I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 42 Spur-of-the-momen

By the time they arrived at the Gray Mansion, Sei carried her in his arms again like a princess. His aura somehow returned back to its usual impassiveness. However, Davi could feel that there’s definitely something that did change, she felt as though Sei’s attention was a bit more focused unto her than ever before at the moment, and it made Davi’s face felt a bit hot and highly delighted.

And as soon as they entered the large sofa, he put her down on the couch and asked the maids to immediately feed her, without leaving her side as though he was watching her just in case she stubbornly force herself to walk.

After her meal, Davi stared at the quiet man beside her. And noticing her gaze, Sei talked. "Speak."

"I’m taking a bath." She said and upon hearing her, Sei stood right away and lifted her without delay and started walking towards the stairs as he carried her in his arms.

Davi on the other hand was a bit taken aback since he didn’t ask the maids to follow them.

"Can you call the maids to accompany me? I’m afraid I might make my feet bleeds again if---,"

"Why? You prefer the maids than I?"

As if time just stood still, Davi went frozen in his arms for a long moment. Her long straight lashes fluttered and her brain just seemed to shut down for a moment. And when she finally returned back to reality and realized what he just said, Davi didn’t know how to react or what to say, as a flush just crept up her face as if her entire blood went up into her head. W-w-what did he just said? I-is this man even aware how perverted he sounds right now?

She was at loss as to what to say to him. And while Davi was whacking her head to think properly, a sudden burst of laughter echoed loudly from below that instantly made Sei who was now on the second floor paused.

"Pfft. Hahaha!" Zaki’s sharp ears just overheard Sei’s words and he couldn’t help but laugh no matter how much he tried to stop himself.

However, upon glancing at the laughing man downstairs, Sei ignored him as he continued walking nonchalantly as if a certain mosquito just made a senseless scene.

At that same moment, Zaki’s noise somehow made Davi’s senses went back to normal. And her brain started to work as usual even though she’s still blushing intensely as she started reconsidering a lot of things. She knows there’s nothing wrong about going to the bath together with him since he is her husband and most importantly, this could be a chance for her to see how he reacts towards her in that kind of situation. She thought that this might be the unplanned opportunity that she has been seeking.

And thinking about those pros, she was about to consider preparing herself mentally and emotionally if not for a certain conceivable possibility that was like a huge monster that was forcefully destroying her resolve. What if I fail? What if he won’t even react even when he saw me naked? Wouldn’t that end up being way too lethal blow for me? Can I even face him properly after such huge embarrassing defeat?

At that moment, Davi looked befuddled and lost. She couldn’t decide which she should do. A part of her still wanted to try, however, she was thinking about her original plan. She was supposed to do it slowly and court him first before jumping into him. Her plan was that she’ll only do this kind of seduction when the probability of her success will reach the highest level. She doesn’t want to sacrifice her plans for just a spur-of-the-moment gamble. However, curious as she is, her curiosity was badly itching her.

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