I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 44 Step #14

"Uhm... thank you."

Upon hearing her thanks, Sei nodded at her but he still didn’t look away, for the girl looks like she has something she’s about to say.

At that very moment, Davi instantly switched gears. Step nineteen’s result wasn’t clear and it still seemed a bit too early to execute after all, however, Davi knew she still have the opportunity to execute other step during that situation.

Thus, she thought about step# 14.

’Step #14; don’t be too agreeable’

Davi remembered her friend’s words about this particular trick. She said that most men don’t find extremely agreeable women attractive. Possibly because they think such person appeared easy and not challenging at all. Furthermore, Davi is always been a person who hates being an agreeable puppet to no matter who it is, so she has to say ’no’ even to this man when she thinks she has to.

"Uh... i think I prefer the maids to help me take a bath after all," she said in a way that a bit sound shy and mean. Well, part of it was her punishment to him for not showing her a clear reaction a while ago.

However, Sei seemed remained unbothered. "Okay, wait here and don’t move. I’ll call them," he said and walked out of the bathroom.


Later that day, Davi spent her time reviewing her books while Sei went somewhere again.

By the time he arrived home, Davi was already preparing to sleep. She was thinking as she stared at the ceiling while she waits for him. She was thinking about Sei’s feelings towards her. In her eyes, their relationship is definitely improving and even though Sei is always been good to her, lately, she felt like he was somewhat starting to spoil her. Though it appeared as though she still has a long way to go when it comes to seducing him.

While she’s in her deep thoughts, she didn’t notice Sei getting in. The man then looked at the girl lost in thought while lying on the bed, then without a word he purposely walked noticeably as he moves closer to avoid startling her.

Noticing him, Davi instantly rose. "Welcome home," she said softly as she turned to look at him.

Sei sat at the edge of the bed as he uttered a single sound. "Mm."

Minutes went by and the two were now lying quietly and were around three inches away from each other. Davi could tell that Sei doesn’t want to sleep just yet and for some reason, Davi still couldn’t sleep as well. The two bed lamps on each side of the bed were still casting a soft glow in the room and Sei is still wearing his mask. The silence was deafening, however, neither of them were uncomfortable with it.

"What are you thinking?"

Unusually, Sei started talking. Upon hearing him, Davi was astounded and a bright smile carved in her face. And before answering, she rolled and faced him.

"Hmm. I’m thinking if I could ask you something. Can I?"

"Go ahead."

Davi’s entire face lit up even more upon hearing his approval. Excitement and eagerness glowed in her eyes while looking at him as she began to open her mouth.

"In... in a scale of 10, how are you wanting... I mean how are you liking me right now?" she asked and she held her breath as she waited for his answer.

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