I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 47 Who is she calling cute?

Finally, the third movie has started.

At the beginning, Davi was serious and quiet. But while the movie was getting intense, she’s also getting wilder. She covers her eyes with the pillow when there’s intensely brutal scenes, hides behind Sei’s shoulders and tugs his shirt when the lead actor was about to be shoot to death and shouted the words "Run, run, faster!" multiple times with intense emotion. Leaving Sei even more enthralled by her unexpected quicksilver emotions.

And at the end of the movie, when the villain died a gruesome death, Davi’s eyes welled up.

That moment, Sei who’s already overflowing with wonders and curiosity, suddenly scrunched briefly. He didn’t expect her to cry just for that.

He immediately reached out the tissue paper on the table and gave it to her as he stared intently at her while she wiped her welling eyes. And seeing the girl’s expressions went through several transformations and the different emotions flashing in her eyes one after another, left him completely speechless. He couldn’t believe that even a lifeless little screen can make this girl laugh and cry at the same time, miraculously turning her into an emotional roller coaster.

Shortly after that, the guy who stayed motionless like stone and remained non-existent for more than three freaking hours finally returned to life and talked.

"He killed lots of people, why do you sympathize with him?" he asked, while his face was resting on his hand. Davi was stunned. She realized that she completely ignored him the whole time in the end. And more importantly, he never didn’t seem to care about the movies at all the whole time, why is he asking such question now?

The movie he was talking about was actually about a man who became a ruthless serial killer. He killed people mercilessly as if they were nothing but mosquitoes while the protagonist was hunting him down. However, at the end of the story, when the killer was killed gruesomely, a flashback appeared in his memory, showing the merciless death of his entire beloved family which caused him to get revenge and killed every people involved.

"Uh... hmm. I don’t know but It’s not like sympathizing with bad people’s misfortunes means i’m in his side, right? That man is too heartless and he still did wrong no matter what his reasons were and that’s what I think is the saddest part."

Upon hearing her statement, Sei went silent for a while then he reached out to smooth her hair, gently. Causing Davi to smile at him as if she’s already back to her normal self, 101%.

And seeing her regained her usual bright smile, Sei asked; "Still want to watch more?"

"Nope, my eyes are tired." She shook her head as she yawned and stretched her arms. "So? How was the movies?"

"Not bad." He immediately replied and Davi could only scratch her head. She knows it was only her who enjoyed it and she dared calling it a date.

"You got bored right?" she asked. And seeing her dulled expression, he opened his mouth as he patted her hair again gently.

"I didn’t have time to get bored because you’re noisy." He said and Davi immediately went speechless. "And unruly... and doesn’t stay still at all." He continued causing Davi’s mouth to hanged opened in disbelief.

"Pftt. Hahaha." Davi couldn’t hold her laughter. She abruptly reached out Sei’s hair and playfully messed it as she chuckled continuously, as if she was really amused to the core.

"Why are you being so cute today?" she continued as her eyes twinkled as if Sei just turned into an adorable little beast in her eyes again.

Davi’s words were unplanned and she simply said it reflexively. However, it was actually quite destructive in its own way.

As soon as the man heard the word ’cute’ being addressed to him, his forehead immediately formed some incredibly deep lines. The impact seemed quite lethal, that he remained blank for a while.

This girl, who is she calling cute?

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