. Let’s give her a nice surprise too. Just stay there and have a little more rest." He said before striding off towards their daughter’s room.

She was about to stand but she felt her knees nearly giving out, thus, she ended up plunking herself down on the bed again. Face palming, Davi could only grab at her robe that was folded neatly and dr.a.p.ed over the table and put it on. How many rounds had they went at it last night? Gods, she could not even remember how many times.

"Mommy!!" a sweet and soft voice rang inside the room as soon as the door swung opened.

"Oh, my princess. Come here." Davi stretched out her hands as Sei handed the little girl that was kicking her legs and waving her arms in the air to her mother. "Oh my god. I missed you so much. Do you miss mommy too?"

Little Sera nodded and Davi just cuddled her, breathing in the delightful baby scent she was still giving off, feeling so emotional. When she first left her, she had cried a lot. It was a lot better now compared to back then but still, she could not help but tear up at the memory.

"Welcome home, mom." Another voice pulled at her attention and her baby boy was there, standing by the door, looking as fine and every bit as dashing as his father – only in miniature version. Her little Shin – the little cutie – was growing up fast.

"Come here, darling." She extended her free hand that was not carrying Sera to her son and Little Shin excitedly ran over to her.

Little Sera crawled to her father again while Davi hugged her son. She knew that Sera was a daddy’s girl, so she had long accepted that the little princess favoured her father much more over her.

While the mother and son were chatting and catching up on each other, Sei headed out with Sera in his arms to speak with Kir.

"Cancel all my appointment for today and keep my schedule clear." He told him and Kir blinked before hesitantly nodding. There were two very important meetings his boss was supposed to attend to today. But how could he say no to his boss’ orders?

"Y-yes, sir."


The rest of the day, the family did not bother leaving their home. They spent every moment – waking and sleeping – together until dinner came and it was almost time for them to part again.

Hinari and Zaki also finally made an appearance, holding onto each other’s hands as if they were glued together and never parting until they entered the dining hall and sat across Davi and Sei.

"Yo, Sei. Long time no see." Zaki grinned mischievously at his brother.

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