I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 48 Step #12

Later that night, they were finishing dinner when Sei told her that he will leave Yijin as her body guard and that he should be with her everywhere she goes from now on.

"You mean, even when I go to my brother’s place and sleep there?" she asked.

"You can leave him outside," he replied and she could only cough lightly. Davi somehow noticed that when Sei was talking about someone else other than her, he seemed to switch back entirely to his usual stone cold and heartless tone.

He really didn’t mean it right? How could I leave such a pretty little boy outside?

An hour later, it’s time for Sei to leave, Davi could only stare intensely at Sei since she couldn’t perform her kiss and run anymore.

"I’m leaving," he said and then he turned his back and started walking away just like that.

Davi was sitting on the sofa while watching his back when she suddenly spoke.

"Uhh... w-wait!" she said hesitantly, causing Sei to immediately turned towards her. Davi shyly looked at the butler and Mr. Chen indicating that she wanted him to come closer. "I have something to say."

Seeing her shy expression, Sei walked closer to her right away. And when he finally stood right in front of her, Davi gestured that she wants to whisper something to him. Thus, Sei bend and moved his ear closer to her.

However, moments went by and no word came out of her mouth. Curious, Sei turned his face and at that very moment, a warm kiss suddenly landed on the tip of his nose. Well, that was an accident, Davi was planning to kiss his cheek but he turned and it happened.

At that exact moment. The two were both speechless. Davi instantly turned red and Sei remained staring at her, motionless.

Davi was actually in her mission mode.

’Step #12; occasionally surprise him with simple little things’

She wants to at least do something before he leaves. And the only thing she could do with her current situation was give him a surprise. Not knowing that she too ended up being surprised as well.

Realizing their closeness, Davi moved back as she bit her lip. "T-take care on your trip," she shyly said softly and the man finally moved.

"Mm," he uttered as he stood straight and patted her hair before he walked away and disappeared from her eyes.


The next day, Davi woke up being followed by an old man oozing with majestic elegance, who introduced himself as the new substitute butler, named Mr. Kazuki.

Davi was suspicious, she felt that there’s no way this man was just a butler. However, Mr. Gou was the one who introduced him to her so she could only think that she might only be thinking too much.

Days went by and Davi spent her time studying seriously in her study room. She didn’t come out until her feet finally healed.

Until a week went by...

"Ahh! Mr. Kazuki! What are you doing?" Davi rushed into the old butler who was obviously having a hard time carrying a pot of bonsai in his hand. Davi immediately took the pot away from him and held his hand.

"I told you right? Just let me do that. Ah, this," Davi took the cutter and gave it to him. "you can just cut the grasses here, okay?" A really worried expression was carved in her face so the old man could only laugh and obey her.

"Please don’t worry about me too much young miss, it isn’t that heavy."

"Oh, c’mon grandpa, please stop being stubborn. What will I do if you’ll hurt your back? I’m strong but I still can’t carry you, you know?"

"Fine, fine. Then let me cut the grasses. But, you’re a very special young miss so you shouldn’t be doing this kind of work. It really pained the heart of this old man."

"Haha. Now you’re the worrywart one grandpa. This job isn’t hard at all. And I like doing this myself so you don’t have to worry. I’m quite used with this as well."

"You truly are amazing, young miss."

"Of course I am." She replied with a playful smug face causing the old man to laugh and tease her back.

Davi then sighed in relief. Ever since this old man appeared in the house, Davi was never alone. The new butler has been sticking with her as soon as she came out of her room. The old man ate with her, and accompanied her in everything she did. He was even being a bit too stubborn, trying to help her in everything and making Davi worried occasionally. It was because the old man seemed weak, surely because of his age and he appeared as though he isn’t good in any household chores at all. However, the old man was really soft and cheerful, he always laughs with her, giving old jokes that cracks them both up every now and then. Thus, with just a short time, Davi immediately befriended him that she decided calling him, grandpa.

"Say grandpa, are you really a butler? No matter how I see it, you really don’t look like one at all."

"Haha. Just as I said, I’m simply a substitute so I’m currently a novice butler, young miss."

"Uhh. So stubborn."

"You’re the one stubborn young miss, do you know how many times you asked that same question to this old poor butler already?"

Davi was speechless. She sighed and could only give up from asking him. At least for now.

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