I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 45 Just you wai

"In... in a scale of 10, how are you wanting... I mean how are you liking me right now?"

Hearing her question, Sei glanced at her and saw her holding her breath as if she was waiting for her verdict, and looking at him as if he was a supreme judge. Again, he was amused by her expression and so he answered her with one word.


The moment he said it, she looked like she just heard the word ’guilty’ and she pouted right away like a disappointed little kid. Then, she rolled away and sobbed her face into her pillow.

Ahh!! J-just three? Too low! And he said it without even thinking for a while? Are you serious?

Davi was speechless and could only protest deep within her. However, after thinking about it, she realized it wasn’t that bad after all. Considering the kind of man he is, she thought that 30% wasn’t that bad and she still has lots of hidden cards up her sleeves.

She then took a deep breath. She told herself that the most important thing to her was that she just ensured that things were surely moving forward no matter how slow it is.

All I need to do is work even harder! Let’s do it!

Just you wait, Sei, I’ll definitely conquer you!

Somehow, Davi was recharged and motivated. The disappointment in her face had faded and her eyes started burning with a brand new determination. And thinking about the changes between them within almost a month, she was happy with all the development. She herself couldn’t explain how warm the feelings inside her chest has become lately.

"Good night!" she finally said and she turned off the bed lamp beside her.

After some minutes, Davi finally fell asleep. Sei then sat quietly and stared at her for a long while. Afterwards, he touched her hair and whispered a soft "good night".

And mysteriously, the corner of his mouth slightly lifted just before he covered his eyes.


After breakfast, Zaki explained what happened yesterday. He said that according to the investigation, she was just kidnapped by mistake and that the people behind were already jailed. Davi believed in his words since it was actually the only thing that makes sense.

"But how did you find me?"

"The young master actually sent that little guy to watch over you that day, so it’s quite a lucky coincidence." Zaki answered as he pointed his hand into Yijin.

After Davi’s questions were all answered by today’s attorney, Mr. Chen, the two of them finally left the kitchen, leaving the masked man and his wife.

"I’m going abroad tonight." The man said. He looked at her and she’s pressing her lips together as she nods at him. However, the next thing he said made her expression dulled. "I might take a long time this time."

"How long?" she asked, hesitantly.

"I can’t tell."

At that moment, Davi’s energy visibly went down upon hearing him. She could somehow feel that the way he said it seemed telling her that he will take quite a long while this time, and she doesn’t know why she suddenly felt sad. She remembered that she didn’t felt anything like this, every time he said he’ll leave before. Is it because he might really have gone for a month or longer this time?

Looking at her saddened expression, Sei’s fist slightly clenched.

However, after a short moment, Davi, who was looking disheartened a moment ago lifted her head and breathed deep as if she was getting back her lost energy from the air. Then she stared at Sei and her expression turned adorable as her eyes twinkled like stars.

At that moment, Sei could tell that whenever she wears that adorable expression, she will ask a favor. "Tell me," he said causing Davi’s eyes to widened for a bit before she opened her mouth.

"Then, before you go, can we have a date?"

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