I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 34 Escape

In a certain shabby and empty room, Davi was sweating as she struggles to remove the rope tied in her hand. The whole room where she was was dead silent but it was well lit. The window was opened and a warm breeze was making the white curtain dance.

Davi kept on untying herself as fast as she can before anyone could enter.

Minutes ago, she was just leisurely riding a taxi on her way back to Gray mansion when suddenly, the driver said they had to take a detour. Davi instantly turned suspicious and was preparing to send an emergency call when she suddenly, for unknown reason, lost consciousness. And by the time she woke up, she was already tied in this empty room.

Fortunately, the men who tied her didn’t used any professional techniques whatsoever and the rope they used also seemed nothing special. Well, seeing a fragile looking porcelain-like young pretty lady made them go easy on her, thinking she was a doll-like princess who can only sit obediently and someone who can do nothing dangerous.

After a short while, the rope was finally untied as her sweat was dripping in her face. She stood right away and checked the room but the lone door was locked.

Realizing that its impossible to walk through the door, her gaze instantly shifted to the wide opened window. A smile carved in her face as she approached it, excitingly. However, the moment she looked out of the window, the smile in her face, faded.

She was currently in the third floor, and the place where she’s at surprised her. Endless containers were what appeared before her eyes enveloping the whole port as large cargo ships were floating on the water.

Where the hell is this? Wait, MKZK?

The sign and logos carved on every container surprised her. Upon seeing it, she was now sure that this place is no other than the famous continent’s largest and world’s second largest shipping company owned by Mikazuki Group.

But why am I here? Why did people here take me here? Why?

Confused and perplexed, Davi shook her head to forget about her questions and just focus on how to escape. She then took a really deep breath then searched for a less risky route for escape. Gladly, she saw a metal pipe.

Upon seeing it, she wasted no time and prepared herself. She took the rope they used to tie her and tied her long hair with it. Afterwards, she started climbing down. She could only thank the gods that she was wearing jeans and t-shirt. However, she was wearing a heel so she took it off and threw it out on the ground first.

Deep within her, she was thankful she was agile and can climb like this. She was glad she joined a taekwondo club back in high school. Truth was that, Davi was supposed to be among the school’s representative in various tournaments in and outside the country, if not for her part time jobs and her frequent practice absences. Well, she wasn’t really interested in competing, she just started joining the club to learn defending herself but she ended up being surprisingly good with it that the coaches began to coax her to compete. She was physically agile and elastic as what her coaches told her, but her strength is still being considered as weak, thus she has to practice more. Sadly, she simply has no time for it, and could only give up on it for good. To her, It was already enough that she has learned a lot.

Halfway down the pipe, Davi was startled when she heard a voice coming from the room where she came from. She raised her head and a man in black was shouting from the window while anxiously looking at her.

"Sh*t! The young lady is down there!"

Davi instantly went a bit panicked. Thankfully, she was already just a floor above the ground so she jumped right away.

As soon as she reached the ground, she ran away really fast, bare foot, without looking back. Leaving behind her red heels on the ground as two men in black started chasing her.

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