I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 43 Step #18

In the bedroom, Davi was sitting at the edge of the bed while waiting for Sei as he prepares her bath. She decided not to take the risky road in the end. She thought that the gamble isn’t worth it. However, she didn’t want to waste this opportunity. She has to use this chance for her advantage and gain some useful experiments.

And while the adrenaline rush was still rolling positive, Davi decided to jump into a higher level.

’Step #18: First step of physical flirting’

Hinari advised her that she should do it at the right timing, and start with the baby steps. Her great love coach’s words also started echoing in her head. "Remember, flirting is an art so for a newbie like you, you need to begin with just simple sketches before putting intense colors. And don’t do it in an overly insinuating way, just make it natural and safe. If you find a perfect opportunity, just go with the flow but don’t forget your limit, the most important thing is the first step which was to show him that you’re comfortable enough with him. And you have to be keen and watch his reactions. If the reaction is positive then congratulations, you can now step up to the next level but if the reaction is negative, pull back and try again next time."

While Davi’s head was occupied with her mission, she started stripping. She took off her t-shirt and her royal blue t-shirt bra perfectly revealed her milky, porcelain-like skin, as her long midnight-colored hair was cascading down her slender and lithe body.

Shortly after, she then started pulling the top half of her jeans down to her knees, revealing her long gorgeous legs. However, she stopped halfway because of the bondages on her feet.

At that same moment, the masked man who just stepped out from Davi’s closet with a white robe in his hand, stood still for a moment and watched the girl, motionless. And while Davi was raising both her legs, as her jean was down to her knees, she noticed the man looking at her so she immediately turned her head towards him. Upon seeing him, Davi’s cheeks turned pink as she slowly put down her feet. Well, even if this scene was purposely set up for him to see, it was still hard for her to strip before him after all, even though they were married couple.

Davi’s plan was simply to strip before him and see his reaction.

However, the next thing the man did had made Davi completely thrown off. He walked straight towards her and draped the robe on her back. Then, he squatted in front of her and started touching her foot to help her remove her tight jeans when he suddenly stopped.

His eyes seemed travelled from her legs up to her face in a flash. Then, he rose and made her wear the robe as he helped her cover her body with it. In the end, the robe covered everything down to her knees.

Afterwards, he squatted down again and he held her foot right away as he gently removed the jeans. Davi was completely speechless during the whole process. Her face is still blazing pink and she felt like her temperature just rose. Moreover, Sei’s gestures and body language was completely unfathomable. She couldn’t read him at all, and him covering her body instantly the moment he saw her naked was something she couldn’t comprehend whether it was a positive reaction or not at all.

What did he mean by that? Was that supposed to be a good reaction? Or did he just doesn’t want to see me naked?

Davi could only wonder about it, feeling a bit defeated. However, when her gaze fell at the man in front of her, Davi couldn’t help but chuckle. Causing Sei to curiously looked up to her.

Davi was actually amused, it was because Sei was removing her jeans seriously and gently as ever, almost as if he was just on the process of defusing a bomb.

And seeing him looking at her, Davi reflexively put her hand into his head and messed his hair playfully. "You’re doing good, you’re doing good," she said with a big bright smile and Sei just bowed again and continued what he was doing.

Shortly thereafter, Sei carried Davi into the bathroom. And at that time, his hands touched her bare legs as he carried her, electrifying Davi and turning her already pink cheeks into crimson red.

He put her down on a chair near the bath tub then he faced towards her. Looking at her reddened face, Sei could tell she seems struggling with something in her mind, and was curious about it.

"Thank you," the girl said as she smiled at him again.

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