I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 529 - Final Arc Part I

Chapter 529 - Final Arc Part I

Two years later. Chen residence.

"There, there, little princess..." Sei was cradling Little Sera who was bawling her eyes out. Unlike her older brother, the little girl had such a volatile temperament that Zaki always ended up playfully calling her ’little devil’ when Sei was not around. "What’s wrong? Did someone displease you? Who dare make my lovely little princess cry? Hush now, darling... I shall scold whoever that insolent person is later... alright?" Sei sweet-talked and coaxed the little lass, in the hopes to subside her waterworks.

And just like that, it was successfully turned off. The seemingly angelic looking little girl flashed a hiccupping smile before she willingly settled her head onto Sei’s shoulder.

Sei gently rubbed her back until at last, her hiccups petered out and she finally fell asleep. Carefully, Sei signaled at Kir who had just emerged from the door to come closer towards him and whispered. "Go get my laptop in my study and bring it to my room."

"Yes, sir."

By the time Kir went to carry out Sei’s orders and reentered the master’s bedroom, little Sera was already deep in slumberland, happily sprawled out in the middle of the bed.

Kir went ahead and placed the laptop on top of the low table at the side of the room and silently left without notifying Sei.

After pulling the blanket over his daughter, Sei smiled and fondly kissed the little girl’s forehead before he walked towards the couch and faced his laptop.

It had been weeks since he last saw his wife. She had recently been busier more than ever and Sei could not even complain. He fully understood the reason why she was not able to even return home even for a day.

Thankfully, his time was pretty taken up with his little angel there being home with him. Little Sera’s presence was there to soothe him every time he misses Davi and somehow, he was able to survive quite alright despite the being separated from his beloved for a long time.

Sighing, Sei massaged the back of his neck and removed his glasses. His eyes were feeling tired and slightly hot and that told him that it was time to take a breather. He needed to watch for his own health and well-being as he had already promised Davi. If she found out, she would definitely be making a lot of noise and nagging him to no end. Thoughts of her antics brought a tender smile to his good-looking face. He grabbed his phone and tapped on his wife’s number. But he hesitated just before his fingers landed on the call icon.

It was already past midnight where she was. If she is not working, she must be sleeping by now. As much as he missed her. he was loath to disturb her as he knew she hardly gets enough rest as it is. But he really missed her... he wanted to at least hear her voice. It has been six days since they last spoke on the phone.

He let out another sigh and decided to put the phone down without dialing the number. However, after a few more minutes of going back and forth, he picked it up again and finally tapped the dial button.

A vibrating sound echoed, causing Sei’s brows to knot. Why was it that the vibrations seem to be more real and sounds as if it were coming from the same area that he was in?

He hurriedly rose from his seat and his eyes flew towards the door. The man froze at the sight that took him completely by surprise.

Davi had actually been standing by the door for a while now, watching her man being the loving and incredible father and husband that he was. She had missed him so bad and now that she was finally seeing him face to face, observing how he was the same, she could not help but let her smile grow wider. Her Sei looked dishevelled in his pyjamas but he still maintained that godly aura as he usually did, and she was already seduced just by watching him sit there rubbing the back of his neck as he stared at the ceiling.

"Darling..." he said in soundless bewilderment, not quite daring to believe what his eyes are seeing. Could he be hallucinating due to missing her too much?

And she started to move towards him, stumbling a little due to her walking too fast. Sei snapped out of his own reverie and quickly mirrored her steps. They both collided into each other and Sei held onto her so tightly that he ended up lifting her till her toes were not touching the floor.

He put her down and stared at her. "You surprised me," he said huskily, and his breathing became uneven as he nuzzled into her neck.

Davi gave a soft laugh. "I’m surprised you didn’t notice me standing at the door."

"I felt presence by the door, but I thought it was Kir."

Davi chuckled again, caressing his face lovingly. She always cherished the times when they were reunited after a long time being apart from each other. "I’ve missed you, Sei. So much..." her voice came out as a whisper.

"Missed you more, my love."

His mouth then seized hers and she responded eagerly. Their mouths mated with hunger and need. The weeks of not seeing each other and not touching each other had been such a torment and now that they were together again, they could hardly contain themselves.

"How’s our baby? Let me see her first." She whispered.

Sei had to force himself to let go of his delicious wife. He knew Davi missed their little angel too.

"I first checked our Sera’s room but when I saw that it was empty. I knew she’s with you, so I went to check on Little Shin first before coming here." She said as they both approached the bed. "Ah, I want to cuddle her."

"She just fell asleep after much coaxing, darling. She might wake up if you cuddle her." Sei hugged her from behind. She could feel his eager and hot erection pushing against her derriere.

"Alright..." she faced him but before Sei could kiss her again, Davi pressed her fingers against his lips. "I need to shower first, darling. I’ll be quick." After which Davi ran off quickly, laughingly avoiding Sei’s fingers by a hair’s breadth.

Sei could only sigh. As soon as Davi entered the bathroom, Sei looked at little Sera and carefully, he carried the little girl out of their room and brought her back to her own room.

"Sorry, princess. Let me have mommy for tonight. You can have her once you wake up in the morning." He whispered to the still sleeping little girl before he left.


Davi was already rinsing off when the bathroom’s door opened and Sei entered, completely n.a.k.e.d – proudly showcasing his well-defined abs and his hard and energetic shaft.

"I came to help you with your bath, my love." He said, smiling as he stared at his wife’s body. She was still as s.e.xy and lovely as ever, even after gifting him with two children.

She could only smirk at his statement as she let him join her under the shower. Both were clear on the fact that there would not be much bathing going on from this point onwards. And in the next few moments, the bathroom echoed with m.o.a.ns and e.r.o.t.i.c sounds of flesh slapping against flesh.

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