I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 46 Step #05

Upon hearing her request, Sei almost agreed in a flash. However, realizing Davi’s situation, he decided to reject her.

"You’re hurt," he said.

"It’s fine. I mean here in the house, just spend the remaining hours with me. Let’s binge watch movies. How about it?" Davi’s eyes turned even more adorable as she pressed her palms together like a little girl pleading for her dad to buy her something that she was dreaming to get her entire life. Her way of pleading was definitely a lethal weapon that can knock anyone senseless and make one just agreed with whatever she wishes.

"Mm, let’s do that." Sei finally replied after watching her pleads for a while. And with that, happiness and excitement instantly overtook Davi’s face. Well, it’s been such a long time since she spent long hours just to watch, simply because she doesn’t want to watch alone. And lately, Haru, her little brother, who used to be her watching pal, started rejecting her, using all the overused excuses just to get away every time Davi asks him to watch with her, leaving her wondering and asking why.

Due to her injured feet, Davi then called the maids and asked them to set up the things she had in mind.

After a brief period of time, Sei was now carrying her towards the sofa. A huge television was now in the middle and a red bed was in front of it. The gray curtains covered the light from outside and the silver chandelier was emitting a soft light, making the whole sofa looking simply romantic.

Sei then put Davi down and she leaned on the red headboard. Sei also sat beside her.

"The first movie I’ve seen in cinema was I think a cartoon movie," she began. "How about you?"

"I never set foot in cinemas."

"Uhh... okay then, consider this your first time. Now let’s choose what’s first, action? Comedy? Love story? Or thriller?" she asked again and Sei could only replied her the words, "up to you".

At that moment, Davi decided to go back to the basic for the mean time. She realized, it’s no good to rush things after all, and she thought about just relaxing this time and forget about thinking lots of things.

Therefore, she chose what she thinks the easiest step listed in her note. The only step she thinks that doesn’t require any calories to be sacrificed for brainstorming.

’Step #05; Just be yourself’

Hinari didn’t said anything much about this step. She simply said; "Just show yourself to him and if he likes you the way you are, then you hit a jackpot." Davi understood what she meant and she’s always been doing this step the whole time. The only difference was that, she decided not to think about her notes, the next steps she should do and everything and just spend the day as it is with him and what happens, happened.

Davi then chose the comedy show first.

At first, Davi was focused on the show, occasionally laughing. However, every time she laughs and looked at Sei, her laughter fades right away because Sei never reacted at all. As if he was just there and looking at her, wondering why she was laughing. Thus, Davi decided to stop looking at him and just focus on the movie.

Until time went by and Davi started laughing really hard to the point that she’s tearing up and was gripping her stomach as rolled around. She even started ignoring Sei, telling herself that she’ll just think that he is her little brother, Haru, for the mean time.

And at the climax of the movie, Davi started smashing Sei’s shoulder as well as the pillow in her hand while laughing hard. Her world was completely immersed with the extremely funny show she’s watching, while the man beside her was silent and motionless the whole time. His gaze wasn’t even on the screen, rather, he was focused on the girl beside him as if she was the movie and the tv was simply, nothing.

And thus, the next movie, which was a romantic comedy, has started.

Davi occasionally giggled cutely and hugs her pillow making Sei went curious even more. She even started pulling Sei’s arm reflexively only to brush it off away when the turn of event upsets her. Then shortly after, she claps her hands happily along with the crowds in the movie as if she was a part of it, leaving Sei initially confused and marveled like never before.

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