I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 312 Simply Playing Around

Upon hearing Hinari said that it will be fun, Zaki could only raise a brow. Aside from wanting Davi to be cured as soon as possible, he couldn’t deny that he wanted to see just what kind of idea this fiancée of his came across with this time. He was curious if she really meant it when she said that it wasn’t something perverted this time.

"Okay, I get it. You can step back now." Zaki said when Hinari just smiled as she leaned her body on him even closer.

"Hmm? Why? You don’t want my body being this close to you?" She asked. Her eyes glimmering and Zaki could already tell that her teasing mode is on again. Zaki’s eyes glanced at Sei’s back who was still on phone before he smiled at Hinari. He suddenly slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him, causing Hinari to gasped due to surprise. Well, she teased Zaki at this situation because this man used to never act naughty and was always well behaved in front of his brother the great. He used to never retort back no matter what she does if Sei was around. But now, what happened?

Without a word, Zaki’s face leaned over hers and before Hinari could do a thing, Zaki suddenly tilted his head and the next second, his lips landed on her nape. Hinari jolted as his warm lips brushed against her skin.

"W-what are you do-doing? Your brother the great is here." She said as she pushed his chest when Zaki gazed at her with a serious gaze.

"So what?" He nonchalantly replied and Hinari’s mouth hanged opened. She was surprised not because of his words but because of the sudden change in his eyes. Truth be told, for more than five years that this man has been her so called fiancé, she witnessed this look of him more than once and she just felt like the mischievous man she knew wasn’t all just that. This cold, deep and unfathomable look in his eyes was like a mysterious case for her that she will never understand. She kept ignoring it but this beastly kind of look in his eyes actually scares Hinari. Even if it’s just for a moment, Hinari could tell that within his mischievous and easy going façade, there was something inside him that he was desperately hiding from her. She just could tell that he will never plan to reveal anything to her or open up to her and it was the most frustrating thing Hinari ever felt.

Hinari already realized what he is to her life now. For more than five years, their relationship didn’t change and yet her heart slowly changed on its own. Knowing that they were only engage because of an agreement, Hinari tried keeping her distance. She doesn’t want to fall for him even deeper. She was well aware that even though they were flirting with each other like teenagers every single time they meet and treating the intimacy between them like it was nothing serious, there was really nothing between them. They were couple in name simply playing around each other, with no proper talks, no declaration of love or anything, nor any idea about what was really in between them.

However, Hinari couldn’t deny that she was having fun. She doesn’t hate this kind of easy going relationship. She likes it in a good way. She was having fun whenever she’s beside him. She loves teasing him, flustering him and troubling him in any way she could and it’s making her boring life liver. But at the end of the day, she can’t help but wonder. How long would they stay like this? Will they just stay like this forever?

"You... you used to be so well behave if your brother the great is around." Hinari could only answer and once again, as though there was two persons inside him, Zaki mischievously smiled and that beastly look in his eyes simply disappeared like it never existed.

"That’s why you’re trying to take this opportunity to tease me? Too bad Miss fake pervert, but not anymore." He continued and somehow, Hinari wasn’t pleased with this super naughty look in his eyes. And somehow, hearing him said the words ’fake pervert’ annoyed her. She doesn’t want to just lose like this against this man.

Hinari then bit her lip hard as she narrowed her eyes. And the next moment, the girl quickly slammed her lips on his name and Zaki’s eyes widened when she sucked his skin hard as she could. She sucked it hard enough that Zaki was sure it will definitely leave a mark.

"You..." Zaki held her shoulders to stop her when he saw Sei looking at them with a blank expression.

"Stop it. Sei is back." Zaki whispered to Hinari and her lips immediately left his skin. However, instead of backing off quietly, Hinari suddenly started crying. Causing Zaki’s eyes to widened again. And before Zaki could say a word, Hinari turned towards Sei as she spoke with tears in her eyes.

"I... I’m sorry Mr. Chen, but I want to go back home now." She said as she wipes her tears and Sei’s face darkened as he looked at Zaki, as if telling him the words ’what the hell did you do?’, causing Zaki to only fall speechless.

"Why?" Sei coldly asked, causing Hinari to unconsciously moved back a little towards Zaki.

"B-because Zaki is bullying me. I think he doesn’t me here." She said and Zaki’s veins popped one after another.

’T-this girl... isn’t this too much? You already gave me a hickey and you’re still not satisfied? Do you actually have a grudge against me?!’

Zaki could only complain within him as Sei’s sharp deadly gazes were pointed right on his throat.

"Zaki... if you let your fiancée leaves this house... you know what will happen. Settle this and find me in the study room." Sei said with his freezing cold voice before he left.

That moment, Hinari immediately stopped crying before she smiled mischievously at Zaki as she spoke.

"Hehe... How’s my acti---"

Hinari couldn’t even finish her words because Zaki suddenly moved like flash that in a mere second, Hinari was already pinned down by him in the car’s backseat.

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