I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 32 Lesson

The sun was already out and streaming across the gray toned bedroom when Davi opened her eyes. She felt like her eyes were heavy so she spent some moment yawning and blinking. Not realizing that she was hugging someone.

The moment she decided to rise, her eyes turned wide and her sleeping nerves all jumped into chaos due to shock when she realized she’s hugging Sei with both her one arm and foot, an embarrassing position at least for her.

Her heart instantly gone wild but thinking that Sei might still be asleep, she forced herself to calm down. She still couldn’t move her head for she’s afraid she might wake him up. So after taking a quiet deep breath, she started moving. She slowly removed her foot, then her arm, gently as she could. However, the moment she raised her head, she felt as though all her blood went up to her face. It was because Sei was already wearing his mask, and that’ll only means, he’s already awake long time ago. Does that mean, he’s waiting for me to wake up?

Davi abruptly rose and straightened as she put some distance between them. And when she looked at the wall clock, her eyes widened as she stared at Sei.

"Yo-you’re leaving again today right?" she asked, partly panicked.


Sei’s response caused Davi to tightly tugged the blanket. Her face suddenly turned apologetic.

"I’m sorry..." she uttered as she bit her lip. She knows that Sei was always leaving early yet It’s already pass ten in the morning. Did he really waited for me to wake up? Why did he not wake me up?

"No, it’s okay. I’m not rushing."



Hearing the man’s reassurance, Davi finally smiled and sighed with relief.

However, truth was that, Sei was already awake an hour ago, and he woke up even later than the last time causing him to finally conclude that this girl in his embrace was actually damn so contagious.

He was aware they’re late but he already learned his lesson from last time, that Davi will wake up if he tried removing her hand or her feet. And thinking about her studying until late at night, he doesn’t want to wake her up. Thus, he could only wait for her without moving until she wakes up. Not minding the guy at the other side of the door who was about to go nuts.


When Davi stepped out of her room, the butler told her that the two already left, and that they’ll be back tomorrow. Davi could only think that it was after all, her fault, but since she herself needs to go to Blue city again, she quickly wrapped up and leave the house as well.

After a tiresome day, Davi went straight to the new luxurious apartment in Sky Town where her brother moved in after he was released in the hospital. It was actually the apartment that Mr. Chen was talking about when she’s still in the hospital. The first time she went there, she couldn’t believe it so she tried talking to Mr. Chen about it, but the man told her the apartment was already under her name. The apartment was simply too much; her head aches just by thinking about the cost.

However, she couldn’t do a thing. She knows she has no right to refuse either, since it was already in the contract.

The moment the door opened, Davi hugged her little brother right away, squeezing him like he was a white little pillow. "Haru... I miss you."

"I miss you too, sis. Will you stay here tonight?"

"Mm. Look here, I bought a hotpot for us. Let’s have a feast, just the two of us. Haha."

"Wow, I love that. Brings back memories."

"Haha. Your right. Come! Let’s do it fast."

The two siblings then went to the kitchen and started cooking happily. They talked to each other as though they’re best friends who was separated for years and was just given a chance to finally chat.

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