I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 311 This will be Fun

Red Empire Corporation.

Davi was waiting for Sei inside a black Maybach parked in front of the tallest building in the country. Little Shin was sleeping soundly in her arms as her gaze was locked onto the majestic skyscraper, now considered the City landmark because of the intricate architectural design.

A while ago, Sei asked her to give him 30 minutes to deal with an important matter and Davi could only nod even though she knew that he didn’t even need to ask her permission. Well, Davi knew that he was a business man so she was aware he was busy, however, she didn’t know that the CEO of the current largest corporation in the country and one of Forbes top 100 corporations of the world was actually Sei, not until their car stopped in this very place and watched her husband Sei being greeted and escorted like a king as he entered the place where his throne was established.

Davi didn’t know. She was in a mission for a year and she have not heard any news about him. Before her mission, the headlines were all about the scandal of the former god of business, Zhao Meng and his mistress Li Sunyang. So for some reason, the emergence of the new giant was strangely overshadowed. The Red Empire Corporation was originally an existing giant that was strangely considered the dark horse in the eyes of public to the point that no media ever talked about it. Not until the time when everyone realized that it was already on the top. Moreover, the CEO was simply called Mr. Chen and he never once appeared in the public before Davi left. On the year Davi was away for a yearlong mission, was the time Sei finally revealed himself to the public as the new god of business, drawing everyone’s admiration and respect.

Since the day Davi met Sei again, she didn’t have the time to find it out and Sei never had the chance to talk about it to her. Sei was not even aware that she didn’t know it yet so Davi was actually a bit shocked as soon as she confirmed the facts through her cellphone. However, deep down, she never thought that it was unbelievable. Because she always believe that Sei was never an ordinary man and he was even bigger man than what she imagined.

Looking up the towering building, Davi realized that she wasn’t the only one who sees him as a king anymore, because he was now a true king in the eyes of everyone. A king that holds unprecedented power that no one would dare turn against.

Thinking about it, Davi felt that the social distance between her and Sei drastically widened. It was as if the light within her reach was now soaring in the sky, seemingly far enough and unreachable from her. However, the light in Davi’s eyes didn’t waiver. Instead, there was an emerging rays of intense ferocity in her eyes and she suddenly looked as though she was a sleeping phoenix who finally decided to rise and soar in the realms of heavens. Her eyes shone like a warrior as though she was about to siege a certain throne. A throne seated right beside his.

That moment, Davi immersed herself in deep thoughts that she didn’t noticed that Sei was already back until she heard the car’s door closed.

"Yo-you’re quick." Davi said as he sat beside her when Sei just smiled.

"I promised 30 minutes." He replied as he gaze at her before he asked her to let him hold little Shin.


Hinari and Zaki were already waiting at the Chen’s residence. Zaki didn’t say anything about Davi so the moment the black Maybach arrived and the car’s door opened, Hinari immediately narrowed her eyes. They were standing at the entrance but Hinari could see that the person sitting in the car wearing a jeans was definitely a woman. And witnessing that the stone man Sei now have a woman with him in his car made her blood boiled.

"Z-zaki... don’t tell me that brother of yours already found someone new." She stammered in disbelief.

"Yeah, i guess he finally found ’his’ woman." Zaki just replied and puff of air were invisibly coming out from Hinari’s nose.

"Wh-what?! Are you serious?! How about Davi now?!" Hinari suddenly turned emotional as she began shaking Zaki’s shoulders.

"Why did you let him find another woman? Didn’t i tell you to watch him? What should we do now if Davi come back and she’ll only find out that her husband is now with another woman?! I’m going to destroy their relationship, i won’t let anyone steal Davi’s place." She continued looking mad and upset, causing Zaki to only heaved a sigh.

"When did you become their relationship bodyguard?" Zaki said as he raised his hand and he was about flick her when suddenly, someone talked from behind.

"H-hinari?" Davi said and Hinari was like a robot as she slowly turned towards Davi. Her eyes widened as she spoke.

"Z-zaki, can you flick me? I think I’m dreaming." She uttered without averting her gaze from her and like a tease, Zaki suddenly bent his head as though he was about to whisper something on her ear, covering her from Davi’s view. However, instead of saying a word, he bit her earlobe causing Hinari to jolt. Hinari’s amazingly weak punch landed on Zaki’s jaw, causing the man to only smirk. Well, Zaki knew Hinari won’t retort at all with her classic flirt ness when Sei was watching especially now that Davi was here and he proved to be right.

The moment Hinari realized that it was really Davi, her eyes welled up before she jumped onto her like a flash.

"Davi... is this you?!" She exclaimed and Davi embraced her.

"Mm. It’s me." She replied and Hinari just cried.

"Wh-where the hell have you been?!" She uttered and Davi could only apologize. After a long while, little Shin whom Sei gave to Kir a while ago suddenly cried.

"Mommy." The little guy uttered in his sleep, causing Davi to immediately run to him.

"Baby, are you alright?" Davi worriedly ask when the little guy opened his eyes and he immediately hugged her before he again fell asleep.

Davi then walked towards Hinari as she spoke.

"I’ll go tuck Little Shin to bed." Davi said and Hinari nodded. The two were about to enter the mansion when Zaki caught Hinari’s hand to stop her. He quickly pulled her back as Zaki whispered to her.

"Sei have something to tell you." Zaki said and for some reason, Hinari jolted. Well, ever since Hinari was scolded by Sei two years back regarding Little Shin, Hinari never wanted to talk to him alone again. She just can’t stand Sei’s extremely domineering and deadly icy presence that she refuse to talk to him if Zaki is not around.

"Why? What does your ice king brother wants from me? Can’t you just tell me so i can go to Davi now?" Hinari asked.

"This is important, it’s about Davi." He replied and in the next moment the three was now talking beside the car. Hinari was clinging unto Zaki as Sei talked and as soon as she heard about Davi’s condition, she gasped.

"I believe you could be a great help to her as well. So i want you to stay in the country for a while." Sei said in a tone that Hinari never heard before and her grip on Zaki loosened up.

"O-okay. I will definitely stay even if you don’t ask me to." She replied and Sei just uttered the word "good" before he received another call from his secretary.

"Do you have an idea on how to help her?" Zaki asked and after a moment, a scheming smile carved on Hinari’s face as she spoke.

"I think i have a good idea." She said as she narrowed her eyes.

"That’s good then. Although I hope it’s not some perverted ideas again." Zaki replied as he lazily leaned back on the car when Hinari smiled.

"No worries beauty, this time it’s something different. We have to use that ice king brother of yours." She said with a mischievous smile but Zaki was alarmed the moment he heard her said ’we’.

"Don’t count me in. Who knows what kind of trouble you will make agai---" Zaki’s words were cut because Hinari pressed her finger on his lips as she leaned on him before she spoke with a meaningful smile.

"Mr. Beauty, I need you. For the sake of Davi and your brother the great, we have to work together. Don’t worry this will be fun."

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