I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 534 - Final Arc Part VI

Chapter 534 - Final Arc Part VI

Scarlet Hill.

"Where is Yu Chen?" Zaki asked the men in Yu Chen’s mansion. He had just come from the sanatorium and decided to look for Yu Chen and Juu because Kyuu’s treatment had already started. Were not the other two supposed to be here? They were supposed to be supporting and standing up for each other!

"Seems like they had left last night... but I’m not sure why they have yet to return." One of the men answered. "Is there any problems Mr. Chen? Should I contact him?"

With a creased brow, Zaki sighed and rubbed his forehead, thinking hard and trying to recall if he had missed out on something important. But then, he suddenly remembered what day it was, and his darkened face slowly lightened up. Aahhh...there was that one important matter.

"No need. There’s no need to disturb the man." Zaki grinned knowingly, face full of understanding and then he simply turned away and strolled towards the door while humming happily, his steps light and bouncy. The men could do nothing but look on confusedly, not understanding what was going on with the sudden mood change. They just exchanged looks and shrugged. As long as they do not get into trouble, they would just follow instructions as it is being rolled out to them.

Zaki plopped himself down onto the spacious and luxurious sofa. He thought that he would just go ahead and wait here for Yu Chen and Juu to come back from their important errand before the three of them make their way back together to the sanatorium to check on Kyuu’s condition and how is he faring with the treatment so far.

"Alright, I guess I should take this rare chance and get a short nap." Zaki muttered to himself. He had not had the chance to catch any sleep last night – not even a quick 40 winks. His mind stayed awake thinking about Hinari and finally, about his future with her. The fact there was that word – future – was already exciting enough. And the further thought of finally being able to give her the bundle of joy she had been wanting so badly for so long made him so happy. And just as he imagined a little one joining their family, Zaki could not contain the swelling in his heart that he was unable to sleep at all last night from all the adrenaline rushing through his system. He had no idea he would be feeling this kind of joy and thrill just at the simple thought of his future child. He could not imagine how amazing it would be like when they truly welcomed their very own flesh and blood for real in the future.

Sitting there on his own, with a little silly grin, Zaki sighed again in contentment and a moment later, he drifted off to sleep.

He started to see Hinari’s happy face in his dreams. The surroundings were so bright and filled with nothing but contentment, happiness, and love. Zaki could also see that Sei, his brother, and his family, including Juu and Kyuu and Yu Chen were present as well. Everyone and everything looked perfect and blissful.

In his dream, the world was so beautiful and peaceful. If he were dreaming such a joyful world eight years ago, Zaki was certain he would find such a world as funny and impossible. But now, he somehow felt that it was not that far-fetched. This reality could actually happen in real life. And it would be happening very soon. Once he is cured, he will do everything in his power to make this dream become a reality for his family. He just knew that it will happen. All it needs is just a little bit more time. He just needs to be patient.

That afternoon, it started to rain. The wind was cool and the sounds of raindrops falling were so soothing, making the atmosphere even more perfect for a long, lazy nap.

But a frown started to form on Zaki’s peacefully sleeping face. He started to sweat and trash around on the sofa as if he were having a nightmare.

He began to m.o.a.n out in agony as the rain fell heavier, adding to the suffocating feeling surrounding Zaki. His eyes snapped open as he abruptly jumped off the sofa, eyes wide and wild looking, his breath coming out unevenly with coughs interspersed as though he had just emerged from underwater after being submerged for a long time.

Terror filled his eyes as he frantically looked around, hair mussed up and fists clenched up ready to attack at any slight provocation. The once bright and serene feeling inside the longue was long gone, now charged with an unknown tension. It was a little dark and cold and eerily quiet.

Slowly, Zaki forced himself to calm down and focus on his surroundings. His heartbeats were beating wildly in his ears. He could sense trouble. He could smell an ominous and heavy tension in the air and his instincts took over. How long has it been since he last felt something this extreme? How long has it been since something could actually force his inner beast to crawl out of its cave and consume him?

Still and alert like a predator waiting for another predator to come at him, Zaki lifted his cold eyes towards the entrance. "Come out," Zaki said, his voice sounded cold and murderous.

A chuckle that sounded almost innocent echoed around the area and a man dressed in all black stepped out from the shadows.

As soon as Zaki saw his face, his entire being froze with utter shock. That face, especially that seemingly unnatural white hair usually only commonly seen on an old person, and definitely not a young-looking man like him was something impossible for Zaki not to recognize even after so many years had passed. How? This man was supposed to be dead!!

"Long time no see, Zero. Remember me?" The handsome white-haired man greeted Zaki with an amiable smile that was reserved for old friends and Zaki could only utter one word.



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