I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 49 Day and nigh

The new butler, Mr. Kazuki was actually no other than the old man who ordered to kidnap Davi the other day. He is Sei’s grandfather, Mikazuki Youjirou. He’s the father of Sei’s late mother, Mikazuki Fei, and was the last king of country J.

Fourteen years ago, with reasons uncanny enough to convince the monarchic loyalist, king Youjirou abolished his own country’s monarchy and turned it into a republic.

Rumor was that, the real reason behind the abrupt decision was because of the disappearance of the king’s only heir and only grandson, who never once appeared in public eyes. Mysteriously, no official announcement was ever made about the rumored prince either, thus creating a tremendous pile of never-ending gossips and theories about his real existence until these days. The unanswered questions about the monarchy abolition and the rumored prince remained buried way deeply that to many, it might never be uncovered anymore.

And after over a decade, the former king was now among the secret ultra-rich people who preferred to stay out of the public eyes. He was now the owner of a large corporation and one among the richest men in Eastern Asia who’s name’s mysteriously never once appeared on the lists of powerful and ultra rich billionaires. However, for the past decade until now, unknown to many, the former king actually remained at the highest echelon of power, influencing both politics and businesses not only in his home country but also in neighboring countries until these days.


In the garden, a man in black approached the former-king-turned-butler in disguise who was currently watching a girl from afar who was reading books seriously.

"Sire, what will you do if the young master suddenly shows up?" the man asked while he hides in the bushes behind.

"So what?"

"Er... won’t the young master get enraged if he sees you here?"

"Why would he get enraged with his own grandfather?"

"Er... his dear wife was hurt that day you see?"

"Idiot. That’s why I am here to pay for my men’s idiocy." The old man sighed, then he looked up the clear blue sky, looking relieved. "But I’m glad I came after all."

Truth was that, Mr. Youjirou disguised himself and went to the gray Mansion to observe the girl himself. He was planning to test her, however, from the very beginning, he failed to find anything about her that displeases him. She is a clever girl and she doesn’t seem to have any hidden intentions, much more hidden fakeness. The more time he spent observing and talking to her, the more she becomes so pleasing in his eyes.

"She’s really like a light, that girl. I never met anyone brighter than her. I wonder how Sei’s doing whenever he’s with her." The old man continued, making the man behind him frowned with curiosity.

"What do you mean sire?"

"That girl is like a ball of fire, she’s capable enough to melt that frozen stone, might as well burn him down if he lets his guard down."

Surprised with his answer, the man in black ask again for he couldn’t understand why Mr. Youjirou’s expression seemed dulled for a moment. "But, why do you look like you’re not happy with it?"

His question was followed by the old man’s deep sigh and a short silence.

"That grandson of mine, sigh, it will never be easy. Sei is the night, and that girl is the day. Do you think day and night will ever coexist together?"

That moment, upon those words came out of his mouth, the old man looked up the sky again and a deep sorrow flashed in his eyes.

"So the only way for them to stay together is either the young master stop being the night, or the young miss stop being the day, huh."

"That’s right. If only it’s as easy as it sounds."

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