I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 33 Kidnapped

The next day, Sei went back to Gray mansion. He was already set to fly later at night so he could only wait for Davi to come home and tell her that he’ll be leaving for a while again.

Upon entering the house, for some reason, Sei went straight into the kitchen. And the moment he crossed the kitchen’s door, his eyes fell straight towards the fridge.

A lime colored, square-shaped note was sticking in it.

Wasting no time, Sei took a stride towards the fridge. And in a brink of time, his long hand was now holding the note as he stared intently at it.

"Welcome back! I made a fruit juice for you, I hope you like it. ~Davi"

Just like yesterday’s, a cute smiling heart was drawn at the end of her name. After staring at the note for a while, Sei then opened the fridge and took the fruit juice. He stared at it for another while, as though he was again memorizing its every angle, then afterwards, he took it upstairs along with the love note.

Meanwhile, Zaki, who was observing him the whole time is having a good silent laugh deep within. Ever since Davi appeared, Sei is starting to become human and its cracking him up every single time.

However, in a blink of an eye, the wide smile in his face instantly disappeared when he saw Sei suddenly halted just in front of his study room while his gaze was directed to his phone. Feeling the instant drastic change of the atmosphere, as though the world just turned 360 degrees, Zaki abruptly walked towards him.

Judging from Sei’s current expression he could tell in one glance that an unexpected disaster has occurred. And it doesn’t seem to be that simple at all.

The moment he gotten close to him, he saw the secret message being flashed on the cellphone’s screen.

’The young miss is kidnapped.’

Zaki’s eyes slowly turned wide. What? Are you serious? Who the hell dared kidnap her? And while she’s being guarded by that brat? Is that even possible? Wait... could it be...

"Get the car, now." Sei’s voice turned completely frozen, there’s no trace of warmth in it at all. Seeing him switched back to his usual monster mode, Zaki instantly went serious as well. His vampire looking face went as cold as Sei’s and his eyes were almost brimming with fire.

After a short while, everyone was already inside a car speeding out of the mansion at full speed.

"To Blue Shark Port."

"Eh?" Ryou, who’s driving was shocked with the place that Sei just uttered. He didn’t get why, he was confused. Why are we going to the master’s secret base? Did he just say it wrong? But that’s impossible, right?

Looking at Ryou’s confused expression, Zaki decided to enlighten him.

"Do you think anyone can take down that brat just like that?" he asked and by just that single question, it’s already pretty suspicious. Ryou knew the capabilities of that brat, Yijin. He was one of the best even though he’s young.

"If he’s the one guarding, no one can touch the young miss as long as he won’t drop his guard down. And the only person capable to lower Yijin’s guard is definitely an ally, it’s no other than master alone."

"Now that you mention it." Hearing Zaki’s explanation Ryou thought that it is indeed the only thing that makes sense. It was impossible for a certain enemy to catch her or even get close to her without getting caught first by Sei’s absolute radar. However, he was still perplexed. What was the point of doing this? What does the master want from her?

"But what was the master trying to do?"

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