I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 31 You still haven

When Davi was walking down the stairs, her eyes instantly fell into the rose that was already put in a plain black vase on top of the table. Its view was so beautiful, a single red rose in the middle of a large dull and black gray sofa was looking so outrageously catchy. Looking at it, Davi smiled pleasantly, feeling extremely wowed.

She then walked towards the table and stared at the rose while the masked man was quietly watching her across the table.

"It’s pretty," she said and Sei just agreed with her with a nod.

"I’m glad you liked it. I’m actually getting nervous just now, afraid that you might have thrown it away. Haha." Davi’s voice was accompanied with a soft chuckle. Part of her words was obviously, a joke, but Sei’s response made her partly, speechless.

"I won’t throw it," he said. His voice, serious and firm.

Davi doesn’t know what to say. Does this person doesn’t know how to deal with jokes as well?

She could only clear her throat then smiled at him while thinking deeply about something she should say.

"Uhm... thanks. But is this okay with you? I mean, putting a flower here."

"Is there a problem putting it there?"

"Huh? Uhm... no, nothing... but I thought you don’t like colorful things... that’s... why." Davi almost couldn’t answer him properly. She spoke hesitantly.

And when her statement was followed by a long silence, Davi could only look at him and wait for his response, anxiously.

Until finally, he opened his mouth. "As long as you like them, its fine with me."

Davi blinked three times. She was shocked. She wasn’t prepared to hear those kind of words suddenly coming from this man of all people. It was the first time she heard words like those coming from his mouth. What’s going on? Is he aware that his statement is somewhat flirty? When did this person who’s uninterested in human beings learned to spew such cheesy pick up line?

"Anyway, your personal study room is done." He continued as he stands. Davi haven’t even recovered from the shock yet and what? M-my personal study room?

Davi’s eyes turned wide as she slowly followed him towards another room just right after his restricted place.

And the moment he opened the door, a spacious room with lots of books appeared in front of her. The room looks comfortable and it seems like everything she needed was already there, even computers and shelves were already arranged in a really convenient style. Davi was stunned. She looked at Sei with a really bewildered face.

"When did you..." she uttered.

"Few hours ago."

"Eh?" She can’t believe it but she realized this wouldn’t really be that hard for someone like him to do at all. Davi was amazed she almost want to cry. "Thank you," she uttered sincerely.

Hearing a word of thanks from her, Sei looked at her. "You still haven’t asked me anything at all. You haven’t even used that card I gave you."

Hearing the words, he said, Davi was silenced. For some reason, the way he said it seemed sad, and she didn’t know what to respond. She wanted to tell him that she doesn’t need anything, that her brother’s safety was the only thing she needs, and it’s all what she was paying for. She wanted to say that him being so good to her was enough.

However, she didn’t speak.

And seeing her unusual silence, Sei just landed his hand in her head.

"If you need or want anything, just tell me."

Sei’s tone was serious, but to Davi, he almost feels like a lost Santa Claus suddenly asking her to just spell out her wish list.


That night, Davi spent her time inside her study room. She only came out for dinner and returned right away.

Sei also locked himself inside his cold dark room. Making the house almost looks like no one was around.

Until hours went by and Sei finally closed his laptop. The clock hand exactly reached exact midnight.

Sei then went to their bedroom but to his surprise, the bed was empty. Dark lines appeared in his forehead, then he turned and walked towards Davi’s study room.

The moment he reached the door, he pushed it open gently and silently. After a while his footsteps drew closer then he stood by the side of the table.

He breathed deep as he watched the sleeping girl. Her face was sticking with papers and books on top of her table. After watching her for a while, he moved closer to her, slowly carried her in his arms, and brought her out of the room gently as possible, like a princess.

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