I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 313 Seriously

"You really are enjoying yourself giving me trouble, huh?"Zaki said as he held Hinari’s hands above her head when Hinari who quickly recovered from Zaki’s quick move just smiled.

"What. You deserve it." She replied before her eyes fell into the mark she left on his neck.

"Huh? You’re still not satisfied? Giving me a hickey isn’t enough for you?" He asked as he looked at her with disbelief.

"Well, kind of?" She coolly answered and Zaki could only close his eyes as he breathed deeply. Well, Zaki wasn’t aware that the reason why Hinari messed with him just now was not actually because of him biting her earlobe but because of her little frustration with him.

"Fine, but I’m telling you, don’t you dare say you’ll leave this house again even if it’s just a joke. You understand?" He firmly warned her as his grip in her hands loosened. However, Hinari didn’t flinched, she instead grinned like a mischievous villain at him.

"Hmm? What if I will?" She playfully uttered with a seductive tone, teasing him again as usual. But surprisingly, Zaki who usually retort with words didn’t speak. His grip in her hands tightened again and his eyes were just glued onto her.

"What’s this Mr. Beauty? Don’t tell me you’re now falling with my gorgeousness---"

Zaki swiftly moved in an instant, causing Hinari to swallow the rest of her words due to surprise. It was because Zaki suddenly buried his face in the nook of her neck and without a warning, his warm lips slammed on her nape before he started sucking it, hard yet a little bit gentle. He exactly did the same thing Hinari did to him.

That moment, Hinari’s eyes widened and she couldn’t react on time. That by the time she manage to snap back to her senses, Zaki already lifted his face and was staring at her.

"If you insist, then, I’ll just punish you like this every time you say it." Zaki said with a glint of mischievousness flashed across his eyes. However, the girl never planned to lose to him at all.

Zaki’s face was still a bit close to hers so his lips were still within her reach. Thus, the next moment, Hinari lifted her face and caught his lips despite her unable to hold him because Zaki was still locking her hands above her head.

Due to her unexpected move, Zaki was caught off guard. He thought that he could at least make her stop being stubborn by trying to punish her but the result seemed to get worst. She sucked his lower lip and before he could pull away from her kiss, Hinari bit his lower lip and she didn’t let it go. Not until Zaki finally gave in and he let go of her hands.

"You... are you trying to rip my lip off or something?!" Zaki complained when Hinari sexily smiled at him. She lifted her hand and touched Zaki’s lip as if she was trying to soothe the pain she caused.

"I will never do that, okay? I don’t want to hurt your beautiful self to that extent. I just want to tell you that don’t even think about threatening me my dear beauty." She replied with unfading mischievous smile and Zaki could only pinch the muscle between his brows.

’Damn... this girl really is... She’s really giving me headaches.’

After complaining inside his brain, Zaki heaved a sigh of surrender before he helped her up. He didn’t hate her being mischievous like this and somehow he always find it cute if she refuse to let herself lose to him. However, sometimes, he suddenly feel this sudden strong urge to make her taste her own medicine for real and make her obediently submit to him. And that was why he could only surrender before he will lose control again. Not at least in this place and situation.

By the time the two of them were now sitting properly inside the car, Zaki spoke.

"Anyway, stop fooling around for now. Someone really needs your help." Zaki’s tone turned serious and calm causing Hinari to heave a deep breath as well. She understood that Davi’s case was not easy to solve. That was why she will need to plan carefully for this.

"You guys still didn’t tell me what happened to her but never mind, I’ll go talk to her before I’ll let you know about the plan tomorrow. But I don’t understand, why does your brother the great seem a bit too impatient? It’s only been days since Davi returned right?" Hinari said and Zaki could only sigh. Well, if only Sei didn’t lose his mind last night, he might not be in such haste right now.

"Sei just wanted her back so bad as soon as possible." Zaki could only reply before he held her hand.

"Let’s go. Sei is waiting inside." He continued and Hinari obediently followed because she knew that her best friend will be her priority for now.

"You have to make it clear to your brother that he has to obediently participate with whatever plan I’ll make, okay?" Hinari said as they walk.

"Don’t worry, that guy will do everything as long as it’s for his wife’s sake." Zaki replied and Hinari could only nod with satisfaction.


Upon Zaki’s arrival at the study room, Sei’s voice immediately rang.

"So?" He uttered as he continued working, seriously tapping on the laptop on the table as Zaki just walked quietly towards him before he lazily sat across him.

"You know that she just love messing with me. She never meant what she said." Zaki said and Sei lifted his face and looked at him.

"Isn’t it your fault that she’s like that to you?" Sei said and Zaki raised a brow.

"H-huh? What do you even mean by that?" He asked, looking at Sei with a curious look in his eyes.

"I believe it’s because you’re not taking your relationship with her seriously." Sei replied before he casually returned his gaze onto the laptop’s screen while Zaki was suddenly lost for words.


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